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Jerry Garcia. And The Grateful Dead. Jerome "Jerry" Garcia. Born San Francisco August 1, 1942 From a musical family Named after composer Jerome Kern. Founded The Grateful Dead. Ranked 13th in Rolling Stone's "100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time. Childhood.

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Jerry Garcia

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Jerry garcia

Jerry Garcia


The Grateful Dead

Jerome jerry garcia

Jerome "Jerry" Garcia

Born San Francisco August 1, 1942

From a musical family

Named after composer Jerome Kern.

Founded The Grateful Dead

Ranked 13th in rolling stone s 100 greatest guitarists of all time

Ranked 13th in Rolling Stone's "100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time



Father – retired opened a bar so he still play piano.

At four years old - Looses most of one of his finger in an accident.

Tragically looses his father

Forced to move in with Grandparents looses contact with his mother.

Garcia s hand

Garcia’s Hand



Discovers bluegrass music

Mother remarries – moves with Mother and New stepfather.

Family moves repeatedly.

Trouble for fighting and skipping school.

Forced to join the military.

Early 20s

Early 20s

Wakeup call!

In a horrific car accident killing one of his friends and severely injuring two others.

Decides to take his life seriously.

Meets Robert Hunter (future Grateful Dead supporter and song writer).

And Phil Lesh (future Grateful Dead member).

Both major influences in his music career

Early 20s1

Early 20s

Mid to late 60s

Mid to late 60s

Garcia records his music and gets radio play

Teaches Guitar lessons and meets Bob Weir (future member of the Grateful Dead).

Garcia joined a local bluegrass and folk band

Included other future members of the Grateful Dead.

The grateful dead is born

The Grateful Dead is Born

The grateful dead is born1

The Grateful Dead is Born

1965 – Garcia’s existing band The Warlocks evolves into The Grateful Dead.

Garcia became the lead guitarist, one of the primary singers and, songwriters.

Garcia composed the music and wrote the lyrics with Robert Hunter to all but a few of the band’s songs.

The grateful dead

The Grateful Dead

Garcia becomes well known for his soulful extended guitar jam sessions.

Workingman’s Dead album released. A bluegrass musical dream.

American Beauty album released. Garcia and Robert Hunter’s masterpiece.

Garcia and the band tours almost continually

Workingman s dead

Workingman’s Dead

Uncle john s band

Uncle John’s Band

Song written by Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter.

Preformed with acoustic guitars

Folk and bluegrass style and sound.

The song release in 1970 is noted to be the bands take on the fate of American counterculture after the Hippie movement heading into the new decade.

Casey jones

Casey Jones

Written by Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter.

This song has a very unique guitar sound

, the song has a strong melody and is rather upbeat. And incorporates that Grateful Dead signature electric bass sound.

The Grateful Dead preformed this song live over 300 times.

American beauty

American Beauty

Friend of the devil

Friend of the Devil

Written by Jerry Garcia, John Dawson, and Robert Hunter.

One of my all time favorite songs.

The song is acoustic and very instrumental.

About someone on the run from the law, the devil and himself.



Written by Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter.

Another all time favorite song.

Includes a mandolin player David Grisman.

Very melodic and has an almost folk song style to it.

It is said that several lines throughout the song echo passages from the Bible.

The end



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