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SMART Math Jackson State Community College Jackson, Tennessee. Redesigned Developmental Math Program. Annual Enrollment: 2200 Sections: 71 Section Size: 30 (24 at centers) Fully Implemented in Fall 2009. Goals: Improve Student Success Increase Learning

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Jackson State Community College

Jackson, Tennessee

Redesigned Developmental Math Program

Annual Enrollment: 2200

Sections: 71

Section Size: 30 (24 at centers)

Fully Implemented in Fall 2009


  • Improve Student Success

  • Increase Learning

  • Prepare students for career and

  • educational goals – not just

  • remediate high school

  • deficiencies







SMART Math Center at Jackson State

  • Attempted to remediate high school math deficiencies

  • Three Traditional Courses: Basic Mathematics, Elementary Algebra and Intermediate Algebra

  • Student had to successfully complete all three courses before enrolling in Allied Health or Nursing programs or taking certain college level courses

  • Student had to pass course or start over next term

  • Pass Rate: 42%

  • Each instructor designed own course presentations, lectures, homework assignments, and tests

  • Student class time was inflexible

What Did We Do Before the Redesign?

Smart math objectives
SMART MathObjectives

  • Mastery of Competencies – Not Just Self-Paced

  • Accommodation of Learning Styles

  • On-demand Individual Assistance

  • Immediate Feedback on Tests and Homework

  • Opportunity to Progress More Quickly (or slowly)

  • More Frequent Opportunities for Success

  • Student requirements based on educational and career goals

How we got started
How We Got Started

12 modules replaced 3 traditional courses.

To satisfy a module the overall grade must be at least 75%.

Components of each module grade:

Attendance 5%

Notebooks 10%

Homework 15%

Post-Test (Proctored) 70%

Programs of study module requirements
Programs of Study Module Requirements

Record keeping
Record Keeping

  • For which course does the student register?

    “Shell Courses” that do not designate modules

    DSPM 0891 Developmental Mathematics I

    DSPM 0892 Developmental Mathematics II

    DSPM 0893 Developmental Mathematics III

  • All new students enroll in DSPM 0891

    • Student completes at least 4 modules (or all required if < 4)

    • Grade = Average of 4 highest modules scores

  • Students still needing to complete more modules enroll in DSPM 0892/DSPM 0893

Mastery learning
Mastery Learning

  • New students begin with Pre-Test on Module 1

    • 80% mastery moves student to next module

  • If less than 80%, student completes

    • Homework in MyMathLab

    • Practice Test in MyMathLab

    • Post Test in MyMathLab

    • SMART Math notes – (workbook format)

  • 80% mastery to move from one homework assignment to next

  • 75% mastery on proctored post test

  • Learning increased
    Learning Increased

    Mean Scores on Post Test by Modules

    Student success increased students passing the course
    Student Success IncreasedStudents Passing the Course

    Overall Success Rate Increased by 45%!

    Retention increased students enrolled in course to end
    Retention IncreasedStudentsEnrolled in Course to End

    Overall retention increased by 14%!

    Cost savings for institution
    Cost Savings for Institution

    • Reduced cost per student by over 20%

      • Reduced total number of sections by 28%

        • Increasing maximum class size from 24 to 30

        • Providing opportunity for students to complete developmental coursework more quickly

      • Reduced number of sections taught by full time faculty from 78% to 58%

      • Utilized tutors at lower cost per hour than faculty

    • Improved retention of students by over 14%

    • Increased college enrollment numbers by enrolling students more readily in credit bearing courses

    • Jackson State Mathematics Department

    • wishes to thank:

    • The Tennessee Board of Regents for giving us the opportunity to make our dreams a reality.

    • National Council of Academic Transformation for guidance and encouragement throughout the whole process.

    Come visit us and see our SMART MathCenter!

    Betty Frost, Presenter

    Associate Professor of Mathematics & Redesign Team Leader

    [email protected]