Male organ ulcers can oral sensual activity be a cause
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Male Organ Ulcers: Can Oral Sensual Activity Be a Cause? PowerPoint PPT Presentation

When a man is receiving the gift of oral sensual activity, male organ ulcers are the furthest thing from his mind. Yet this rare occurrence can cause problems, so knowing how to treat it is important.

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Male Organ Ulcers: Can Oral Sensual Activity Be a Cause?

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Male Organ Ulcers: Can Oral Sensual Activity Be a Cause

By John Dugan

  • There are few things that a man enjoys better than settling back and being on the receiving end of oral sensual activity ministrations. There can always be drawbacks to any pleasurable activity, of course, and a guy needs to be aware that male organ ulcers can occasionally occur due to oral gratification. It’s a rare occurrence, but proper male organ care requires a man to be aware of this possibility so that he knows the appropriate steps to take if ulcers do pop up.

  • What are they?

  • When most people think of ulcers, what comes to mind is a bloated stomach, heartburn and intense pain in the gut. And that’s certainly what occurs with common peptic ulcers. But those symptoms are not the ulcer; they’re the result of the ulcer.

  • So what is an ulcer, then? Strictly defined, it’s a break in a bodily membrane that keeps an organ from doing its job. In the case of male organ ulcers, they fall under the heading of dermatological ulcers – meaning that the break in the membrane is on the surface (or directly beneath the surface) of the manhood skin.

  • Male organ ulcers present as open sores on the member (or in the nearby area, such as the sack). A man may have only one or he may have several all at the same time. They tend to be round-ish in shape and may be dark red, pink or white in coloration.

  • Typical causes

  • In popular culture, male organ ulcers are strongly associated with social diseases, and with good reason: they are a very common symptom of bacterial Treponema pallidum infection, HSV, mononucleosis and chancroid. This is why getting male organ ulcers examined by a doctor is such a good idea. If a social disease is responsible, proper care and treatment needs to begin right away.

  • However, there are other causes of male organ ulcers, including some antibiotics, tuberculosis and, as mentioned above, oral sensual activity.

  • The oral cause

  • Fortunately, few men contract male organ ulcers strictly from oral sensual activity (unless, of course, the partner has a social disease). When a man does come down with an ulcerous situation after oral stimulation, it most often is because the partner has engaged in some playful “biting” of the organ. Such biting, done gently, can provide extra stimulation. Sometimes, however, the partner may bite harder than intended, breaking the manhood skin and allowing bacteria from the mouth to contaminate the opening. (In some very rare cases, the bacteria may enter the urethra and cause an ulcer to develop there.)

  • Most male organ ulcers from biting do not develop right away and may not become evident until a week or more after the sensual activity which created them. In addition to causing pain and soreness, they also tend to be especially aromatic, transmitting a noticeably foul odor.

  • Treatment

  • Some male organ ulcers caused by oral sensual activity heal themselves in a relatively short period of time; however, others are persistent and require the attention of a doctor. Penicillin or tetracycline is typically prescribed to treat the ulcer.

  • Proper treatment of male organ ulcers from oral sensual activity is necessary, but that alone may not treat the accompanying symptoms. For that, men need to consider using a superior male organ health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) once the sore is no longer open and exposed. For example, a crème with vitamin A should be applied. Vitamin A has anti-bacterial properties which are an extra aid in fighting unwanted manhood odors, such as those made worse by ulcers. In addition, the Shea butter and vitamin E found in the best crèmes will help to hydrate the skin, easing some of the soreness. Finally, using a crème with a potent antioxidant like alpha lipoic acid ensures that harmful oxidative processes will be kept at bay, enabling the member to regain and maintain the health of its cells.

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