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Wood Burning

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Wood Burning - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lauren Tumey and Morgan Brewton . Wood Burning. Pyrography – writing with fire The art of marking wood with burn marks from the controlled application using a heated object. A poker/fire iron is what was used in the early days of wood burning

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what is wood burning

Pyrography – writing with fire

The art of marking wood with burn marks from the controlled application using a heated object.

A poker/fire iron is what was used in the early days of wood burning

Hypothesized that this dates back to the dawn of recorded history

Practiced by the Egyptians and some African tribes

What is Wood Burning?
examples of wood burning
Examples of Wood Burning

wood burning kits
Wood Burning Kits

NSI Wood Burning Kit - $21.99

Walnut Hollow Deluxe Woodburning Kit - $19.89


Wood ornament (48)- $11.99

Burner pen- $9.35

Colored pencils- $1.94



Heat up wood burner – takes about 10 minutes

  • Come choose one of 4 different ornament designs
  • Gather colored pencils
  • Once burner is heated trace the lines along the ornament

a.) hold burner like you would a writing utensil

b.) place tip of burner on template design

c.) depending on the tip you have do not leave tip in one place for longer than 2 seconds to begin drawing picture

d.) follow the pattern in a rhythmical movement to ensure smooth lines

  • Once finished burning the wood give burner to partner
  • Color in the rest of your ornament however you would like

- Some will have to color in their ornament before burning since we do not have enough burners for everyone, and to make sure everyone has the same amount of time to work on their ornament.

cognitive grading

Baseline – pre-drawn template

Downgrade: Using a blank template, have the participant use different tips and use different strokes depending on the tips

- concept formation

Upgrade: Using a blank template, have the participant create a wood burning design with no cues

- Critical thinking, attention, enhancing creativity

Cognitive Grading
motor grading

Baseline - no wrist support to draw/trace

Downgrade: Have client rest wrist on a support to draw/trace a picture.

- joint stability

Upgrade: Have client use different tips on the burn pen which causes wrist to move in different ways while still maintaining joint stability.

Motor Grading

The burner isHOT and SHARP

The burner should only touch the wood piece you are working on and nothing else

Make sure wood is smooth prior to use to avoid splinter

Be considerate of other students in the classroom as we will have to share burners

Note that some burners take longer than others to heat up


Adults who are interested in art

  • Younger individuals 13+
  • Performance skills:
    • Cognitive
    • Sensory
    • Motor control
therapeutic benefits


    • Can be an enjoyable leisure activity for someone who likes art and can improve their self-efficacy, participation in therapy, and helps divert attention towards something more positive and productive and uses good judgment
  • Rehab
    • Uses fine motor control and manipulation of the burner to trace a design
    • Joint stability is important for holding the burner and allowing it to burn the wood during tracing.
Therapeutic Benefits

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