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歌德式藝術. 哥德式藝術,又譯作哥特式藝術,為一種源自歐洲法國的藝術風格,該風格始於 12 世紀的法國,盛行於 13 世紀, 至 14 世紀末期,其風格逐漸大眾化和自然化, 成為國際哥德風格,直至 15 世紀,因為歐洲文藝復興時代來臨而迅速沒落。不過,在北歐地區,這種風格仍延續一段相當長時間。該風格在 18 世紀重新被肯定,「哥德式復興」( Gothic Revival )運動推崇中世紀的陰暗情調。在 19 世紀之後仍偶而被應用。 哥德建築

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  • 1213 14 1518Gothic Revival19

  • [ogival or pointed arch][ribbed vault]

  • 11371144[Suger10811151][Abbey Church of St. Denis]8[St. Denis258]

  • 1213[Chartres Cathedral][Reims Cathedral][Amiens Cathedral][Beauvais Cathedral]13[Rayonnant][Flamboyant][Decorated style][Perpendicular]

  • WalpoleThe Castle of Otranto

  • Ann RadcliffThe Mysteries of Udolpho1794M.G.Matthew Gregory LewisThe Monk1796Mary Shelley

  • 5013 1200122013004

The Western (Royal) Portal at Chartres Cathedral (ca. 1145). These architectural statues are the earliest Gothic sculptures and were a revolution in style and the model for a generation of sculptors.

The painter in

Gothic period

  • Dante

  • GiottoToscana 1272 1302 St John the EvangelistUpper ChurchLower ChurchMadonna of S. FrancisThe Madonna in Majesty

  • History has long regarded Cimabue as the last of an era that was overshadowed by the Italian Renaissance. In Canto XI of his Purgatorio, Dante laments Cimabue's quick loss of public interest in the face of Giotto's revolution in art:.

  • O vanity of human powers,

  • how briefly lasts the crowning green of glory,

  • unless an age of darkness follows!

  • In painting Cimabue thought he held the field

  • but now it's Giotto has the cry,

  • so that the other's fame is dimmed.

  • PaduaS. JoachimS. Anne 1313 1306 AssisiS. Francis

  • 1300 NavicellaShip of the Church 1320 4 AssumptionStefaneschi Altar 1342 The Madonna in MajestyDormition of the Virgin

  • Flemish

  • Early life and family

  • Neither the date or place of Jan van Eyck's birth are documented. The first exant record of his life comes from the court of John of Bavaria at The Hague, where payments were made to Meyster Jan den malre (Master Jan the painter) between 1422 and 1424 who was then a court painter with the rank of valet de chambre, with at first one and then two assistants. This suggests a date of birth of 1395 at the latest. However, his apparent age in the London probable self-portrait of 1433 suggests to most scholars a date closer to 1380. He was identified in the late 1500s. as having been born in Maesheyck, diocese of Lige. This claim still considered credible on etymological grounds, considering his surname translates as "of Eyck".

  • 1474

  • Gothic

Eddie Lee Nanjing

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I have the honor to pay tribute to all the painters in the history.

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