The Patrol System

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The Patrol System

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1. The Patrol System Background

2. The Patrol System Baden Powell – Experience in army "The Patrol System is not one method in which Scouting can be carried on. It is the only method" Lord Baden-Powell, Founder of the Scout Movement

3. Structures in Scouting

4. The Patrol Patrol Leader Assistant Patrol Leader Patrol Members 6-8 Scouts

5. What identifies a Patrol Patrol name Patrol emblem Patrol flag Patrol corner Patrol call, song, yell…. The Patrol Box etc…….

6. What identifies a Patrol Planning activities Doing activities Competing against other patrols SPIRIT Trust Loyalty Honour

7. The Bundle of Sticks

8. The Patrol as a Team Work towards a Goal Defend your Goal Different roles

9. The Patrol Leader "It is up to the Patrol Leader to take hold of and to develop the qualities of each Scout in his patrol. It sounds like a big order, but in practice it works." Lord Baden-Powell, Founder

10. Styles of Leading a Patrol NO LEADERSHIP - ‘Muddling’ along, popularity DICTATORSHIP – bossing, no consulting BY CONSENT – accept, respect, leader

11. The Scout Law We do our best to live by the following code 1. Scout is trusted. 2. A Scout is loyal. 3. A Scout is friendly and considerate. 4. A Scout is a friend to all Scouts. 5. A Scout has courage in all difficulties. 6. A Scout makes good use of time and is careful of possessions and property. 7. A Scout has respect for themselves and for others

12. The PLs Job Bond the Patrol together Discover talents Develop team spirit – one for all…… Be enthusiastic and encouraging Welcome and help new members Show example and responsibility Listen, Listen, Listen and Talk to patrol Delegate work – fairly and by talents Represent patrol – Court of Honour etc

13. Our Code of Behaviour

14. Court of Honour PLs and APLs Scout Leader(s) Meet separate to Troop Meetings Discuss scout ideas Plan activities Identify problems Address conduct that breaks scout law

15. How????? Division into patrols How many? Size Who decides? Who should be PLs and APLs? Court of Honour Meetings? How would we know it was working? Ideas?????

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