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Languages and language diversity
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Languages and Language Diversity. Listening, Reading and Vocabulary. Tagalo . Persian. صبح به خیر. M agandang U maga. Polish. Armenian. D zień D obry. Russian. բարի լույս. Swedish. доброе утро. 早安. B onjour. G od M orgon. Chinese. French. Vietnamese. καλημέρα.

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Languages and Language Diversity

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Languages and language diversity

Languages and Language Diversity

Listening, Reading and Vocabulary

Languages and language diversity



صبح به خیر

Magandang Umaga



Dzień Dobry


բարի լույս


доброе утро



God Morgon





chào buổi sáng

Guten Morgen




Sign Language




Buenos Días

Good Morning

좋은 아침




Warm up

Warm Up

  • How many languages do you think there are in the world?

  • Do you think languages change?

  • Do you think English will replace other languages?

  • What other language would you like to learn?

  • What language do you think it would be difficult for you to learn? Why?

System n

system (n)

  • a technique, method, procedure practice

    Every person has a system for learning a foreign language.

Characters n

characters (n)

  • a single letter or mark used in writing

    Do you know how many charactersare in the Chinese language?

Form v

form (v)

  • to create, make, shape, construct

    The children formed a circle and played a game.

Meaningful adj

meaningful (adj.)

  • significant, with meaning, with sense

    Kathy writes meaningful poems which deals with social issues.

Languages and language diversity


Hearing impaired adj

hearing-impaired (adj.)

  • having a reduced or poor ability to hear

    Hearing aids are used by some hearing-impaired senior citizens.

Languages and language diversity

Sign Language

Sign language n

sign language (n)

  • a system of communicating with gestures

    Peter learned sign language in order to communicate with his deaf parents.

Borrow v

borrow (v)

  • to copy or take words from another language

    English has borrowed words from French; for example, cinema, souvenir, and petite.

Specialist n

specialist (n)

  • a person who is an expert on something

    Brian’s general doctor sent him to see a heart specialist.

Refer to v

refer to (v)

  • stand for, suggest, signify, mean

    Poultry refers to the meat from animals that have feathers.

Divide v

divide (v)

  • split into parts, separate

    The Mississippi river divides the west of Louisiana from the east.

Brain n

brain (n)

  • the organ in the head used for thinking and feeling

    Humans have large brains.

Bilingual adj

bilingual (adj.)

  • speaking two languages

    Steve is bilingual . He speaks Italian and English.

Past n

past (n)

  • the time before the present, everything that happened previously

    Rosie has a mysterious past. Nobody knows about her background.

Rate n

rate (n)

  • speed or pace in which something moves, the cost of something

    Slaves were forced to work at a rapid rate in the cotton fields.

    The rate for the trip on that bus is $2.50.

Estimate v n

estimate (v) (n)

  • to calculate something

    The government estimates that it would take years before the economy recovers.

Linguist n

linguist (n)

  • a person who knows several languages and their structure

    Molly wrote a book on the origin of the English language. She is a well-known linguist.



  • system

  • character

  • form

  • meaningful

  • hearing-impaired

  • sign language

  • borrow

  • specialist

  • refer to

  • divide

  • brain

  • bilingual

  • rate

  • estimate

  • linguists

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