Civil liberties
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Civil Liberties . Katie Blevins Integrating Fall 2012 [email protected] Baron v. Baltimore . Challenges the right to Property John Baron Warf Owner- sued the state because they drained sewage into his Warf. Baron Lost the Case

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Civil liberties

Civil Liberties

Katie Blevins

Integrating Fall 2012

[email protected]

Baron v baltimore
Baron v. Baltimore

  • Challenges the right to Property

    • John Baron Warf Owner- sued the state because they drained sewage into his Warf.

      • Baron Lost the Case

    • The Bill of Rights does not protect against the states.

      • The 14th amendment incorporated the states.

Freedom of religion
Freedom of Religion

  • Congress should make no law either advancing or inhibiting the Freedom of Religion or the exercise there of.

    • Reynold’s v. U.S.- 1878

    • Department of Health and Human Services of Oregon, et al v. Alfred L. Smith

Establishment clause
Establishment Clause

  • The government cannot federally back a church.

    • Aid to parochial schools

      • Lemon v. Kurzmon

        • Lead to the Lemon Test

    • School Prayer

      • Engel v. Vatale

    • Religious displays on public property

Freedom of speech
Freedom of Speech

  • Sedition

    • Dennis v. U.S.

    • Brandenburg v. Ohio

Freedom of assembly
Freedom of Assembly

  • Chicago v. Morales

Freedom of the press no prior restraint
Freedom of the PressNo Prior Restraint

  • Until the New York Times printed the Pentagon Papers

    • The papers were a threat to national security

      • They were shut down under the cause for national security.

  • Obscenity

  • Roth v. U.S.

    • Hicklin Test

  • Miller v. California

    • Overturned Roth

Fourth amendment
Fourth Amendment

Terry v. Ohio

Mapp v. Ohio

DorleeMapp was suspected of harboring a bombing fugitive.

The cops kept looking until they found something illegal that had nothing to do with the original search warrant.

  • Established the “Terry Search”

Fifth amendment
Fifth Amendment

  • Miranda v. Arizona

    • Miranda Rights

  • Double Jeopardy- is being tried twice for the same crime

    • Palko v. Connecticut `

Sixth amendment
Sixth Amendment

  • Gideon v. Wainright

    • Gideon broke in to a pool hall

    • He could not afford an attorney to defend himself

      • Thus leading to legal counsel being provided for the poor

Eighth amendment
Eighth Amendment

  • Atkins v. Virginia

    • Atkins killed someone and was sentenced to death

  • Furmen v. Georgia

    • States that executing the mentally retarded is considered cruel and unusual punishment

  • Katz v. U.S.

    • Electronic and survalince case

  • Giswald v. Connecticut

    • deals with family planning

Civil rights
Civil Rights

  • 13th Amendment

    • Abolishes Slavery

  • 14th Amendment

    • Equal Protection Clause

  • 15th Amendment

    • Gives Newly Freed Slaves the right to Votes

  • 19th Amendment

  • Gives women the right to vote

Civil rights cases
Civil Rights Cases

  • Scott v. Sanford

    • Scott moved his slave above the Mason-Dixion line

      • Sanford sued for his freedom because he was in a free state

        • Slaves are property they cannot win court cases

  • Plessy v. Fergison

    • Established separate but equal

You are protected against
You are Protected Against:

  • Exofacto law

    • Latin for “after the fact”

      • Meaning you cannot go to jail for something you did in the past which was legal at the time that is now illegal

  • Treason

    • has to be committed against country

    • 2 eyewitnesses to prove treason

    • “No Corruption of blood”

      • The family would be sentenced with espionage

You are protected against1
You are Protected Against:

  • Political Dissent- Writ of Habeas Corpus “ The Great Writ”

    • It was suspended during World War II

  • A Bill of Attainder

    • Where Congress outlawed a certain group of people

      • U.S. v. Lovett

        • Lovett Governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands was thought to be a communist by the state department.


  • All notes come from the lectures of Tony Horton

  • The lectures were given in November 8th and 15th 2012

  • The notes were recorded by Katie Blevins