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Audio Timeline. BY: Slyder Welch. Early Times . 1878- The first music is put on record, cornets Jules Levy plays "Yankee Doodle”. 1888- Edison introduces an electric motor-driven phonograph.

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Audio timeline

Audio Timeline

BY: Slyder Welch

Early times
Early Times

  • 1878- The first music is put on record, cornets Jules Levy plays "Yankee Doodle”.

  • 1888- Edison introduces an electric motor-driven phonograph.

  • 1895 -Marconi successfully experiments with his wireless telegraphy system in Italy, leading to the first transatlantic signals from Poldhu.

  • 1921-The first commercial AM radio broadcast is made in, Pittsburgh PA.

Early times1
Early Times

  • 1926-O'Neill patents iron oxide-coated paper tape.

  • 1929- Harry Nyquist publishes the mathematical foundation for the sampling theorem basic to all digital audio processing,. Called the "Nyquist Theorem."

  • 1932- The first cardioids ribbon microphone is patented by Dr. Harry F. Olson of RCA, using a field coil instead of a permanent magnet.

  • 1940 Walt Disney's "Fantasia" is released, with eight-track stereophonic sound.

Middle times
Middle Times

  • 1943-Altec develops their Model 604 coaxial loudspeaker.

  • 1944- Alexander M. Poniatoff forms Ampex Corporation to construct electric radios for the military.

  • 1945 -Two Magneto phone tape decks are sent back to the U.S. In pieces in multiple mailbags by Army Signal Corps Major John T. Mullin.

  • 1948-The Audio Engineering Society is formed in New York City.

Middle times1
Middle Times

  • 1955-Ampex develops Selective Synchronous Recording, making audio overdubbing practical.

  • 1957 -Westrex demonstrates the first commercial "45/45" stereo cutter head.

  • 1971-Denon demonstrates 18-bit PCM stereo recording using a helical-scan video recorder. RMS and VCA circuit modules introduced by David Blackmer.

  • 1972 -Electro-Voice and CBS are licensed by Peter Scheiber to produce quadraphonic decoders using his patented matrixes.

Late times
Late Times

  • 1983-Fiber-optic cable is used for long distance digital audio transmission, linking New York and Washington, D.C.

  • 1984-The Apple Corporation markets the Macintosh computer.

  • 1987- Digitizing markets "Sound Tools," a Macintosh-based digital workstation using DAT as its source and storage medium.

  • 1990- ISDN telephone links are offered for high-end studio use.

Late times1
Late Times

  • 1994-Yamaha unveils the Pro Mix 01, the first affordable digital multi track console.

  • 1996 Record labels begin to add multimedia files to new releases, calling them "enhanced CDs."

  • Experimental digital recordings are made at 24 bits and 96 kHz.

  • 1999 -Audio DVD Standard 1.0 agreed upon by manufacturers.


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