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Imperialism in north africa
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Imperialism in North Africa. Africa Day 1 Notes. How did Africa become like it is today?. Darfur, Sudan. European Imperialism. Imperialism – when one country takes control of another country French, British, and Dutch are imperialistic in Africa in late 1800s

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Imperialism in North Africa

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Imperialism in north africa

Imperialism in North Africa

Africa Day 1 Notes

How did africa become like it is today

How did Africa become like it is today?

Darfur, Sudan

European imperialism

European Imperialism

  • Imperialism – when one country takes control of another country

    • French, British, and Dutch are imperialistic in Africa in late 1800s

  • In 1800s, Europeans practice three types of imperialism…

    • Colonies: directly ruled by other government

    • Protectorates: leader keeps title, but is ruled by others.

    • Spheres of Influence: are where one imperialist nation had special interest and others stayed out.

Is the united states imperialistic today

Is the United States imperialistic today?

Any examples?

Motives for european imperialism

Motives for European Imperialism

  • Major profits to be made in new markets.

  • “The White Man’s Burden” – Rudyard Kipling’s influential poem

    • Says the white man has a responsibility to change the way of life of primitive non-Europeans.

  • Christian Missionaries make it their goal to convert people.

    • Did help build schools and spread knowledge of medicine.

The white man s burden

The White Man’s Burden…

  • Take up the White Man's burden--Send forth the best ye breed--Go bind your sons to exileTo serve your captives' need;To wait in heavy harness,On fluttered folk and wild--Your new-caught, sullen peoples,Half-devil and half-child.

  • …and so on….

Some key questions

Some Key Questions…

Does the idea of a white man s burden still exist today

Does the idea of a white man’s burden still exist today?

Do the people of africa need to change

Do the people of Africa need to change?

Some examples of imperialism we ve studied

Some examples of imperialism we’ve studied…

Middle East?



The french and north africa

The French and North Africa

  • French want to expand their influence around the world.

    • Fight in Algeria for over 40 years

    • Set up a protectorate in Tunisia in 1880

    • Make agreement with Spain and Britain to control Morocco (sphere of influence)

The british and north africa

The British and North Africa

  • Britain wanted to secure resources with expansion.

  • Britain controls the Suez Canal, a waterway from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea in Egypt.

British and french conflict

British and French Conflict

  • In the Sudan the British and French fight over control of the precious Nile River in 1898.

  • Britain eventually controls it.

The scramble for africa http www youtube com watch v ntp8zixnomm feature related

The Scramble for Africa…

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