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Bookit. Oracle has discontinued Oracle Calendar, which is the technology behind BookitMust be replacedHasn't been updated for Windows 7, has issues on Windows Vista. Microsoft Exchange. Microsoft Exchange for email is promoted to all faculty and staffAlternative email service on mailservicesExch

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Exchange Calendar

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1. Exchange Calendar William Lewis, IST [email protected]

2. Bookit Oracle has discontinued Oracle Calendar, which is the technology behind Bookit Must be replaced Hasn’t been updated for Windows 7, has issues on Windows Vista

3. Microsoft Exchange Microsoft Exchange for email is promoted to all faculty and staff Alternative email service on mailservices Exchange includes calendars for each person Project investigated whether Exchange Calendar could replace Bookit

4. Comparison to Bookit Exchange works differently from Bookit Must send email to create, update or respond to a meeting Tools to work with and schedule meetings look different Same functionality is available, but done in a different way

5. Exchange Calendar vs. Bookit Meeting invitees can’t see meeting response information (i.e. who has confirmed their attendance) Only the meeting organizer sees this response information Workaround could be to provide read-only access to the organizer’s calendar

6. Exchange Calendar vs. Bookit No importance levels to meetings Non-Exchange email addresses such as or should not be booked for meetings (there will be no free/busy information)

7. Two Email Scenarios Calendar-only users will forward their Exchange email and can continue to use their existing email client. Full Exchange users will use their Exchange accounts for both email and for calendaring.

8. Calendar-only Users Most will use the Outlook Web App to work with calendar. Could set up a desktop client if desired. Calendar related emails must stay on connect to be processed. Most work can be done from calendar views.

9. Full Exchange Users Can also use OWA (Outlook Web App). Calendar emails will be mixed in with regular emails. Can filter calendar emails to move them to a folder. One client handles both email and calendar.

10. OWA (Outlook Web App) Since upgrade to Exchange 2010 SP1, supports Firefox on all platforms and Safari on the Mac. Very similar look and feel to Outlook 2010. Adequate for most day-to-day work.

11. Outlook Many are using Outlook 2007 for Windows Outlook 2010 is now available as well Outlook 2011 for the Mac coming soon Full-featured client, one login Particularly good for meeting reminders Required to set up permissions to allow others to manage your calendar

12. Why use a desktop client? Meeting reminders pop-up Needed to print calendars well Book groups of people or teams using Distribution Lists to manage membership Set up delegate permissions or permission to directly modify a calendar Overlay calendars in Outlook

13. Receiving Meeting Invitations In Outlook or OWA you can respond directly from the meeting request If you decline a meeting it will not show in your calendar and will be deleted Mark as “Tentative” if you might attend or need time to think about it Deleting an invitation declines the meeting

14. Changing a meeting Moving a meeting to a new location or changing the details results in new email to each invitee Need to send these emails for their calendars to be updated with the new information

15. Project Status Plans have been developed yet are changing quickly. New version of Exchange Server. New versions of Outlook. Some advice will change as we learn more and as migration progresses.

16. Demo – Scheduling Assistant OWA and Outlook provide a tool called the Scheduling Assistant for finding a good time to meet Can work with large groups of people Shows meeting times even if there are conflicts for some people

17. Demo – Opening Calendars Permissions determine what you can see Outlook 2007 allows you to open a calendar if you have extra permissions Side-by-side views for any time scale Outlook can superimpose calendars OWA lets you open a calendar and see free/busy information.

18. Migration Overview Goal is maintain connections between meetings so that updates work and attendance information is retained. It will not be 100%. Around 1% to 5% of meetings will have issues Most exceptions will be noted.

19. Migration Process Environment is being upgraded to Exchange 2010 SP1. Existing Exchange accounts must be moved to new servers. After these accounts are moved they will see the new interface in OWA.

20. People without Exchange Current Bookit users who do not currently use Exchange will be provided with a new Exchange account. Forwarding to will be set up on the assumption they will continue to use their current email.

21. Resources All resources in Bookit will have accounts created for them in Exchange The current owner will be a delegate of the resource. Resources without owners are being disabled in an attempt to locate the owners.

22. Meetings On the weekend of December 10-12, an outside company will convert all meetings into the Exchange format. These will be imported into Exchange Calendar. On Monday December 13 you will open Exchange and see your Bookit meetings.

23. Getting Ready Use Bookit until December 10. Test your Exchange Calendar, but don’t use it for real meetings and appointments. Consider using Exchange for email. Consider using Outlook. Before December 10, print your calendar for December.

24. Getting Resources Ready Make a list of your resources Each will need a delegate in Exchange Delegates will attend special training Ideally, want as few delegates as possible in each department/org unit

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