Micah Systems Technologies, Inc.
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President - Lloyd Bramble 914 Silver Spring Ave Silver Spring, MD, 20910 Phone: 240 638-7001 Fax: 240 638-7011 [email protected] PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Micah Systems Technologies, Inc. Capabilities Statement. President - Lloyd Bramble 914 Silver Spring Ave Silver Spring, MD, 20910 Phone: 240 638-7001 Fax: 240 638-7011 [email protected] Prime or Sub Contractor Minority-owned, small business, GSA - (Schedule 70) GS-35F-0443S

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President - Lloyd Bramble 914 Silver Spring Ave Silver Spring, MD, 20910 Phone: 240 638-7001 Fax: 240 638-7011 [email protected]

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Presentation Transcript

Micah Systems Technologies, Inc.

Capabilities Statement

President - Lloyd Bramble

914 Silver Spring Ave

Silver Spring, MD, 20910

Phone: 240 638-7001

Fax: 240 638-7011

[email protected]

Prime or Sub Contractor

Minority-owned, small business, GSA - (Schedule 70) GS-35F-0443S

Partnered with 8(a), SDVOB, Hubzone,WOSB

Specializing in the development of robust, flexible business solutions for both Government and Commercial clients.

Access to a vast array of resources with a 2-week turnaround

Overview - Micah’s Benefits

Ability to manage contracts efficiently

Successful experience in all forms of contracts – FFP, IDIQ, Performance Based, Fixed Price, Task Order

Micah Headquarters





Dedication to superior performance, innovation and customer satisfaction


Business Intelligence w/ Cognos and Business Objects

Enterprise Reporting (Data - Financial, EEO, HR, Homeland Security, Healthcare, etc)

EEO & Workforce Tracking Solutions

Inter/intranet and Portal Web Development

ePortal Development

PDA Reporting Solutions

Knowledge Management Implementation - Communities of Practice

Sharepoint Module Development

MERGEcms – Content Management System w/content reuse

Customer Care!

Network Administration

Administrative Support Services

Information and Referral Services/Help Desk Support

Enterprise Architecture

Technical Writing/Graphic Design Services

Micah’s Services

A Team Focused on the Future


  • A team of people who are eager to work with the Government to improve services

Key Team Members

Corporate Officer In Charge

Project Manager


  • A company that develops innovation and creativity in the workforce to better solve performance challenges




  • A company that will continue to introduce new skills, techniques and technology in response to changing customer requirements





  • Partnership that instills project ownership in its staff, supported by people who take pride in their work and are proud of the projects they support


  • Corporate and contract staff that understands the importance of the Services, its customers, and its mission

To help the Micah team manage and track projects efficiently, we use Autotask, a web-based project management tool

Autotask helps us ensure 100% project performance and helps us to meet our performance requirements

Autotask integrates

Project planning

Task management

Contract management and billing


Project Management Tracking

Efficient project tracking and open communication are key to a quality driven productive work environment

Summary of Quality Control Plan

  • Features

  • Comprehensive approach to quality operations

  • Innovative quality-assessment, project management and monitoring tools

  • Utilization of plan to introduce greater efficiency of operations

  • Qualitative and Quantitative metrics

  • Continuous monitoring

  • Scheduled reviews and self-evaluations

  • Team approach and empowerment of all staff

  • Prompt remediation by specifically designated personnel

  • Proposed Innovative Approaches

  • Semi-Annual review

  • Customer Satisfaction Form for each significant service point.

  • Application of quality metrics

  • Random and planned samplings along with inspections

  • Cost Analysis

  • 6-month Performance Evaluation (quantified and subjective)

The submittal of a Fully Configured Quality Control Plan

Company/Personnel Experience

U.S. Army CORPS of Engineers(Cognos: PowerPlay, Impromptu, Decision Stream, Enterprise Server and Business Objects)

  • Developed Data Warehouse Enterprise Reporting Solution – Business Objects

  • Developed Web enabled EEO reporting solution - Cognos

  • Developed Web enabled Integrated Manning Document for Resource Management

  • Developed Client/Server Civil Automated Reporting System for Finance & Accounting Directorate

  • Modified, web enabled and maintained the CORPS Meta repository that was the repository for all of the CORPS systems

  • Developed a Accident Experience Analysis System

  • Provided 508 compliance checking, Software evaluation, and Testing

  • Developed a Data Warehouse for Information Management

  • Developed a Configuration Management policy for Information Management

  • Implemented website redesign & graphical design techniques, used in-house product MERGEcms Content Mgmt System

  • Developed the CORPS Enterprise Architecture Portal

  • Facilitated data modeling sessions, Database Design and Development

Company/Personnel Experience

U.S. Army CORPS of Engineers

  • Provided technical writing support

  • Maintained and updated user documentation for the Corps’ Data Encyclopedia project

  • Produced a complete set of documentation including maintenance, user, and administrator’s manuals as well as online help

    Health & Human Services

  • Provided technical writing support

  • Authored the final report

  • Authored technical recommendations

    U.S. Department of Energy

  • Provided technical writing support

  • Upgraded and produced end user, program maintenance, and developmental documentation

  • Produced a market study

  • Tracked foreign mergers and acquisitions, used info for the Annul Report to Congress

Company/Personnel Experience cont.

U.S. Department of Justice (Cognos: Impromptu, PowerPlay, and Transformer)

  • Converted reports from a legacy system to Cognos

  • Provided recommendations on how to improve their report development and distribution

  • Developed report templates

    Health & Human Services - Administration on Aging (AoA)

  • Administrative Services

  • Information and Referral Services

  • Library Services

  • Mailroom Services

Company/Personnel Experience cont.

Armed Forces Retirement Home (Cognos: PowerPlay, Transformer, and Impromptu)

  • Developed report visualizations for year to year comparisons, trend analysis, and budget exercises

  • Tuned Database

  • Provided IT On call support

    U.S. State Department

  • Application Development using PowerBuilder and Oracle

  • Data Modeling

    Health & Human Services - Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (Cognos: PowerPlay, Transformer, Impromptu, Enterprise Server)

  • Provided Web enabled reporting - Cognos

  • Redesigned the automated cube regeneration process, maximized cube efficiency

  • Provided on-call maintenance support, troubleshooting software installations and cube mappings

  • Provided operational support for various aspects of performance measurement and data collection

Company/Personnel Experience cont.

Federal Communications Commissions (FCC)

  • Help Desk and LAN/WAN support,

  • Intranet Web development,

  • Customer training and support operations.

  • 6,400+ calls per month

  • Provide formal training to FCC staff

  • Ensure efficient operations of the Call Center in responding to client’s request for assistance

  • Monitor and review help desk telephone statistical reports in order to plan, develop and implement improvements in performance

Company/Personnel Experience cont.

Department of Homeland Security’s, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Technical Support Center

  • Provides end user support functions to over 25,000 users nationally

  • Help Desk support,

  • LAN/WAN Communications,

  • Desktop and E-mail support

  • Insure all service request and network alerts are processed in a timely manner


  • Excellent Past & Present Performance

  • Strong Technical & Professional Offerings

  • Commitment to Customers & Employees

  • Vast Pool of Resources

  • Quality Management Transition Services

  • IT Support and Administrative Services at various Federal Agencies

Strong Capabilities

References available upon request

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