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Comparative Analysis Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton vs. A Connecticut Yankee in King Author’s Court by Mark Twain. Joe Hildebrand. Jurassic Park: Story. Billionaire John Hammond has a new money making Scheme: Real live dinosaurs

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Comparative AnalysisJurassic Park by Michael Crichtonvs.A Connecticut Yankee in King Author’s Court by Mark Twain

Joe Hildebrand

jurassic park story
Jurassic Park: Story
  • Billionaire John Hammond has a new money making Scheme: Real live dinosaurs
  • DNA taken from mosquitos fossilized in amber are used to “Create” the beasts
  • Alan Grant, a paleontologist, along with his graduate student Ellie Sattler are brought to the island by Hammond to act as consultants for the investors
  • When a rival genetics company attempts to steal Hammond’s the entire park’s security system goes down
  • Grant and Sattler get an adventure that is far beyond what they had expected.
  • Between running for their lives from Dinosaurs and faulty electrical equipment this story keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time
jurassic park author
Jurassic Park: Author
  • Michael Crichton
  • Born in 1942 in Chicago Illinois
  • Career as a writer lasted from 1966-2008
  • Attended Harvard Medical school
  • Died in 2008 of Lymphoma
  • 2 of his works, the Pirate Latitudes and Micro were published posthumously
  • Other works
    • The Lost World (Sequel to Jurassic Park)
    • Rising Sun
    • Pirate Latitudes
    • Many more…
jurassic park time period the 1990s
Jurassic Park: Time period- the 1990s
  • Final decade of the 20th Century as well as the 2nd millennium
  • The dawn of the Information age
    • World Wide Web
    • Microsoft’s Windows 95 and 98
    • Web browsers: Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer
    • Email
    • Mp3 players
    • Satellite TV
    • Dolly the sheep is Cloned
    • The commercial use of genetically engineered crops
jurassic park connections
Jurassic Park: Connections
  • In the Novel the dinosaurs are created by using not only the DNA from the Mosquitoes but also filling gaps with other reptile and amphibian DNA
  • This type of Genetic testing is consistent with the experimenting that took place in the 1990s
  • Also the DNA of the Dinosaurs was modified so that there would be only females: effectively controlling reproduction
    • Unfortunately the system was flawed and the dinosaurs were still able to reproduce.
a connecticut yankee in king arthur s court story
A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur\'s Court:Story
  • A firearms Manufacturer by the name of Hank Morgan receives a blow to the head that sends him to a strange new world: the 6th century world of King Arthur
  • From living in a 19th century world he has knowledge of technologies far beyond anyone else in this new world
  • Through a series of events, while mystifying an audience, Hank manages to achieve a position of power.
  • Hank enters into many adventures and strange circumstances over the course of the novel.
a connecticut yankee in king arthur s court author
A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur’s Court:Author
  • Mark Twain
  • Otherwise known by his given name of Samuel Clemens
  • 1835-1910
  • Worked as a River Boat captain until the outbreak of the Civil War in 1861
  • Other Works
    • Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
    • The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
    • Pudd’nhead Wilson
    • Many more…
a connecticut yankee in king arthur s court time period 1880s
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court:Time Period-1880s
  • The American Industrial Revolution
    • Electricity
      • Thomas Edison and his electric light bulb
      • William Edward Ayrton’s Electric bicycle
    • The Appearance of motorized vehicles
    • Fire arms are a staple in this decade. Advancements are constantly being made
      • Smokeless gun Powder
    • Fenian Ram Submarine is built in Ireland
  • American Indian wars continue
  • President James A. Garfield is assassinated 1881
a connecticut yankee in king arthur s court connections
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court:Connections
  • The story banks heavily on the idea that Hank is more knowledgeable in the field of fire arms and weapons. This area saw a great amount of expansion during the late 1800s
  • We see Hank is Thirsty for power when he realizes that he has greater knowledge than those that surround him. This could be a strike at some of the political assassination and the power struggles occurring in the western world.
    • The Assassination of James A. Garfield
    • The Assassination of Tsar Alexander II of Russia
  • Hank uses astronomical Events as well as other common knowledge in order to prove his superiority
    • Mark Twain had a strong interest in the paranormal and different astronomical events
    • Before his brothers death in 1858 he had a dream that predicted it.
  • In Both Jurassic park and in A Connecticut Yankee we see many similarities
    • In both stories there is a use of technology that is advanced to the characters in the story
    • Both stories came during a time of great change and scientific discovery
      • When Jurassic park came out it was the age of technology. We were building computers, and cloning sheep. These are things we look at today as profound achievements
      • In 1889 the profound achievements were things like electricity and smokeless gun powder. People of that era found these things amazing.
    • Jurassic park takes place on Isla Nublar, an island with a jungle like atmosphere that is unfamiliar to the main characters.
    • A Connecticut Yankee takes place not only in an unfamiliar place for Hank but also a completely different time Period in which he must learn to adapt.
time travel
Time travel
  • A Connecticut Yankee is a story about time travel but it is possible for one to see the idea of time travel within Jurassic park as well
    • Hank travels to a different time period by means of a bump on the head
    • Alan and Ellie are “Artificially” transported back in time
    • In both instances they are out of their element and must learn to adapt
      • Clearly Hank manages to adapt better
    • Characters from both stories use prior knowledge in order to survive in the new world they are in
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