Male Organ Power - Unlocking the Secrets

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Getting it up is a process most men give little thought to, at least until something goes wrong. Understanding male organ power and how tumescence works can help keep the male response strong.
Male Organ Power - Unlocking the Secrets

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1. Male Organ Power -- Unlocking the Secrets to Male Reproductive Function By John Dugan

2. The male sensual response is a powerful force that, in one way or another, drives almost everything a man does. It also happens automatically, without requiring any deliberate thought or action on the part of the individual ? although, of course, a man can work himself into an excited state if he chooses to do so. However, although this response generally happens quite easily, the physiological process of getting it up is extremely complex, and anywhere along the way, things can go wrong. Because of this, male dysfunction can be a tricky problem to solve; but by understanding the process a little better, men can, in essence, boost their male organ power, maintain better male organ health and reduce the chances of loss of function.

3. Here?s how the process of tumescence works, from start to finish: ? A man sees, hears, feels, smells, or otherwise senses something that is sensually stimulating - this can be anything from a touch to an image to a memory. ? This excitement, which originates in the brain, triggers a series of signals in a specific part of the brain. ? The signals run along the spinal cord, into the pelvic nerves, along the prostate gland, and into the inner chambers of the male organ.

4. The muscles in the male organ respond to these signals and relax, dilating the blood vessels and allowing a rush of blood to flow into the manhood chambers. The manhood tissues stretch to accommodate the inflow of blood, causing tumescence to occur. At the same time, a sheath inside the manhood chambers stretches, blocking the exits, so to speak, and preventing the blood from flowing back out of the male organ. At this point, the male organ is fully firm and ready for action. When the man reaches his peak, the signals from the brain change, reducing the amount of blood flowing to the male organ. This causes the blood pressure inside the male organ to drop, opening the pathways again and allowing the blood to recede; the male organ is then able to become soft again.

5. Because there are so many elements involved in this process ? from nerve signals to muscle reactions to circulatory function ? there are many opportunities for something to go wrong. Any breakdown in the process can lead to impotence, leaving a man high and dry when it comes to reproductive function. Poor cardiovascular function, generative nerve diseases, obesity, and even psychological issues like stress, anxiety or even guilt can interfere with a man?s ability to perform ? but fortunately, most cases of male dysfunction are treatable, either through medications, counseling, or simply eating right and getting plenty of exercise. Men who have problems getting or maintaining a solid manhood are urged to seek advice from a qualified medical professional before attempting any type of ED treatment.

6. In addition, it goes without saying that keeping the male organ itself healthy is an important part of this process. A well-groomed, clean and supple male organ is better able to perform when the time comes, and having a good-looking tool is likely to give a man an extra boost of confidence, as well.

7. Washing properly and using protection are essential to keeping the manhood healthy and appealing; and men can take this one step further by adding a high-quality male organ health formula (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) to their personal care arsenal. A cream that is rich in male organ-specific nutrients, as well as natural moisturizers, is ideal for keeping the skin, nerves and circulatory tissue in top form, as well as boosting resistance to disease. Slathering on a vitamin cream after a shower can give a man an edge when it comes to overall reproductive health.

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