supracolic region
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Supracolic region

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Supracolic region. Aortic hiatus: T12, aorta, thoracic duct and azygos vein esophageal hiatus: T10, esophagus, left gastric a.v. vagal trunks. vena caval foramen: T8, inferior vena cava. The structures that formed by peritoneum as follow: 1 omentum great omentum lesser omentum

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Aortic hiatus:T12, aorta, thoracic duct and azygos veinesophageal hiatus:T10, esophagus, left gastric a.v. vagal trunks. vena caval foramen:T8, inferior vena cava


The structures that

formed by peritoneum

as follow:

1 omentum

great omentum

lesser omentum

2 mesentery


transverse mesocolon

sigmoid mesocolon


3 ligaments


Boundaries of omental bursa:

Anteriorly– lesser omentum,

post. wall of sto-

mach, ant. layers

of large omentum

Posteriorly– post. layers of

large omentum,

transverse meso-


Inferiorly– refleced part of

large omentum

Superiorly– inf. surface of


anatomy of stomach
Anatomy of stomach
  • Position and relationship( ¼-- at epigastric region, ¾-- at left hypochondriac, cardiac orifice– at left side of T11, pyloric orifice– at right side of L1
  • Features and divisions(fundus,body,cardiac part
  • pyloric part— canalsinus)
  • Ligaments (hepatogastric lig, gastrosplenic lig, gastrocolic)
  • Blood vessels and lymph drainage
  • nerve

Diaphragmatic area

Suprarenal area


Renal area

Pancreatic area

Free area

Colic area

Anterior view

Posterior iew

Relationship of stomach


the unpaired br.

the celiac trunk

*the left gastric a.

*the common hepatic a.

*the splenic a.


Main branches:

  • — bronchial branches
  • — esophageal branches
  • — anterior and posterior
  • gastric branches(stomach)
  • — hepatic branches
  • — celiac branches
anatomy of extrohepatic biliary duct
Anatomy of extrohepatic biliary duct

Composition of extrohepotic duct:

gall bladder, hepotic duct, common hepotic duct, common bile duct, hepotopancrea-tic ampolla

Oddi Sphinctor of hepa-topancreatic ampulla