Implement sales force automation for pharma industry san e report prescription for your success
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“ Implement Sales Force Automation for pharma industry" "san E-report" " Prescription for your success". Effective Systems. is 15 years Software Company. 50 + Technical and Support Staff.

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Effective Systems

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“Implement Sales Force Automation for pharma industry" "san E-report" "Prescription for your success"

Effective Systems

  • is 15 years Software Company.

  • 50 + Technical and Support Staff.

  • Our Management mission has become Pioneer in Sales Force Automation in India.

  • We have implemented our first e-reporting system for the pharma industry in the Year 2000.

  • We have sound functional knowledge in ERP, SCM & SFA, which gives your organization greater flexibility, higher efficiency and lower costs. - 91-97890-33008

  • Supporting More than 200 pharma companies and 20,000 sales personnel

  • Pay monthly - Based on the Actual Reporting Users

  • User friendly interface, you can start reporting even at the first sight with a quick view of the menus

  • No Big Investment

  • No Customization Charges

  • No Annual Maintenance Charges - 91-97890-33008

  • Our e-reporting software greatly reduces Telephone, Fax, Courier, Printing charges and Data Manipulation.

  • Improves the Efficiency and performance of the Field Force, Manager and Admin by very much reducing time in accessing their data and accurate reports.

  • Is there any Hidden Charges? The answer is NO. There is a one time setup charges.

    • No Server Hosting Charges

    • No Server / Software Maintenance Charges

    • Free Up gradation of device / software

    • Free Annual Technical Support

    • Free Professional services

    • Free Operator level support

    • Free Post implementation customization, if required

    • Free Domain registration, if required separately - 91-97890-33008

  • Our SAN eReport is very User Friendly; very Efficient

  • Your Field Force will LOVE this Software

  • 100% you can implement the software very easily and quickly

  • We are more than 15 years old company

  • More than 12 years we are providing eReporting (eSFA) to Pharmaceuticals companies

  • We are have very good function knowledge in ERP, SCM and SFM also.

  • We are supporting more than 200+ Pharmaceutical, OTC, Diagnostics companies

  • Our Director vision is to Become Pioneer in Sales Force Automation (eReporting)

  • We are supporting more than 20,000 Subscription Users.

  • Our FOCUS ONLY in Sales Force Automation Only. - 91-97890-33008

SANeReport Data Flow - 91-97890-33008

SANeReport Data Access - 91-97890-33008

“Prescription for your Success”

Sales Force Automation Modulesfor Pharmaceuticals Industry - 91-97890-33008

Tour Plan

Monthly Tour Plan Submitted by MR

Tour Plan will be approved by Manager

Tour Plan will be prepared based on MTP [Master Tour Plan]

Submit your TP with in 1 Minute - 91-97890-33008

  • Standard Day Wise Plan (SDP)

    • SDP can be prepared as per your Day wise work

    • Tour Plan will be prepared as per the SDP

    • Single Doctor can be mapped to Single SDP or Multiple SDP

  • Monthly Tour Plan

    • Tour Plan Approval

    • Tour Plan Approval automatic confirmation

    • Manager Joint Work details will be updated to MR

    • Doctor Visit wise, Territory wise, Patch wise Deviation report s - 91-97890-33008


Daily Calls Report

Internet Connectivity does NOT affects feeding the DCR

WITHOUT TP, Daily Calls Report can NOT be entered. - 91-97890-33008

  • Daily Calls Report, the following entries are available

    • Listed Doctor Visit

    • Chemist Visit

    • Stockist Visit

    • Non Listed Doctor Visit

    • Expense Statement can be Generated as per DCR

    • Tour Plan based DCR

    • Various Control systems for DCR can be enabled.

    • Remarks about Days Work

    • Feed back Listed Dr.

    • Joint Work Feed back Listed Dr. wise. - 91-97890-33008


Automatic Expense Statement can be Generated based on DCR entry.

