Imperialism in north africa
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Imperialism in North Africa PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Imperialism in North Africa. Africa Day 1 Notes. How did Africa become like it is today?. Darfur, Sudan. European Imperialism. Imperialism – when one country takes control of another country French, British, and Dutch are imperialistic in Africa in late 1800s

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Imperialism in North Africa

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Imperialism in North Africa

Africa Day 1 Notes

How did Africa become like it is today?

Darfur, Sudan

European Imperialism

  • Imperialism – when one country takes control of another country

    • French, British, and Dutch are imperialistic in Africa in late 1800s

  • In 1800s, Europeans practice three types of imperialism…

    • Colonies: directly ruled by other government

    • Protectorates: leader keeps title, but is ruled by others.

    • Spheres of Influence: are where one imperialist nation had special interest and others stayed out.

Is the United States imperialistic today?

Any examples?

Motives for European Imperialism

  • Major profits to be made in new markets.

  • “The White Man’s Burden” – Rudyard Kipling’s influential poem

    • Says the white man has a responsibility to change the way of life of primitive non-Europeans.

  • Christian Missionaries make it their goal to convert people.

    • Did help build schools and spread knowledge of medicine.

The White Man’s Burden…

  • Take up the White Man's burden--Send forth the best ye breed--Go bind your sons to exileTo serve your captives' need;To wait in heavy harness,On fluttered folk and wild--Your new-caught, sullen peoples,Half-devil and half-child.

  • …and so on….

Some Key Questions…

Does the idea of a white man’s burden still exist today?

Do the people of Africa need to change?

Some examples of imperialism we’ve studied…

Middle East?



The French and North Africa

  • French want to expand their influence around the world.

    • Fight in Algeria for over 40 years

    • Set up a protectorate in Tunisia in 1880

    • Make agreement with Spain and Britain to control Morocco (sphere of influence)

The British and North Africa

  • Britain wanted to secure resources with expansion.

  • Britain controls the Suez Canal, a waterway from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea in Egypt.

British and French Conflict

  • In the Sudan the British and French fight over control of the precious Nile River in 1898.

  • Britain eventually controls it.

The Scramble for Africa…

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