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Jefferson s kentucky resolves
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Jefferson’s Kentucky Resolves. That the.. .states composing the United States of America are not united on.. . submission to their general government. Jefferson’s Kentucky Resolves. that , by a [contract] under the.. .title of a Constitution for the United States, .

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Jefferson’s Kentucky Resolves...

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Jefferson s kentucky resolves

Jefferson’s Kentucky Resolves...

That the...states

composing the United States of America

are not united on...


to their general government

Jefferson s kentucky resolves1

Jefferson’s Kentucky Resolves...

that, by a [contract]

under the...title

of a Constitution for the United States,

Jefferson s kentucky resolves2

Jefferson’s Kentucky Resolves...

they [made] a general government

[and] delegated to that government certain definite powers

Jefferson s kentucky resolves3

Jefferson’s Kentucky Resolves...

reserving, each State to itself,

the...right to

their own self-government

(10th Amendment)

Jefferson s kentucky resolves4

Jefferson’s Kentucky Resolves...

and that

whenever the general government

assumes undelegated powers,

its acts are



and of no force

Jefferson s kentucky resolves5

Jefferson’s Kentucky Resolves...


according the Jefferson,

only the states

can decide if the federal government

has overstepped its powers

Jefferson s kentucky resolves6

Jefferson’s Kentucky Resolves...

Federalists argued

that “We the PEOPLE”—not the states—

had made the contract

with the federal government—and that

it was up to the Supreme Court

to nullify unconstitutional laws

Jefferson s election revolution of 1800

Jefferson’s Election: Revolution of 1800

(1) Peaceful transfer of power

(from one political party to the opposing one)

through ballots, not bullets

(2) Jefferson’s famous Inaugural quote:

“We are all Republicans;

we are all Federalists.”

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