Fair chart allowance can be fixed at the admin - 91-97890-33008

  • Expense Management

    • Based on the DCR, expense statement is generated automatically

    • Distance and Allowance will be fixed by the Head Office

    • At End of the month, expense statement ready for Head Office approval

    • Head office has the facility to make any correction in the expense statement. Final statement will be available for field force access or view.

    • Pay slips can also be upload from a simple Excel file. - 91-97890-33008

Secondary Sales

Secondary Sales are entered by the Field Force

Pool Territory Sales are handled Effectively

Product, Stockist, Cumulative and Manager wise sales reports are generated.

All the product rates are updated from the Head Office Login. - 91-97890-33008

  • Based on Stock & Sales Statement Secondary sales entries are made.

  • Field Force enter their Receipt and Sales Qty.

  • Current month closing balance is automatically opened for the Next Month opening balance.

  • Based on this various MIS-Report are available like Target Vs Sales, Sample Vs Sales, HQwise Sales, Product wise Sales and Stockist wise Sales

  • Various Graphical Reports are Generated.

  • Primary Sales could be Uploaded - 91-97890-33008

Target Module

Product wise Target can be updated

Target can be Uploaded

Target Vs Sales.

Product wise Contribution for Target

Manager wise, MR wise Target View - 91-97890-33008

Target Management

Target can be fixed Product wise and Qty wise.

Head Office can be Product Target rate.

Target can be fixed Product group wise also.

We can generate Product wise contribution for Target also. - 91-97890-33008

Sample / Gift Module

Sample and Gift can be Dispatched from the Head Office. This Sample and Gift will be distributed to the Doctor. Based on this various Analytic reports are generated. - 91-97890-33008

  • Sample / Gift Management

Sample Distribution from Head Office to Field Force

Gift Distribution from Head Office

Sample and Gift Dispatch Status Report

Sample Issued Field Force wise, Doctor wise, Specialty / Category wise, HQ wise - 91-97890-33008

Campaign Module

Based on the Multiple Campaigns various analysis are done. Some are Visited Analysis, Missed Calls Report, Customer Business details, Product Promotions.

The Campaign can be created from the Head Office. - 91-97890-33008

  • Campaign Management

Multiple Campaign created at the Head Office.

Doctor can be mapped to each Campaign

Based on the campaign Doctor Visit, Missed Calls, Business Details can be Analysed.

Campaign wise Sample and Gift distribution details. - 91-97890-33008

Customer Service

Customer Business can be Tracked

Processed with Proper Approval

Consolidated Reports are Generated - 91-97890-33008

  • Customer Service Management

  • Customer Service details are Managed

  • No. of Service given to the Customer

  • Sales against the Service Details

  • Monitor the service progress monthly

  • Service approval to the Management

  • Proper Records for the Head Office and Management for Tracking. - 91-97890-33008

Task Module

Each Manager can assign the Task to their Sub-Ordinates and Track the Task. Using this Task Module, they can manage the Task effectively. You can see the consolidated pending work. - 91-97890-33008

Task Management

Assign the Task to the Field Force

Tracking of the Pending Task

Evaluate the Task completed

Task pending Viewed in all the Field Force login

Task can be created as per the Hierarchy - 91-97890-33008

Internal eMail System

Mails are sent within the users of the e-reporting system. Even a single mail cannot be ignored by the users. - 91-97890-33008

Internal eMail System

Send email to All, Managers, Any Level of Manger and MR

Single Click email to All field force

With out reading the email, user cannot enter into eReporting.

Files can be attached directly to the eMail or as a Hyper Link

You have the Sent, Viewed and Inbox Folders. - 91-97890-33008

Territory Profitability

Based on the Expenses like Sales, Promotion material, Samples, Allowance, we can generate the Territory Profitability report. This report is generated based on the Secondary Sales - 91-97890-33008

Territory Profitability

This report is generated for any period.

Field force wise and manager wise reports can be generated. - 91-97890-33008

Leave Module

Leave can be applied by the field force.

