Careers in design
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Careers in Design. What do need to know to do this? . But what do you need for this.

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Careers in Design

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Careers in Design

What do need to know to do this?

But what do

you need for this

Floral design requires only a high school diploma and a flair for color and texture. But communication, environmental, and industrial design all require a fine arts or design education, with a minimum of two to four years of study.

Design careers cater for the type of person who either

enjoys solving problems

or is more arts-focused

If you feel you are are the creative type, then you are more likely to find work with regular pay, than your peers who work as independent artists.


Exhibition designer (museum/gallery)

Production designer, theatre/television/film

Interior designer

Interior shop designer (shopfitting)

Window display designer

Landscape design

Playground design


Graphic designer


Medical illustrator

Textile designer

Make-up artist

Fine artist


Industrial/product designer

Jewellery designer

Ceramics designer

Fashion designer

Furniture designer

Environmental design

Visual communication

Industrial design

Graphic Designers

Graphic designers need to have a firm grasp on communication theory. They are not only concerned with developing images but also use typography imaginatively. They often use free hand image making techniques together with computer programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator.

Industrial Designers

Industrial designers link the visual arts to technology. They are usually familiar with engineering and the principles of ergonomics.

Interior Designers and architects

Interior designers work in a highly regulated industry and must know state and federal building statutes and safety codes. In addition architects like industrial designers have some knowledge of engineering.

Most design fields rely heavily on CAD (computer-aided design) and illustration programs. In future job prospects, your proficiency in using such programs will be as important as your portfolio.

Grenadi school of design, student poster exhibition

Poster design

Interior Design

AESOP, products for the skin, hair and body

AESOP, products for the skin, hair and body

Did you mean architecture OR

Or, architecture

Or, architecture

Fashion design

Fabric design

Toy design

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