Recruitment and Selection Directive 01

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The major changes: Definitions and Role Evaluation. Continuous applicant pool now under s7.8(a)Basis for assessment and merit have been removed

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Recruitment and Selection Directive 01

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1. Recruitment and Selection Directive 01/10 Replaces Directive 03/09 Jennifer Lyons, Craig Powell, Bianca Murch, Sally Campbell

2. The major changes: Definitions and Role Evaluation Continuous applicant pool now under s7.8(a) Basis for assessment and merit have been removed – merit criteria used instead Key attributes replaces selection criteria Role evaluation now responsibility of DJAG Clarifies that AO1/AO2 and OO1/OO2 roles must also be evaluated Includes definitions for identified position, promotion and public service employee

3. Role description Needs to be clear and simple – can be different from that used for evaluation Key attributes must include the 5 core capabilities of CLF (or equivalent mapped framework) relevant for that level Agency-specific or technical capabilities can be added to five core capabilities as needed Only those roles advertised – not all right now Must advise applicants: If officer’s job location is transferable If discipline history check (criminal history is still required to be advised) That new public servants must declare previous lobbying history

4. Vacancy advertising – general Roles above entry level MUST be advertised on Smartjobs and Careers website for 2 weeks If an agency chooses to advertise, it must still comply with timeframes CEOs can determine advertising arrangements for general employee vacancies Permanent vacancies lapse if appointment not made within 12 months of the closing date

5. Vacancy advertising – targeted Targeted advertising limits applications to people currently employed by, and seconded into, the agency CEO can designate a vacancy as targeted when general advertising would fail to produce a superior candidate Priority placement employees are entitled to priority consideration (suitability assessment) CEO decides if and how an invitation to apply will be extended to external candidates

6. Vacancy advertising – targeted (cont’d) Advertise as ‘Targeted Vacancy’ on Smartjobs and Careers website (GovNet only) SSA is assisting development of the labeling process for advertisement and role description Promotion appeals only available to those eligible to apply for the role

9. Vacancy advertising – specified Specified advertising aimed at reducing displacement of tenured public servants Requires written approval from chief executive and relevant union/s Copy of written approval must be made available to employees eligible to apply

10. Exemptions from advertising ‘Limited applicant pool’ must have agreement of relevant industrial organisation/s Significant detriment to achievement of service delivery outcomes Unfair treatment of an employee CEOs must report annually to PSC on exemptions decided on service delivery detriment or unfair employee treatment and reasons

11. Recurring vacancies Now applies to senior officers Subsequent positions may be filled by previous applications as long as the role in question is identical in terms of title, remuneration, classification level and role description Appointments to similar vacancies may also be made through previous applications, but must be specified in original advertisement Vacancy advertisement must state similar vacancies to which recurring vacancy can be applied 12 month end date

12. Continuous applicant pools New definition: ‘created by one or more agencies to recruit applicants on an ongoing basis’ No other changes

13. Assessment of Applicants Assessment process must: be appropriate to the key attributes take into account applicant’s potential for development sufficiently assess the applicant’s merit Selection decisions must be able to be reviewed Applications received after closing MAY be considered

14. Referee checking Now MANDATORY Timing at discretion of panel, but applicant can provide details upon on contact Must check relevant QG employment Applicant must gain permission from QG employee to be a referee Referees are obliged to disclose all relevant information to the panel

15. Referee checking (cont’d) Potential referees must inform applicant if there is adverse information they are obliged to disclose Omission of referee information can constitute grounds for discipline Applicants must be given opportunity to respond to any adverse comment/s Panel can request additional referees from applicant

16. Pre-employment checks Pre-employment checks may include checking of criminal history, identity and discipline history Criminal history and discipline history checking must be undertaken in accordance with legislation applying to employees of an agency and any directives issued by the PSC New Employment Screening directive due April

17. Post-selection feedback Applicants requesting feedback should receive timely, specific and constructive feedback from a member of the selection panel, sufficient to explain why they were not successful

18. Gazette notification Promotions resulting from recurring vacancies and continuous applicant pools must be published in the Gazette Appealable appointments and SES and SO appointments must be published in the Gazette (i.e. non-appealable appointments do not have to be published in the Gazette) An appointment must be gazetted if it was advertised in the Gazette. Where an agency chooses to advertise a vacancy in the Gazette, the appointment must be notified in the Gazette regardless of whether the appointment is appealable One-month time frame for notification is from the date the chief executive approves the recommendation – facilitates ability of employees to reasonably exercise appeal rights

19. Direct appointment to roles at higher level Can now occur after total of 12 months of preceding 2 years (previously 2 out of preceding 3 years) Can occur only when the employee’s performance has been of a sufficiently high standard that advertising would fail to yield a superior candidate Advertising requirement of s7.3 must have been met for direct appointment

20. Appointment of temporary employees to tenure Direct appointment from temporary to tenured employee can take place after 12 continuous months (previously two continuous years) Advertising requirements must be met under s7.3 or s7.4 for direct appointment of temporary employees Employee must demonstrate performance of a sufficiently high level that advertising would be unlikely to yield a superior candidate AND Agency deployees and priority placement employees have been considered

21. Reporting requirements CEOs must report annually to PSC on: Targeted advertising Specified advertising Advertising exemptions due to significant detriment to service delivery, or unfair treatment of an employee (and reasons for both) Direct appointment to higher level; and Temporary to tenured appointments.

22. Questions? Web resources FAQs R&S resources Guidelines – to be emailed 26/02 for comment People to ask Jennifer Lyons 3239 3767 (x93767) Craig Powell 3405 6531 (x56531) Bianca Murch 3225 1617 (x51617) Sally Campbell (CLF) 3227 8158 (x78158)

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