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PBST Club Organization. GNYC VI Adventist Youth Evangelism & Leadership Congress January 18 th thru the 20 th 2013. Presenter: Michael Green – GNYC Pathfinder & Adventurer Area Coordinator PLC, PLA, AIA, ALA, MG. Philosophy of Pathfindering.

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PBST Club Organization

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PBSTClub Organization

GNYC VI Adventist Youth Evangelism

& Leadership Congress

January 18th thru the 20th 2013

Presenter: Michael Green – GNYC Pathfinder & Adventurer AreaCoordinator


Philosophy of Pathfindering

“Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is oldhe will not turn from it.”

Proverbs 22:6 NIV

Philosophy of Pathfindering

  • Proverbs 22:6

    • Training them while they are young is important because 70% of Christians make their decision for Christ before the age of 14 (christianitytoday.com)

    • Because of changes in society such as:

      • divorce causing single parent homes,

  • 50% of our kids not attending Christian schools,

  • Fewer families in society have any contact with Christianity

  • Pathfinder Flow Chart

    General Conference Pathfinder Director

    Division Director

    Union Director

    Local Conference Director

    Area Coordinators

    Church Board

    Club Director

    SDA Denominational Flow Chart

    Local Church ; Director are elected yearly

    Local Conference; made up of local churches in a specific area.

    GNYC Youth Director, Andres Peralta

    Union Conference; composed of several local conferences.

    AU Youth Director, Jose Cortes Jr.

    North American Division; composed of nine unions.

    NAD Youth Director, James Black

    General Conference; comprised of thirteen divisions, coordinating the worldwide church.

    GC Youth Ministries Director, Gilbert R. Cangy

    World Pathfinder Leader , Jonathan Tejel

    How to organize a Pathfinder Club

    • Counsel with the Conference Youth Director / Area Coordinator

    • Meet with the Pastor and Conference Youth / Area Coordinator Director.

    • Present the Plan to the Church Board.

    • Inform the congregation during the worship service.

    How to organize a Pathfinder Club contd.

    • Call a special meeting on Sabbath afternoon

    • Teach the basics of Pathfindering

    • Elect director and deputy directors

    • Choose counselors and instructors (executive committee)

    How to organize a Pathfinder Club contd.

    • Call Pathfinder executive committee to plan a Yearly Program

    • Build the program six weeks before enrollment night

    • Train and uniform staff before enrollment night

    • Enrollment Night

    How to organize a Pathfinder Club contd.

    • Home Visitation Program

    • Induction program approximately 1-2 months after enrollment night

    • Guest Night

    • Community and church interest

    • First Club Meeting

    Pathfindering on Three Levels

    • Preadolescent or Junior – Ages 10-12

    • Adolescent or Teen – Ages 13-15

    • Teen Leadership Training- Ages 14-15

    Pathfinder Committees

    • Coordinating

    • Executive

    • Staff

    Coordinating Committee

    For Churches with junior and teen clubs

    • Administrative director (chairman)

    • Club directors (junior and teen)

    • Deputy directors (junior and teen)

    • Area Coordinator (ex officio)

    Pathfinder Executive Committee

    • Club director (chairman)

    • Deputy directors

    • Secretary

    • Treasurer

    • Chaplain

    • AY Leader

    • Pastor (ex officio)

    • Parent Representative

    • Area Coordinator (ex officio)

    Pathfinder Staff Committee

    Executive Committee plus

    • Counselors

    • Junior Counselors

    • Instructors

    • Unit captains may be invited

    Certificate of Operation

    This acknowledges that the


    Pathfinder Club

    Has been officially recognized as a Pathfinder Club for the current Pathfinder year.

    commencing _____________ and concluding _____________

    and is recognized as such by the


    Conference Of Seventh-day Adventist

    and is entitled to all rights and privileges therefore


    Conference President


    Conference Pathfinder Director

    Club Membership and Attendance

    • Youth at least 10 years of age and no more than 15 years of age

    • Complete and submit membership application form

    • All members must pay membership and insurance fees

    • Each Pathfinder should have and regularly wear the complete Pathfinder dress uniform and a club field uniform where applicable

    • Members must be faithful in attendance

    Club Membership and Attendance contd.

    • Pathfinders must learn and keep the Pledge and Law

    • The Pathfinder must agree before joining the club to participate and cooperate in all club activities.