Leave will be approved by their Line Managers

This will be integrated with Daily Calls Report - 91-97890-33008

Leave Module

Leave eligibility set for the field force by Management

Absence will be deducted based on the Leave application submitted by the field force

Leave Application and Daily Calls Report are integrated

All leave application sent for Manager approval - 91-97890-33008

Medical Update

Medical Update, Success Stores, HR Policy, Office Format, Marketing Procedure various information can be Added and Updated from the Head Office Login. These information are share with Field Force. - 91-97890-33008 - 91-97890-33008

Quiz Module

Quiz Module can be integrated with SANeReport system.

Each field force can participate and evaluation done automatically at the end.

From the Head Office Login we can generate Questions and evaluation parameters. - 91-97890-33008 - 91-97890-33008

Uploading …

Essential Data for the field force and management are uploaded

Doctor / Chemist List

Target Data Field Force wise

Primary Sales Data

Pay slip - 91-97890-33008

SANeSFA - Overview


Daily Calls Reports

Internal Email


MR vs. MGR

Comparison Analysis

Target &






Product Exposure


Service and Sponsor


Doctor’s Visit




Automation of

TA/DA / Expense


Samples &

Gift Exposure - 91-97890-33008

SANeSFA - Dashboard

Powerful information center for every person who logs in.

  • List of unread Mail messages

  • Sec. Sales information

  • Sales / Target graphs

  • Last DCR information and Delayed Status

  • Flash News from the Head office

  • TP Status Approvals

  • Listed Doctor Service Approval

  • Listed Doctor DoW and DoB - 91-97890-33008

Industries running on our system…

  • Ethical, OTC, Generic Pharmaceutical Companies

  • FMCG Companies.

  • Geographically Implemented

  • All States of India

  • Kenya

  • Pakistan

  • Egypt

  • - 91-97890-33008

    Brief about our Services..

    • We are covering all of your requirements like DCR, Tour Plan, Expense Statement, Secondary Sales, Sample & Gift etc...

    • All Manual entries can be done through Online. Reports are generated automatically and instantly.

    • No Customization Charges; No Training Charges; No Hidden Cost; Pay as you Use;

    • No Software Cost - (No need to pay for the software or its up gradation or configuration changes)

    • No Hardware Cost - (Don't have to worry about the Server Maintenance, Up gradation, Performance, Security of the data and Integration)

    • Dedicated Database, Bandwidth, Encrypted data security and Fire Wall - 91-97890-33008

    MIS – Reports - SANeREPORT

    • Monthly Analysis :

      • DCR Monthly Analysis for MR & Manager

      • Manager Work Summery

      • Joint Work Analysis

      • Territory Coverage Analysis

    • Missed Call:

      • Territory wise, Category wise and Specialty wise

    • Visit Analysis:

      • Territory wise, Chemist wise, Specialty and Category wise, Product wise and Campaign wise

    • Sample Management

      • Sample Issued Field Force wise, Doctor wise, Specialty wise, Category wise, Specialty wise and Category wise

    • Gift Management

      • Sample Issued Field Force wise, Doctor wise, Specialty wise, Category wise, Specialty wise and Category wise - 91-97890-33008

    MIS – Reports - SANeREPORT

    • Exception Reports

      • Tour Plan for MR, Tour Plan for Manager

    • Doctor Details

      • Doctor Details Rep wise

      • Product wise Doctor

      • Specialty / Categories

      • Campaign wise Doctors

    • Sample Dispatch Details

    • Comparison of MR Vs Manager

    • Target Details

      • Sample Vs Sales, Target Vs Sales

    • Product Exposure

      • Detail Product Exposure, Specialty & Category wise

    • Sales Analysis

    • Region wise Stock Statement, Stockist wise Primary, Secondary, Stock Statement

    • Sales Graphs Analysis

    • Expenses Statement - 91-97890-33008

    ASM can view all MR’S TP in Single Screen

    Click “MR”

    TP - View

    Manger Can View

    the DCR Analysis

    for him and their MR’s

    Select the Field force to View

    Selection Parameter in DCR –Analysis

    For Taking the

    DCR Analysis Report, Do not

    Click “Weekly” Box. Directly

    Click “View” Button

    Click - 91-97890-33008

    DCR –Analysis – View - 91-97890-33008

    DCR Analysis – Weekly Report (Only Doctors)

