Binary recap color images
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CS110: Computer Science and the Internet. Binary Recap Color & Images. Homework 2 http :// /~cs110/assignments/ assignmentPageLayout / index.shtml Clarification Project http:// /~cs110/students/ accounts.html. Binary is Magic!. ASCII code.

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Binary Recap Color & Images

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Binary recap color images

CS110: Computer Science and the Internet

Binary RecapColor & Images

Binary recap color images

  • Homework 2

  • Clarification

  • Project


Binary recap color images

Binary is Magic!

Ascii code

ASCII code

ASCII code allows 256 “characters” to be represented

UTF-8 encodes more than 1 million characters from the Unicode character set


Binary recap color images

  • Scott’s exercise

Binary recap color images

Standard Colors

All standards-compliant browsers should handle these color names

These color names can be used with the CSS properties of color and background-color:

For other colors, it’s safest to use a numericalrepresentation…

Binary recap color images

RGB Color

Human retina: 3 kinds of color-sensitive photoreceptors, traditionally called red, green, and blue cones

Visible colors can be created by adding different amounts of the three primary colors, red, green, and blue

Color monitors display colors by adding different amounts of red, green, and blue light

RGB color components are usually defined on a scale from 0 to 255

Over 16 million colors can be represented this way!

Two ways to specify turquoise using rgb in CSS:

color: rgb(64,224,208);

color: rgb(25%,88%,82%);

Try this game:

Binary recap color images

Hexadecimal Notation

Numbers in the range 0-255 are represented in base 16, using two “digits” that each have 16 possible values, drawn from 0..9, A..F



  • Converting decimal to hexadecimal:

  • Left digit: divide by 16, convert quotient to 0..9,A..F

  • Right digit: convert remainder to 0..9,A..F

  • Converting hexadecimal to decimal:

  • Convert left digit to 0..15, multiply by 16

  • Convert right digit to 0..15, add to (1)

  • Example: A716 16710

  • A16 is 1010, 10*16 = 160

  • 716 = 710 160+7 = 167

  • Example: 20110 C916

  • 201/16 = 1210 C16

  • remainder is 910 916

Binary recap color images

Hexadecimal Colors

# 94 00 D3


Using hexadecimal colors in CSS:

blockquote {

color: #9400D3;

background-color: #E6E6FA;


Binary recap color images

  • Is there a website we can use to input color codes and see what they are?


Digital images

38 pixels high

44 pixels wide

Digital Images

Images are often represented in a computer as a 2-dimensional (2D) array of pixels

Binary recap color images

Image Representation

RGB color for each pixel is stored in 24 bits (3 bytes)

How much memory is needed to store a 300x500 pixel image?

  • Problem: large image files can take a long time to download!

  • Example: On a 300 kbps (300k bits per second) cable modem, a 450 kB image takes about 12 seconds to download

  • Solutions:

  • Downsampleimages to make them smaller (fewer pixels)

  • Compress the images, using “lossless” compression (no information is lost) or “lossy” compression (less important information is lost) techniques

Indexed color

Indexed Color

Binary recap color images

Indexed Color


image contents

color palette

  • How large is a file that stores a 300x500 pixel indexed color image with 4 colors, and its color palette?

  • 300x500 pixels, with 2 bits per pixel (why?)

  • 300 x 500 x 2 = 300,000 bits

  • (2) 4 colors, with 24 bits per color

  • 4 x 24 = 96 bits

  •  ~37.5kB (compared to the 450kB uncompressed file!)

2 bits per pixel

24 bits per color

Binary recap color images

Indexed Color

  • How large is a file that stores a 300x500 pixel indexed color image with 16 colors, and its color palette?

  • What is the number of bits used to store the image pixels?

  • (2) What is the number of bits used to store the color palette?

  • Total file size (in bytes):

“bits per pixel” is also called the “bit depth”

bit depth must be large enough to store all the colors

Binary recap color images

GIF Indexed Color

The GIF file format is an indexed color format that allows 256 colors (out of a possible 16 million colors!)

  • Computing the file size for a GIF image, in bytes:

  • number of bytes to store the image pixels:

  • (width * height * bit-depth) / 8

  • (2) number of bytes to store the color palette: num_colors * 3

  • (3) total number of bytes*:

  • (width * height * bit-depth) / 8 + 3 * num_colors

  • (4) divide by 1,000 or 1,000,000 to convert to kilobytes or megabytes

Binary recap color images

Other Image Formats

JPEG: wellesley.jpg

- millions of colors, compressed, nice for photos, does not allow transparency

PNG: cs110-logo.png

- millions of colors, compressed, nice for line art and graphics, allows 8-bit transparency

GIF: palette.gif

- limited to 256 colors, nice for line art and graphics, allows 1-bit transparency, supports animation

Generate all formats and compare with Pixlr!

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