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MAHATMA GANDHI NATIONAL RURAL EMPLOYMENT GUARANTEE SCHEME (MGNREGS). PD Conference. 27 - 28 th MAY, 2011. GOVERNMENT OF ORISSA PANCHAYATI RAJ DEPARTMENT. Issues raised in CEFS Report. Misappropriation of 75% of NREGS funds spent. Non registration of eligible beneficiaries.

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PD Conference

27 - 28th MAY, 2011



Issues raised in CEFS Report

Misappropriation of 75% of NREGS funds spent.

Non registration of eligible beneficiaries.

Non issue of job cards to eligible beneficiaries.

Job cards with Government Officials /VLL.

Mismatch between muster roll and job card.

False muster roll.

Ghost workers .

Ghost man days.

Reported wage payment did not reach workers.

Less payment.

Delay payment.

Use of Machine.

Use of Contractors.

Non maintenance of worksite facilities.

Issues raised in NIRD Report

Non issue of Job Cards

No updating of Job Cards

Job Cards with PEO/GRS/VLL

No updating of Registers

Non permissible works taken up

False muster roll

31% (Ghost workers)

53% (Ghost mandays)

58% of reported payment did not reach workers

Use of machine

Use of contractors

Non maintenance of worksite facilities

Non approval of work plan

Muster Roll Discrepancies-1Percentage of Actual No. of beneficiaries V/S reported beneficiaries

Muster Roll Discrepancies-2Percentage of Actual No. of mandays v/s reported mandays

Muster Roll Discrepancies-3Percentage of Actual wages received v/s reported wages paid

Issues raised in CAGReport

Non preparation of Perspective plan and Annual Action plan.

Non-Transfer of un utilized balance of NFFWP/SGRY to NREGS.

Mismatch of Data.

Parking of Scheme fund in PL Account.

Registration of in eligible persons.

Short fall in employment generation.

Execution of work through middle man.

Un authorized use of labour displacing machine.

Un fruitful expenditure on incomplete work.

Issues raised in CAGReport

Expenditure on in admissible items.

Absence of Worksite facilities.

Delayed/Less payment of wages.

Tampering/Manipulation of Muster rolls.

Fraudulent muster rolls.

Denial of un employment allowance.

Lack of Transparency and Grievance Redressal.

Deficiencies in Social Audit, Inspection, Monitoring and Evaluation.

Implementation of Operational Guidelines

As per the direction of the Hon’ble Supreme Court, the provisions of operational guidelines, 2008 of MGNREGA should be followed and implemented strictly.

The following provisions of operational guidelines, 2008 should be followed and implemented strictly.

Muster Rolls

Job Cards

Application for registration

Application for work

Allotment of work

Payment of wages

Transfer of wages to the accounts of beneficiaries

Construction of Check Dam

Work shop of Assistant Engineer/JE/GPTA of Blocks at District level should be completed.

All feasible projects should be identified

Joint visit of MI and Block Staff should be completed for finalisation of the projects.

Field exposure of all JE/GPTAs of Block in completed/ongoing projects of MI should be done.

Two projects per JE/GPTAs should be completed by 30th June, 2011.

Ten projects per JE/GPTAs

Prevention of Migration

The following steps should be taken to prevent migration in migration prone Districts:

Identification of migration prone areas

Availability of sufficient works for those areas

Awareness campaign


Timely payment of wages

Follow-up action.

Nos. of DPAP Block and ITDA Block

Grievance Redressal

All the complaints/ Grievances received at the Block and District level should be disposed immediately.

All the complaints/petitions received from Central Government and State Government should be disposed immediately and compliance/action taken report should be submitted to the Department.

Grievance Redressal rules should be followed strictly.

Grievance Redressal Committee at the District level under the Chairmanship of Collector should sit in every month regularly.

Compliance to SLM Report/NLM Report/ Eminent Citizen Report should be submitted to the Department immediately.

Complaint register should be maintained at GP/Block/District level.

Complaint Box should be installed at GP/Block/District level.

MGNREGA TREND2006-07 to 2010-11

% OF HH PROVIDED EMPLOYMENT AGAINST REGISTERED =(House Hold provided employment during the year / House Hold Registered since inception X100 )


(Persondays generated by women / Total Persondays generated X 100)



(Persondays generated by ST & SCs / Total Persondays generated X 100)



(Total persondays generated / No. of House Hold Provided Employment)

Nos. of Household completed 100 Days :2010-11



Cost per Manday under MGNREGS(Orissa) :2010-11

Cost per Manday (in Rs.)

(Total Expenditure / Total Persondays Generated)

Wage per Manday under MGNREGS(Orissa) :2010-11

Wage per Manday (in Rs.)

