Windows SideShow  Building Better Devices and PCs

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Agenda. What we've done2008 milestones in reviewWhat we're doingNew options for building better devicesWhere is SideShow going?

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Windows SideShow Building Better Devices and PCs

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1. Windows SideShow Building Better Devices and PCs Dan Polivy Senior Program Manager Lead Microsoft Corporation

2. Agenda What we’ve done 2008 milestones in review What we’re doing New options for building better devices Where is SideShow going? “Virtual” and real demos! What’s new for Windows 7

3. Top Partner Issues BOM cost is too high for existing solutions Hard to integrate with existing devices Gadgets: Where are they?

4. 2008 in Review Device SDK for .NET Micro Framework 1.4 (January) Portrait QVGA UI, Bluetooth Universal Driver 1.5 (May) USB, Bluetooth, TCP/IP, TCP/IP with SSL Wire protocol freely available via WHDC Managed API (May) Runtime and SDK for .NET gadget development

5. 2008 in Review Windows Mobile (June) Windows Mobile 5 and 6 support, connects via Bluetooth Developer Preview release Windows SideShow Device Components for Windows CE 5.0 (June) Integrated with Platform Builder USB, Bluetooth, TCP/IP, TCP/IP with SSL Gadgets for Windows Media Center (October) TV, Pictures + Videos, Music, Now Playing

6. Gadgets Today: More than 146 gadgets across 16 languages Third party contributions, including:

7. Device SDK for .NET Micro Framework 3.0

8. Device SDK for .NET Micro Framework 3.0 Built on .NET Micro Framework 3.0 Brand new touch-based UI Continue to support existing button-based interfaces (portrait + landscape) Minimum QVGA resolution, maximum VGA (includes widescreen) Supports all existing gadgets automatically Adds TCP/IP connectivity support

9. Device SDK for .NET Micro Framework 3.0

10. Hardware Recommendations 3.2" or greater display Capacitive touch screen Display resolution between 320x240 and 640x480 Reference kit suppliers Adeneo Device Solutions GHI Electronics Nuvoton (formerly Winbond)

11. Device Platform Support

12. Device Platform Support

13. Windows SideShow Bitmap Driver

14. Host Rendering solution Utilize processing power of PC to SideShow-enable cheaper, simpler devices Content caching, parsing, and rendering  occurs within the driver Output bitmap to device Device reports input to driver Tradeoff: No functionality when disconnected or PC is off Reduces cost and complexity of supporting SideShow

15. Windows SideShow Bitmap Driver

16. Details and Availability Full source code available via CodePlex Microsoft Public License (MS-PL), no royalty! Adapt SCF parser/renderer for other uses End-to-end solution via DPWS PnP-based driver Simulator application Modular design Alternate transports (e.g., USB) Alternate input mechanisms (e.g., touch)

17. What’s Next? Welcome to your new home

18. Virtual Home Whitepapers So, you want to build a SideShow-enabled… Television or set-top box PC gaming display Cordless phone Home automation device Device-specific guidance on scenarios, experience, and technology components

19. Market Research

20. Natural Interaction

21. Windows 7 Platform Goal: 100% device and gadget compatibility with Windows Vista Improved reliability and resiliency of APIs with multiple devices Improved throughput with asynchronous processing in class extension Devices can support multiple simultaneous users Improved Control Panel user experience

22. Control Panel Improvements Pinned row/column headings Settings link more prominent Gadget description tooltip Current device user easily visible Better handling of multiple devices

23. Top Partner Issues BOM cost is too high for existing solutions Reduce cost via bitmap driver, universal driver, and .NET Micro Framework reference designs Hard to integrate with existing devices More guidance via whitepapers, sample code Gadgets: Where are they? Working with third parties to create more compelling gadgets for worldwide markets

24. Call To Action Utilize new technologies to more easily and cost-effectively add SideShow support to your existing devices and PCs Bring affordable devices to retail Digital home, gaming, productivity Create compelling platforms for gadget development

25. Partner Resources Adeneo [email protected] Device Solutions (Freescale iMXS) [email protected] GHI Electronics [email protected] Nuvoton (formerly Winbond) [email protected]

26. Additional Resources One stop shop for Windows SideShow development information: Business contact:

27. Please Complete A Session Evaluation Form Your input is important! Visit the WinHEC CommNet and complete a Session Evaluation for this session and be entered to win one of 150 Maxtor® BlackArmor™ 160GB External Hard Drives 50 drives will be given away daily!

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