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Remote Server Administration. Chapter 14. Remote Server Administration. Remote Administration Remote Desktop Remote Desktop Gateway Remote Assistance Windows Remote Management Service Remote Server Administration Tools. Remote Administration.

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Remote server administration1
Remote Server Administration

  • Remote Administration

  • Remote Desktop

  • Remote Desktop Gateway

  • Remote Assistance

  • Windows Remote Management Service

  • Remote Server Administration Tools

Remote administration
Remote Administration

  • Remote Desktop for Administration(RDA) is the default implementation of Remote Desktop Services(RDS)

    • Terminal Services has been renamed to RDS

  • Two administrators can be remotely logged in at the same time

  • No additional licensing is required for this mode

Remote administration1
Remote Administration

  • RDA allows you to do anything in the remote session as if you were logged directly to the console

    • Access Start menu

    • Install applications

    • Install updates

    • Reboot-Careful!!!

Remote administration2
Remote Administration

  • Configuring your server for remote desktop

    • Click Start->right-click on Computer->Properties->click Remote Settings (see below)

Remote administration3
Remote Administration

  • Listens on port 3389 (quiz alert!!)

  • Three options:

    • Don’t allow connections to this computer

    • Allow connections running any version of Remote Desktop

      • Less secure using RDC clients older 6.0

    • Allow connections only from computers running Remote Desktop with Network Level Authentication

      • Only supports RDC 6.0 or higher. 6.1 can be installed on XP SP2

Remote desktop
Remote Desktop

  • Remote desktop connection

Remote desktop1
Remote Desktop

  • Remote desktop connection

Remote desktop2
Remote Desktop

  • General—allows you to identify the remote computer and provide a username. These settings can be saved.

  • Display—allows you to configure display properties

  • Local Resources Tab—allows you to identify which local resources you want to bring to your remote session

    • Printers, local drives, etc.

Remote desktop3
Remote Desktop

  • Programs—allows you to identify which program will start when the connection is established

  • Experience—add or remove different features based on your connection speed

  • Advanced—contains “Server Authentication” and “Connect from Anywhere” sections

Remote desktop4
Remote Desktop

  • Can launch remote desktop from the run line using :

    • Mstsc.exe

  • Options include:

    • Mstsc.exe /v:srv1—identify a server

    • Mstsc.exe c:\data\srv1.rdp—launch rdc using a rdp file

    • Mstsc.exe /f—full screen mode

    • Mstsc.exe /span—using multiple monitors

Remote desktop gateway
Remote Desktop Gateway

  • RD Gateway is used to allow connections to an internal network via the internet

    • Allows users to connect to resources on an internal network from an Internet connected device.

    • Requires additional role services and features

      • Web server (IIS)

      • Network Policy Server Services

      • RPC over HTTP Proxy feature

      • Remote Server Administration Tools

Remote assistance
Remote Assistance

  • Primarily used on desktops

  • Not enabled by default on Windows Server 2008 R2

  • Remote Assistance feature must be added before it can be enabled

Windows remote management service
Windows Remote Management Service

  • Windows Remote Management Service (WinRm) allows you to issue any command-line command from one computer against another

    • WinRM—is executed on the remote server and enables the server to listen and respond to WinRS requests

    • WinRS—is executed from the command line on a desktop or other server accessed by an administrator.

Windows remote management service1
Windows Remote Management Service

  • Enabling WinRM

  • Open a command prompt and type:

  • Answer yes to accept changes

  • Using WinRS

  • Open a command prompt and type:

Remote server administration tools
Remote Server Administration Tools

  • Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) are tools you can use to manage Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (R2) from a desktop

  • Replaces AdminPak