High boiler output is only required on a
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High boiler output is only required on a few coldest days of the heating season. Most days even comfort could be provided with reduced energy expense. June 5, 2014. 1. 2. 3. Why are these high temps$.

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June 5, 2014

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January 17 2013

High boiler output is only required on a few coldest days of the heating season.Most days even comfort could be provided with reduced energy expense.

June 5, 2014


January 17 2013


January 17 2013


Why are these high temps

Why are these high temps$

  • The fellow who set the boiler at service time, did not want a “low heat call” on the coldest day of the year.

  • Folks did not have a way of regulating boiler temperatures.

  • Who cares what you spend, or how much you waste to the atmosphere????

  • Folks never complain if they are too warm.

Hey folks

Hey Folks

  • At Exquisite Heat we believe your heating system should be comfortable first.

  • We believe you deserve good comfort at least energy expense.

Hey folks1

Hey Folks !!!!!

Can you see the problem here?


We are talking about 90% of buildings in the world.

Daily heating needs

Daily Heating Needs

June 5, 2014




Uneven comfort ( too warm-too cool)

Windows open - energy escape

Folks complain about comfort

Low humidity and dry skin

We raise the heat to warm cool spaces.

Excessive run times for boiler

Basement too hot- waste of energy

High Fuel bills


January 17 2013


January 17 2013


Desired solutions

Desired Solutions

  • Even out the comfort in all rooms

  • Shut the windows in overheated rooms

  • Keep complaints down

  • Higher humidity levels, less dry skin

  • Set the Thermostat lower for all rooms

  • Reduced running of the boiler, saves fuel

  • Get the heat out of the basement, and into the rooms…

  • Let’s lower those fuel bills $$$


WASTED $$$$$

  • If your too hot or too cold, aren’t you wasting the

  • $ money $ you are already spending on Fuel for heating ?????

The main goal

The Main Goal

Precise comfort replacement for building heat loss.

June 5, 2014


Exquisite heat

Exquisite Heat

Adjusts heating supply temperatures according to Thermostat demand history (over time).

June 5, 2014


Even comfort

Even Comfort

Precise heating plant energy use allows for even comfort to everyone in the space.


January 17 2013

June 5, 2014


January 17 2013


Daily heating needs1

Daily Heating Needs

June 5, 2014


January 17 2013


January 17 2013


What has happened

What has happened?

  • A new heating philosophy for even comfort.

  • To satisfy Ideal Comfort Delivery during changing building heat loss conditions

  • Boiler supply is adjusted precisely every minute of the hour.

  • Reduced energy use provides a before tax $ return to the owner.




  • Reduced boiler & piping standby heat loss for Hot water and Steam boilers.

  • Cooler boiler operation

  • Longer Boiler life

  • Better air circulation at baseboard and radiators that are heated evenly.

  • Precise soft Comfort in all areas of the building.


January 17 2013

We believe Exquisite Heat is the most precise technology for reducing energy use, while improving occupant comfort in homes and buildings


January 17 2013

Thermostat activity is the most accurate means for detecting heat loss and comfort needs.Precise adjustment of hot air, steam or hot water supply provides ideal comfort for all heating systems.

June 5, 2014


Outdoor reset control

Outdoor reset control

  • Time lag from temp change to interior heat loss

  • Sensor is subject to wet, wind, placement.

  • Fixed curve assumption unrelated to building.

  • Buildings react to a combination of heat loss factors: sunlight, wind, windows, insulation, structure, occupancy & thermostat setting.

  • Over and Under heating.


Exqheat indoor reset control

Exqheat Indoor Reset control

  • Comfort based room indoor sensor

  • Adjustable from central indoor thermostat.

  • Takes the indoor data and interprets it in to

  • High limit temperature for hot water boilers

  • Burner fire time for steam boilers.

  • Takes all environmental factors into consideration indoors, and adjusts heating supply to all rooms evenly.

All heating systems

All Heating Systems

  • Hydronic Radiant, Decentralized Steam

  • Hot Air Systems, Humidification,

  • Refrigeration, Steam Zone Valves,

  • Steam to Hydronic Heat Exchangers, Geo-Thermal Systems, Solar Hydronic Hybrid Heat,

  • Fresh Air IAQ, Process Control, Navigation,


Thank you

Thank you !!

“Exquisite Heat” reg. trademark



Rev 10-09-09

US Patent 6,402,043 10/18/01


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