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better communications for you STARTS BY COMMUNICATING WITH US. Customized Communications Solutions To Help Drive Your Business Goals. Your Business Depends On Communications

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better communications for youSTARTS BY COMMUNICATING WITH US

Customized Communications Solutions To Help Drive Your Business Goals

Your Business Depends On Communications

Communications technology changes every day. So does your business. Choosing a communications provider or an office communications system isn’t just a routine decision.

Your business depends more on communications than any other service. If your phones, messaging and Internet go down, you could be out of business or suffering enormous losses.

We help you by:

• Finding the right mix of services • Choosing the right provider • Getting you the right capabilities

The Right Mix of Services

The more you rely on communications, the more important it is to get the right mix of communications technologies.

Voice … Data … Internet … Wireless

You need all of them — but what is the best way to put them together?

At BCM, we put our expertise to work for you.

You get the assurance that you are getting the right solution, from the right providers, at the right price.

"I don’t know how they do it, but even their employees seem to like working there.

There are wonderful people in customer service — great to deal with, and they solve our problems.”

— Jim Halliday, CFO, Joan Rivers Worldwide

  • Services BCM Offers Your Business:

  • Service Evaluation and Optimization

  • IP Telephony Assessment & Implementation

  • Cloud Strategy Assessment and Implementation

  • Convergence Planning and Implementation

  • Telecommunications Inventory Management

  • Business Continuity Planning and Implementation

  • LAN/WAN Implementation & Management

  • Disaster Recovery & Assessment Planning

  • Network Service/Hardware Contract Negotiations

How BCM Helps Put You Ahead:

Evaluation and Optimization

Are your existing systems and services performing at the level that’s right for your business?

BCM will:

• Evaluate all of your communication solutions

• Determine if you are getting the operational efficiencies you need

Contract Negotiations

We stay in constant touch with pricing patterns. We're committed to getting you the most favorable pricing and contract terms available today.

Single Point of Contact

We deal with service providers every day on behalf of thousands of clients. That gives us the leverage to get our voice heard and your needs met. With BCM you get a single point of accountability for all issues.

  • People Call BCM When They:

  • Are not satisfied with their voice, data or Internet communications.

  • Cannot afford to have any systems go down.

  • Are concerned they might be overpaying.

  • Want to explore IP Telephony.

  • Have not reviewed their communication services in over a year.

  • Need to connect remote workers in one integrated solution.

  • Are not leveraging wireless technology to its fullest extent.

  • Are looking to implement a data network.

  • Lack internal resources to manage systems/carriers efficiently.

  • Are moving or expanding, and want to upgrade their system.

  • Have multiple services/locations and want a consolidated bill.

  • Have to call multiple vendors to resolve a problem.

"I don’t know how they do it, but even their employees seem to like working there.

There are wonderful people in customer service — great to deal with, and they solve our problems.”

— Jim Halliday, CFO, Joan Rivers Worldwide

  • Planning and Selection:

  • When selecting the right communications solution for your organization, there are hundreds of options to look at. We deal with these issues everyday — that’s why it makes sense to rely on our expertise to get the solution that’s right for you.

  • What Capabilities Do You Need In A Communications Solution?

  • Your communications system can do much more than just help you make and take calls. The right communications solutions can help you make sales, provide service, share information … and more.

  • Call Handling Routing

  • Messaging

  • Multi-Site Networking

  • Mobility

  • Call Center

  • Conferencing

  • Remote Working

  • One-Number Reachability

  • Interactive Voice Response

For communications solutions “above and beyond the call,” rely on BCM:

Experience: BCM was founded in 1992. With over 3,000 customers — and relationships with more than 20 providers — BCM is an acknowledged industry leader.

BCM Value: BCM focuses on bringing you unit cost savings and a solution that will drive your business performance.

Pricing: Today’s communications providers are competitive, so pricing is volatile. Our day-to-day work gives us real-time knowledge of the most up-to-date price offerings from all carriers.

Voice & Data Services: Keeping up with the latest technology is a full time job. BCM can function as your communications department — you do what you do best, we do what we do best.

Single Point of Contact: call,” rely on BCM: BCM gives you a single point of accountability for all issues. BCM will manage any issue — regardless of carrier being used.

Data Recovery: You can’t afford to take chances with your communications. Your business depends on it. Trust BCM to deliver the communications support you need.

Single Invoice: BCM can make it possible for you to receive a single bill summarizing the activity across your entire enterprise. You can track site activity, bill-back end users, and correlate usage with business objectives and contractual terms.

Contract Negotiations: We have intelligence on all tariffs filed with the Regulatory Agencies. So we can negotiate a contract with the most favorable pricing and contract terms available!

Our Clients call,” rely on BCM:

BCM has delivered value for companies in these and other industries:

"When I first arrived here, I noticed a range of issues. Extra lines we didn’t need ... the Internet wasn’t working ... we had a bad contract — you name it.

I picked up the phone and said, “Can you help me?!” “I knew BCM would handle it all ... and make me look good in the process.

Now we use them for everything, and we know we're getting the best deal.”

— Jim Halliday, CFO, Joan Rivers Worldwide


  • Jewish Childcare Association

  • Kidney & Urology Association

  • Wildlife Conservation Society

    Professional Services

  • Fox, Horan & Camerini

  • Satterlee Stephens Burke & Burke

  • QBE Insurance

  • Valerie Wilson Travel

  • Financial Services

  • Svenska Handelsbanken

  • Steinhardt Partners

  • Wall Street on Demand

  • Retail/Distribution

  • Hermes of Paris

  • Mandarin Oriental Hotel

  • Potamkin Cadillac

BCM: “Above and Beyond the Call.” call,” rely on BCM:

Business Communications Management, Inc.

Corporate Headquarters

521 Fifth Avenue

New York, New York 10175