introduction to psychological first aid
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Introduction to Psychological First Aid:

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Introduction to Psychological First Aid: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction to Psychological First Aid:. How To Find Your Chi In A World Of Chaos. Session Objectives:. Use a trauma informed, holistic & fully-integrated approach in this session I ntroduce ‘Community Meeting’ Define ‘Psychological First Aid’ Compare/Contrast PFA & I&R

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introduction to psychological first aid

Introduction to Psychological First Aid:

How To Find

Your Chi In

A World Of Chaos

session objectives
Session Objectives:
  • Use a trauma informed, holistic &

fully-integrated approach in this session

  • Introduce ‘Community Meeting’
  • Define ‘Psychological First Aid’
  • Compare/Contrast PFA & I&R
  • Self-identify who you are ‘in the work’
  • Introduce Safety Planning & Self Care
what is community meeting
What Is ‘Community Meeting’?
  • a ritual used for transitioning from one activity to another
  • validates a common goal for the group; transition from ‘me’ to ‘we’
  • promotes safety, transparency

& inclusiveness

community meeting
Community Meeting
  • What is your name?
  • How are you today?
  • Your goal for the session?
  • Who can you go to if you have questions during this session? (pick one person in the room)
what is psychological first aid

What is Psychological First Aid?

The abbreviated definition:

An evidence-informed model to reduce distress in the acute phase following a disaster & encourageadaptive functioning.


…and what does chi

have to do with it?

what is chi
What Is Chi?
  • Chi is the term for the universal energy, or the energy that permeates everything around us.
compare contrast

Psychological First Aid

  • Contact & Engagement
  • Safety & Comfort
  • Stabilization (if needed)
  • Information Gathering-

needs & concerns

  • Practical Assistance
  • Information on Coping
  • Linkage to Services

Information & Referral

AIRS Standard 1:

Assessment and Referral Provision

The I&R service shall conduct an assessment in which the inquirer has one-to-one interaction with an I&R specialist. The assessment process consists of active listening and effective questioning to determine the needs of the inquirer, clarifying the need, identifying appropriate resources, selecting appropriate delivery mode(s), making referrals to organizations capable of meeting those needs, and providing enough information about each organization to help inquirers make an informed choice. In situations where services are unavailable, the I&R service shall engage in problem solving to help the inquirer identify alternative strategies.



While attending this session will not certify you in PFA, hopefully you have discovered that you already have the basic skills in I&R service provision to adapt to crisis/disaster situations.

business as usual

Business As Usual:

The I&R ‘Crisis Calls’

misuse of the f word

Misuse of the ‘F’ Word


What did you think I meant?

since we are talking about reactions let s talk about you

Since we are talking about ‘reactions’, let’s talk about YOU!

Self Care & Safety

Who are you in ‘the work’?

How long?

What brought you here?

What are your triggers?

What is your support system?

What do you do for self care?


Q & A

Contact Info:

Bonnie Bush

[email protected]

(813) 969-4942