Floods in southeast asia
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Floods in Southeast Asia. By Wanida Bountathip. Floods is one of the most people experience.

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Floods in southeast asia

Floods in Southeast Asia

By Wanida Bountathip

  • Floods is one of the most people experience.

  • In the United States, floods were the number-one disaster during the twentieth century, and hundreds of people die each year from the river flooding. Tragically, developing countries suffer much greater losses because of a lack of monitoring facilities, warning systems.

  • The reason I want to focus floods on the Southeast Asia because I’m from Laos, located in the Southeast Asia. And, I want to know what happen in the neighbor countries.

  • When I was young I remember there were a couple times that floods hit my grandparents city. It caused a lot of damage, and people couldn’t go to work, go to school. If they wanted somewhere, they had to go by boats. Tons of chickens, ducks, and cows were killed because people didn’t have dry space for them to live.

Southeast Asia map

One of the ways help to prevent the floods
One of the ways help to prevent the Buddha Park cause by heavy rain.floods.

In floods?Oct. 24, 2011 file photo, cars are parked on an overfly on a flooded street in Bangkok, Thailand. Sea level rise projections show Bangkok could be at risk. But when the capital and its outskirts were affected in 2011 by the worst flooding in half-a century, the immediate trigger was water run-off from northern provinces.

Floods in vietnam
Floods in Vietnam floods?

  • In 2008, floods in Vietnam began with the heaviest rainfall for 24 days.

  • 66 people were killed.

  • Here is some thing we can do to help:

  • We could slow the rate of global warming( as extreme temperatures increase the rate of flooding) and stop building in city areas( because built up areas give less soil of water).

  • placing sandbags along the riverbank to serve as levees and placing large rocks on banks to prevent erosion, which prevents riverbanks from deteriorating, remaining high enough so that flooding will not occur as frequently

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Work Cited what should we do to help to prevent floods happen as less as we can?

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The end
The End what should we do to help to prevent floods happen as less as we can?