(Total Expenditure on unskilled wage / Total Persondays Generated)(Should be equal to minimum wage, Rs 90/- per day)

Wage Material Ratio under MGNREGS(Orissa) :2010-11

Percentage of Expenditure under MGNREGS(Orissa) :2010-11

Social Audit Report : 2010-2011

UNEMPLOYMENT ALLOWANCE DUE: 2010-2011 (As on 25.05.11)

Status of Mo Pokhari: 2010-11


(% of work order issued)

Status of BNRGSK

Status of BNRGSK

Comparision of Labour Budget Target to on line Achievement , 2010-2011 (In %)

O.B for 2010-11 under MGNREGS,Odisha

% of Persondays Generated against approved Labour Budget

(2010- 2011)

% of Expenditure against approved Labour Budget


Approved Labour Budget Entry For Financial Year:2011-2012

ODISHA STATETrend in Performance under MGNREGS

ANGULTrend in Performance under MGNREGS

BOLANGIRTrend in Performance under MGNREGS

BALASORETrend in Performance under MGNREGS

BARAGARHTrend in Performance under MGNREGS

BHADRAKTrend in Performance under MGNREGS

BOUDHTrend in Performance under MGNREGS

CUTTACKTrend in Performance under MGNREGS

DEOGARHTrend in Performance under MGNREGS

DHENKANALTrend in Performance under MGNREGS

GAJAPATITrend in Performance under MGNREGS

GANJAMTrend in Performance under MGNREGS

JAGATSINGPURTrend in Performance under MGNREGS

JAJPURTrend in Performance under MGNREGS

JHARSUGUDATrend in Performance under MGNREGS

KALAHANDITrend in Performance under MGNREGS

KANDHAMALTrend in Performance under MGNREGS

KENDRAPARATrend in Performance under MGNREGS

KEONJHARTrend in Performance under MGNREGS

KHURDATrend in Performance under MGNREGS

KORAPUTTrend in Performance under MGNREGS

MALKANGIRITrend in Performance under MGNREGS

MAYURBHANJTrend in Performance under MGNREGS

NAWARANGPURTrend in Performance under MGNREGS

NAYAGARHTrend in Performance under MGNREGS

NUAPADATrend in Performance under MGNREGS

PURITrend in Performance under MGNREGS

RAYAGADATrend in Performance under MGNREGS

SAMBALPURTrend in Performance under MGNREGS

SONEPURTrend in Performance under MGNREGS

SUNDARGARHTrend in Performance under MGNREGS

  • Submission of MPRs: Mar. 2011

  • Line Department MPR :Defaulter Districts

Boudh, Dhenkanal, Kalahandi, Kamdhamal, Koraput, Nabarangpur, Nuapada, Rayagada, Sundergarh, Angul, Cuttack, Jagatsinghpur, Kendrapada, Khordha, Puri

  • Farm Pond MPR :Defaulter Districts

Boudh, Deogarh, Dhenkanal , Ganjam, Kalahandi, Kamdhamal, Nabarangpur, Nuapada, Sundergarh, Angul, Jajpur, Cuttack, Jagatsinghpur, Kendrapada, Khordha, Puri

  • Discrepancy observed in Part-V (Transperancy Report) March. 2011 MPR

  • Social Audit

  • (Total Gram Panchayats)

  • Dhenkanal: Total GP is 199, but reported as 398

  • Koraput: Total GP is 226, but reported as 452

  • Nuapada: Total GP is 109, but reported as 0

  • Gram Sabhas held

  • (Total Gram Panchayats)

  • Deogarh: Total GP is 60 ,but reported as 2803

  • Nuapada: Total GP is 109, but reported as 0

  • Total Works Taken up

  • Total Works Taken up = 0 in Keonjhar, Nuapada

  • Discrepancy observed in Part-V (Transperancy Report) March. 2011 MPR

  • Muster Rolls verification < 60%

  • Dhenkanal (36%), Kandhamal (51%), Nabarangapur (53%) and Sundergarh (47%)

  • Gram Sabhas not conducted:

  • Nuapada, Khurda

  • V&MC meetings not held:

  • Boudh, Keonjhar, Malkangiri, Nuapada, Sambalpur, Sundergarh, Baragarh

Inspection of Works :

At District Level (Norm:10% of Total works Taken up)

Keonjhar, Nuapada - No inspection

At Block Level (Norm:100% of Total works Taken up)

Dhenkanal (2%), Kandhamal (1%), Malkangiri (8%), Sambalpur (9%)

  • Discrepancy observed in Part-VI & VIB (Capacity Building ) March. 2011 MPR

Note : Nos. to be Trained should be less than or equal to Achievement


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