Your clients with dependents with special needs
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Your Clients With Dependents with Special Needs PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Your Clients With Dependents with Special Needs. Making Their Future More Secure. L1113350491[exp1114] ] . Do You Have a Dependent with Special Needs ?. Always Ask the Question. MetLife Center for Special Needs Planning SM.

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Your Clients With Dependents with Special Needs

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Your Clients With Dependents with Special Needs

Making Their

Future More Secure


Do You Have a Dependent with Special Needs?

Always Ask the Question

MetLife Center for Special Needs PlanningSM

  • Special Needs Planning, is providing targeted advice to families planning for the financial future of dependents with special needs.

Your Opportunity to Do More

  • The opportunity for professional financial guidance is overwhelming:

    • Nearly 1 in 5 people have a disability in the U.S.

    • 69% of caregivers are very concerned about being able to provide lifetime care for their special needs dependent1

    • 48% of caregivers are not familiar with the planning steps for lifetime financial assistance for their special needs dependent1

Source: 1 “The Torn Security Blanket:”, MetLife, October 2011 Study

2 “Nearly 1 in 5 People Have a Disability in the U.S., Census Bureau Reports”, U.S. Census Bureau, July 25, 2012,


Identifying Special Needs

Which child has special needs?

Identifying Special Needs

  • Never assume

  • Some disabilities are obvious, others are not

Special Needs

  • Can be:

    • Physical

    • Cognitive

    • Genetic

    • Injury

    • Other

Unique Challenges

  • Protecting future government benefit eligibility for Supplemental Security Income and Medicaid

  • Ways that a special needs trust, funded with life insurance, can provide lifetime care while continuing to preserve government benefit eligibility

Why is this all so Important?

  • If your clients leave anything over $2,000 to a person with special needs, he/she may lose eligibility for most government benefits.

It's The Law!

Legal and financial issues

  • Special needs estate planning is different from general estate planning



Special legal considerations

  • Wills

  • Trusts

  • Guardianships/ Conservatorships/ Guardian Ad Litem

A. What I need to know about my will

  • Why I need one?

  • What if I don’t have one?

  • What is the role of the executor?


what’s one

possible solution?

A possible solution: The Special Needs Trust

  • How does it protect my dependent’s government benefit eligibility?

  • What can it provide?

  • Are there restrictions?

C. What I should know about Guardianships/ Conservatorships/ Client Self-Determination/Advocacy Issues

  • If my dependent is under 18

  • If my dependent is over 18

  • Depending upon where my dependent lives…



Special financial considerations

  • How to fund your dependent’s special needs trust

    • Property

    • Investments

    • Retirement funds

    • Life insurance

How life insurance can benefit an individual with special needs and their family

  • Usually free of probate and estate taxes

  • Creates an estate where none exists

  • Leaves existing estate intact for other family members (less premiums paid)

  • Can be budgeted to meet income needs

  • Provides guarantees*

  • Can help meet the financial needs for lifetime care and quality of life issues for your dependent

  • *Guarantees are subject to claims paying ability of insurer

Yes, someone with special needs is the beneficiary of my life insurance.

Yes, I have term, whole life and/or universal life insurance and have named an individual with special needs as the beneficiary.

  • What is the most appropriate type of life insurance to fund your dependent’s Special Needs Trust?

  • That depends on:

    • You

    • Your dependent with special needs

    • Your family

Why survivorship life insurance may be the best choice to fund my dependent’s special needs trust

  • It insures two people instead of one (Second-to-Die)

  • It pays a death benefit only after the death of the second person, when money is needed the most

  • It generally costs less than insuring two people individually

How do I decide how much I need?

Family A

Family B

  • Determine comprehensive expenses for a lifetime of care by projecting monthly income needs.

  • Choose a rate of return with which you feel comfortable.

  • Assure yourself you won’t deplete principal.

$2,000/ MONTH

$24,000 ANNUALLY

$2,000/ MONTH

$24,000 ANNUALLY









If your clients have dependents with special needs, you may want to plan for LTC

  • A care-giving solution that protects the care-giver’s assets from unanticipated long-term health costs

  • It covers the cost of assistance for routine activities needed in case of an accident, injury, or serious illness

Long-term care insurance can help both your clients and their dependent with special needs

  • Care provided for the caregiver in a variety of settings including at home

  • Allows you freedom of choice

  • Eliminates the worry of who will care for you or a spouse in the event of the unexpected

  • Your dependent with special needs’ future is more secure because you are more secure

Sales Idea!

  • Always ask the question:

    • “Do you have a dependent with special needs?”

  • Ask it:

    • During every fact find

    • For every new sale

    • At every annual review

You Can Do More

  • Added value:

    • Customer loyalty

    • Help build financial freedom

    • Good will

Case Study

  • Facts of the case:

  • Family with Special Needs

    • Husband age 57, wife age 56

    • Two children: son age 29, daughter age 26 with a spine injury

  • The family was concerned with many issues, including:

    • Who’s going to take care of our daughter when we are gone

    • Preserving government benefit eligibility

    • Help choosing a guardian and trustee

    • Special Needs Trust funding options

    • Coordinating planning with other relatives

    • Locating supports and resources

Case Study

  • Proposed Solutions:

    • Referrals & Information regarding:

      Qualified SNT Attorneys

      Support groups


      Service providers

    • Updated will

    • Power of Attorney

    • Special Needs Trust

    • Letter of Intent

    • Two Guaranteed Life Insurance Policies

In summary

  • Find quality professionals to assist you

  • Remember that YOU are the expert about your clients

  • Think “lifetime care” and “quality of life”


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Your Special Needs Dependent | Making Their Future More Secure

Your Special Needs Dependent | Making Their Future More Secure

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