tumescent male organ health some savvy tips
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Tumescent Male Organ Health: Some Savvy Tips

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Tumescent Male Organ Health: Some Savvy Tips - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A robust sensual life is a great pick-me-up for a guy, and a tumescent male organ is essential for sensual function. Taking some basic health steps can help ensure a man’s male organ health.

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Could it be a surprise to anyone to anyone to discover that men enjoy sensual activity and that, therefore, they want to be sure that they always have a tumescent male organ for when opportunity arises? Yet despite the clear importance that men place on the availability of a tumescent member, not all men are as conscientious of their male organ health as they could be. Guys that want to be sure their health has a positive impact on their sensual lives can keep the following tips in mind.

  • Put down those cookies. It may seem strange, but the size of a guy’s belly can have repercussions when it comes to his male organ health. Some studies indicate the risk of hardness dysfunction increases with obesity – and that a guy with a 39” waist is twice as likely to experience tumescent male organ issues as one with a 35” waist. In addition, men who are obese tend to have less stamina for sensual encounters. So lay off those snacks.



Pick up that toothbrush. Surprisingly, the state of a man’s teeth affects the state of his sensual life, too. One study suggests that men with gum disease are three times as likely to have firmness problems. The reason? Bacteria from tooth decay falls into the bloodstream, damaging vessels and impeding blood flow – including blood flow to the manhood, which is crucial for tumescence. So brush and floss regularly to keep the member happy.

  • Move the laptop off the lap. Laptop computers are a wonderful thing and becoming ubiquitous in some parts of the world. Any why not? They are easy to use, easy to transport and the ultimate in convenience. But here’s the thing: guys really shouldn’t rest the laptop on their laps. Why not? In the process of doing its job, the laptop generates a lot of heat. When the machine is resting on the lap, a significant amount of that heat gets transferred to the sacks – and sacks don’t like excess heat.



Limit the vices to sensual activity. An occasional beer with the bros isn’t a bad idea, but too much alcohol can definitely make a guy less worthy in the bedroom department. Too much alcohol makes it difficult to achieve tumescence and often results in a hardness that is not as full and firm as desired. Alcohol abuse can also have long-term consequences; a man may not notice any change right now, but later he may pay the price. And booze isn’t the only vice to avoid: smoking should also be given up. The major health consequences of smoking are already well-known, but smoking can cause specific tumescent male organ problems. Most notably, it can affect the smooth muscle which helps blood flow to perform appropriately during the tumescence process.

  • Get on the feet. Guys with a gut may need to change their exercise habits as well as their diets. But even men without weight problems should get an appropriate level of exercise to stay fit. Jogging, hitting the gym or playing sports not only helps with blood flow.



Keeping up with overall health can pay off in the tumescent male organ department, but it’s also important to utilize a first rate male organ health crème(health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) to address manhood-specific health issues. For example, with male organ blood flow a concern, it pays to use a crème that includes both vitamin C and L-arginine. Each of these ingredients helps to keep male organ blood vessels open and flowing, which is an aid to the tumescent male organ. Males should also be sure the chosen crème contains other important vitamins, such as A, B5, D and E, which when combined provide the member with health maintenance assistance.