Lesson 11 Day 1
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Lesson 11 Day 1. Genre: Realistic Fiction. Author: Patricia C. McKissack. Question of the Day. Have you ever performed or given a speech in front of a group? How did you feel? When I have to perform in front of people, I feel _________________________. Today’s Read Aloud.

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Genre: Realistic Fiction

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Lesson 11 Day 1

Genre: Realistic Fiction


Patricia C. McKissack

Question of the Day

Have you ever performed or given a speech in front of a group? How did you feel?

When I have to perform in front of people, I feel _________________________.


Today’s Read Aloud

  • What’s it about?

    • The story is about a girl who has to perform at a school talent show.

  • Listen and follow along as I

    read the story aloud.

  • Listen for expressive reading.


A Case of Nerves

Vonya woke up with her stomach doing flip flops. It felt like something was fluttering around inside her! “Mom!” she called. “I don’t feel good.”

Vonya’s mother came to the bed, leaned down, and asked what was the matter.

“I don’t know,” said the girl. “I woke up thinking about the talent show. It’s today, and I’m going to have to sing in front of a hundred people. All of a sudden my stomach feels AWFUL!”

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With a smile, her mother patted Vonya’s hand. “You’re just nervous. Those are only butterflies in your stomach. It’s a feeling some people have when they are nervous. Don’t worry. Just practice your song while you get dressed. Keep practicing whenever you have a chance, even if it’s only in your head. You’ll be fine.”

“Really?” Vonya asked. Before her feet where on the floor, the words of the song formed in her mind. Then, singing, she walked out of her room. She would be fine. The noise from her singing was sure to make those little butterflies go away!

nsparency R29

Why did Vonya have butterflies in her stomach?

What advice did Vonya’s mom give?

How did her mother’s advice help?

T 29

C-le Syllable








C-le SyllableJot down these words in your notebook. Let’s divide them into two syllables together.











T 30

C-le SyllableJot down these words in your notebook. Try to divide them into two syllables independently.











T 30

Spelling Pretest

  • title

  • table

  • uncle

  • apple

  • cable

  • bubble

  • beetle

  • rattle

  • purple

  • little

  • middle

  • simple

  • saddle

  • trouble

  • scribble


Focus Skill : Plot

Discovery Education Search

Comprehension Focus Skill: Identifying Plot

An important part of a story is the plot.

In many stories, things happen because the characters have a problem. How they solve that problem is the story’s plot.

Open your reading books to pg. 302.

T 32 Teach/Model


Lea, Brittney, Tamika, Nell


The playground


Important Events:


Let’s work together to complete the graphic organizer.


Both girls want to be ringleader.

The girls want to have a circus, their friends have ideas for acts, and they have to choose a ringleader..

They flip a coin to decide.

T 33


Get ready to listen…


  • What’s it called?

    • “Evie and Margie”

  • Genre: Realistic Fiction

    • A story that could happen in real life.

    • Usually there is a problem that the characters face.

  • Listen to find out how the characters solve their problem.

What did you think?


  • Did the story seem like it could happen in real life?

  • Was the problem realistic?

  • What did you think of the ending, or solution to the problem?

  • Is this something that could happen in real life?

  • Do you agree with the solution?

Robust Vocabulary

  • Margie swooned and fell down on the floor weeping.

  • swooned – If you had a terrible shock and surprised by something, you might have swooned.

  • The word is…

  • swooned

  • Would you swoon when you heard terrible news, or when you went for a walk?

  • When might a person swoon?

Robust Vocabulary

  • Everyone was astonished by Margie’s free-flowing tears.

  • astonished – When you are amazed and surprised by something, you are astonished.

  • When would you be astonished: when you see an elephant on TV or when there is an elephant in the schoolyard?

  • Have you ever been astonished by anything? Describe what it was and what happened.




  • she baked three cakes for the party

  • How many cakes are you bringing.

  • The students books are in the closet.





Grammar: Possessive Nouns

  • Nouns can be singular or plural to show if they name one or more than one person, place, or thing. Nouns also have a way to show who or what owns or has something.

  • The boy’s dog is brown.

  • boy’s – is a possessive noun

  • It tells readers that one boy owns the dog.


Grammar: Possessive Nouns

  • When we want to make a singular noun into a possessive noun, we usually add ‘s at the end.

  • Identify the possessive nouns.

  • Mark’s favorite shirt is bright blue. He wore it to his brother’s party. It is his mother’s favorite shirt, too.


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Writing: Paragraph That Compares

Paragraph That Compares

  • Tells how two or more things are alike

  • Has a topic sentence that tells what is being compared


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