    5 Weeks

    Select the Field force Name, Month, Year and

    Select the Weekly option and

    click “1” for 1st Week. - 91-97890-33008

    DCR Analysis – Weekly Report - 91-97890-33008

    Daywise Doctor Visit Report

    Select the Field Force, From Range

    and To Range and Click “Submit” Button - 91-97890-33008

    DDB Day wise Report - 91-97890-33008

    Missed Call Report – Selection

    Select the Field Force, Month and Year

    Then Click “View” Button - 91-97890-33008

    Missed Call Report - 91-97890-33008

    Doctor Visit Coverage Analysis – Selection Mode

    The ASM can View the Visit Details Reports for their MR’s , Both Doctor Category wise and Sub Category wise for the Given Period after Clicking the “Submit” Button. - 91-97890-33008

    Doctor Visit Coverage Analysis – Category wise - 91-97890-33008

    Territory Visit Coverage Analysis - Selection Mode

    The ASM can View the Territory Coverage Visit Details Reports for their MR’s , for the Given Period after Clicking the “Submit” Button. - 91-97890-33008

    Territory Visit Coverage Analysis

    Total No Of Active Doctors for the particular Territory

    Visit Days for the particular Territory - 91-97890-33008

    Product Exposure (Detail) – Selection Mode - TYPE – I

    ASM/RSM/ZSM has to select their MR Name and Financial Year,

    Then Click "View” Button. - 91-97890-33008

    Product Exposure Analysis – For All Products for the Selected Field Force - 91-97890-33008

    Product Exposure (Detail)

    ASM/RSM/ZSM can select the Particular Product for the

    Particular Region for selecting the Financial Year. - 91-97890-33008

    Product Exposure Analysis – For the selected Productfor all Field Force - 91-97890-33008

    Comparison Rep Vs Manager

    RSM/ZSM Has to select their Managers to Compare

    For the Particular Month and Year. - 91-97890-33008

    Rep – Manager Comparison

    If we Click the Background Colored Numbers link, it Displays

    the Combined Visited Doctors Name (Both Reps and Managers) with the

    Yellow Background. - 91-97890-33008

    Rep – Manager Comparison Report – Zoom - 91-97890-33008

    Sample Product Issued Product Wise

    The ASM/RSM/ZSM can View the Sample Product Issued- Report for their MR’s , for the Given Period after Clicking the “View” Button. - 91-97890-33008

    Sample Issued – Product wise Report - 91-97890-33008

    Sample Product IssuedSpecialty / Category wise

    The ASM/RSM/ZSM can View the Sample Product Issued-Speciality / Category wise Report for their MR’s , for the Given Month and Year after Clicking the “View” Button. - 91-97890-33008

    Sample Issued – Specialty / Category wise - 91-97890-33008

    Gift Issued – Field Force wise– Selection Mode

    The ASM/RSM/ZSM can View the Gift Issued- Field Force wise Report for their MR’s, for the Given Period after Clicking the “View” Button. - 91-97890-33008

    Gift Issued – Field force wise - 91-97890-33008

    Gift Issued – Doctor wise– Selection Mode

    The ASM/RSM/ZSM can View the Gift Issued- Doctor wise Report for their MR’s , for the Given Month, Year and Doctor Category or Sub Category after Clicking the “View” Button. - 91-97890-33008

    Gift Gift Issued – Doctor wise - 91-97890-33008

    Graphical Report for Sales Analysis - 91-97890-33008 - 91-97890-33008 - 91-97890-33008

    Clientele - 91-97890-33008


    • Future and New Technology will be free (hardware and software)

    • We are expertise in Pharma Industry

    • No Big Investment

    • No Customization Charges

    • No Administrative Cost at your End

    • 24/7 Phone Support for your Field Force

    • Encrypted Data Security - 91-97890-33008


    Mobile Number: 91-9789033008

    Mobile Number: 91-9094033002

    Email: [email protected] - 91-97890-33008 - 91-97890-33008

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