Why early college
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?. WHY Early College. A National Perspective. ?. WHY DECA. A Local Perspective. Out of every 100 ninth graders. 68 will graduate from high school. 38 will enter college. 28 are enrolled in their sophomore year. Only 17 will graduate from college. Adapted from KnowledgeWorks.

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WHY Early College . . .

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Why early college



Early College. . .

A National Perspective

Why early college




A Local Perspective

Only 17 will graduate from college
Only 17 will graduate from college

Adapted from KnowledgeWorks

Why early college

2002 Bachelors Degrees Earned

74.6% White

6.4% Hispanic

9% African-American

Why early college

74% of the adultchildrenof high school dropouts are low income.

16% of the adult children of parents with some college are low income.

Why early college

Being poor far outweighs

race/ethnicity, family structure

and other factors as causes of

cognitive disadvantage.

Mass. Insight Education & Research Institute

Why early college

School poverty level more strongly

related to achievement than individual

family poverty

  • Less Engaged

  • Put force less effort

  • Have lower aspirations

Why early college

High Poverty Schools…the perfect storm

  • Poverty undercuts children’s readiness to learn

  • The influence of the neighborhoods

  • The schools themselves are dysfunctional

  • Teacher inequality / teacher turnover

Why early college

One in eight Ohio teachers

in high-poverty elementary schools

is not highly qualified, compared with

one in fifty in low-minority schools.

Why early college

Failing, high-poverty schools need much

more than incremental change. They need

fundamental rethinking on all the ways

they serve their high-needs students.

Mass. Insight Education & Research Institute

Why early college

Whyhas so little fundamental change

occurred in failing schools?

  • Lack of leverage

  • Lack of capacity

  • Lack of exemplars

  • Lack of public will

Why early college

marginal change = marginal results

Why early college


Why early college

  • DECAblends

  • high school & college curriculum

Why early college

Early College Movement

  • Over 200 schools

  • 24 states

  • Over 50,000 students

Why early college

  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

  • Carnegie Corporation of New York

  • W.M. Kellogg

  • Ford Foundation

Why early college

Focus on Where foundations

We Can Make a Difference

DECA Phases of Development

Transitions to Mobilize Resources

Imagining Incubating Demonstrating Sustainability

Credit todaytondevelopment coalition

Why early college

The foundations



Why early college

DECA Students foundations

have earned over


College Credits

Why early college

32 DECA students foundations

graduated in 2007

(first graduating class)

All 32 enrolled

in college

Why early college

The 32 students foundations

received more than

2 Million Dollars

in scholarships and grants.

Why early college

75% of the students

returned for their

second year

Why early college

48 DECA students graduated Spring 2008 foundations

ALL 48 DECA Graduates were accepted by colleges

Why early college

93% of the students

returned for their

second year

Why early college

DECA students foundations

have completed

1000+ Job Shadows

207 Internships

All with

local Dayton businesses

Why early college

DECA students have volunteered foundations

14,000+ Hours

of Community Service to the Dayton Area

Why early college

Named one of the foundations

5 Most Innovative

High Schools

in the country

- WestEd, 2004

Why early college

? foundations


have we LEARNED

Why early college

readiness to foundationsLEARN

readiness to TEACH

readiness to ACT

Why early college

Relationships foundations

Why early college

Increasing Rigor foundations

Power of place
Power of Place foundations

Why early college

Peer Paid Tutors foundations

Why early college

Corporate Etiquette foundations

Why early college

Real Results foundations

Why early college

Tremayne Hogue foundations

  • 2nd child born to teenage parents

  • Often wrote about the challenges of

  • Growing up in section 8 housing

  • Graduated from DECA with 8 college credits

  • Completed Summer Internship WPAFB

  • Freshman

    • University of Dayton

    • Engineering

Why early college

Alyse Pennington foundations

  • Oldest child born to teenage mother

  • Chronically homeless as a child

  • Becomes maternal figure to younger siblings

  • when mother abandons family and stepfather

  • Is diagnosed with cancer

  • Graduated from DECA and Sinclair

  • Freshman

    • Miami University

    • Double Major

    • English Education / Technical Writing

Why early college

Christina Council foundations

  • Culturally diverse upbringing

  • Father dies of cancer during High School

  • Graduates from DECA and Sinclair

  • University of Dayton

  • Double Major

  • Finance and Marketing

  • On track for Honors Diploma

  • Projected UD Graduation in 2 ½ Years

  • Summer 08 NCR Internship offers employment

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