    • The Pathfinder’s parents must be willing to cooperate with the regulations and activities of the club

    • All elected directors and regular staff are members of the club by virtue of their office.

    • Pathfinders are expected to obey all regulation, instructions, and orders of the Pathfinder Staff

    Club Membership and Attendance contd.

    • Club members must be willing to participate in community project and share their faith

    • Club members will be expected to participate and cooperate in all conference events.

    Conference Operating Policies

    • Uniforms

    • Finance

    • Reporting

    • Insurance

    • Membership Regulations




    • Loyalty

    • Witness

    When should we wear our uniforms?

    - Special programs

    • Pathfinder/Adventurer Day

    • Induction

    • Investiture

    • Camporee

  • Public gatherings

    • Ushers

    • Guards of honor

  • Missionary activities

    • Literature distribution

    • Food basket distribution

    • Visits to the sick and shut-ins

    • Visit to Nursing Home and Hospital.

      On occasions specified by club leaders and conference officials.

  • When should we not wear our uniforms?

    • When engaged in selling

      • personal profit

      • Political purposes

    • When its wearing discounts the organizations

      • Lowers dignity and esteem

      • Makes it common place


    • Each club has it’s own uniform

      • Adventurer

      • Pathfinder

      • Master Guide

    Eagerbeaver uniform

    Same as Adventurer Uniform

    Green eagerbeaver neckerchief

    Adventurer Girl’s Uniform

    • Girl’s uniform

      • Light blue blouse

      • Navy blue jumper

    • Accessories

      • Burgundy neckerchief

      • Navy blue sash

      • Navy blue Socks

      • Black Shoes

    Adventurer Boy’s Uniform

    • Boy’s uniform

      • Light blue shirt

      • Navy blue pants

    • Accessories

      • Burgundy neckerchief

      • Navy blue sash

      • Navy blue Socks

      • Black Shoes

    Adventurer Staff Uniform

    • Staff uniform

      • White shirt

      • Navy blue pants/skirt

    • Accessories

      • Navy blue sash

      • Burgundy neckerchief

      • Navy blue Socks

      • Black Shoes

    Pathfinder Uniform

    • Boy’s uniform

      • Black pants

      • Khaki shirt

    • Girls uniform

      • Black skirt

      • Khaki blouse

    • Accessories

      • Yellow neckerchief

      • Black sash

      • Black Socks

      • Black Shoes

    Pathfinder Staff Uniform

    • Staff’s uniform

      • Black pants/skirt

      • Khaki shirt/blouse

    • Accessories

      • Yellow neckerchief

      • Black sash

      • Black Socks

      • Black Laced Shoes

    Master Guide Uniform

    • Men’s uniform

      • Green pants and jacket

      • Khaki shirt

      • Black tie

    • Ladies uniform

      • Green skirt and jacket

      • Khaki blouse

      • Black Tie

    • Accessories

      • Yellow neckerchief

      • Green sash

    Pathfinder Insignia Positions On Shirt

    Pathfinder Insignia Positions On Shirt

    Right Sleeves

    Left Sleeves

    Left Sleeves


    • A Registration Fee is required for new members

    • A yearly re-registration fee is required for returning Members

    • This fee includes insurance

    • Club dues are required

    • Fundraising

    • Financial report at club Executive Meetings


    • Monthly Reports should be submitted to the conference

    • Keep your Area Coordinator informed about your local club activities

    • Give regular reports to your local church

    • Give periodic expression of thanks for the local church members moral and financial support of the club’s program


    • Each leader or counselor, at whatever level of the organization, must accept the moral obligation of protection from physical injury those who are under his/her care

    • Leaders must know how to observe and recognize potential hazards

    • All insurance forms must be fill out


    • Forms must be readily available in case of emergencey

    • No member should go on field trip without signed permission and medical release form

    • Proper supervision is key

    • High risk activities should be avoided

    • Accidents will happen, injuries will occur but don’t let them happen through your negligence

    Membership Regulations

    • All forms must be filled out by both Parent or Guardian and member

    • All club fees must be paid

    • Members will be expected to purchase a complete uniform

    • Members will be expected to participate in drills and learn teamwork coordination, precision and respect

    Membership Regulations

    • The local club issues the uniform to be worn by the member

    • Any variation of the rules and regulation of the club must first be approved by the executive council, then by the church board

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