Presented to the portfolio committee may 2008
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Presented to the Portfolio Committee May 2008 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Presented to the Portfolio Committee May 2008. Outline. Introduction: Strategic overview Key strategic objectives Recent outputs Ten year innovation Plan Performance indicators Resources: Human and financial Public entities reporting to DST Conclusion. Vision and mission. Vision

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Presented to the Portfolio Committee May 2008

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Presented to the Portfolio Committee

May 2008


  • Introduction: Strategic overview

  • Key strategic objectives

  • Recent outputs

  • Ten year innovation Plan

  • Performance indicators

  • Resources: Human and financial

  • Public entities reporting to DST

  • Conclusion

Vision and mission

  • Vision

    • To create a prosperous society that derives enduring and equitable benefits from science and technology

  • Mission

    • To develop, coordinate and manage a National System of Innovation that will bring about maximum human capital, sustainable economic growth and improved quality of life for all



OECD Review


Public S&T missions, HCD…

  • Biotechnology, ICT

  • Advanced manufacturing

  • Astronomy

  • Poverty Alleviation, etc.

10Yr Innovation


Knowledge-based economy

  • Grand challenges

  • Human capital development, etc.

NR&D Strategy

S&T missions

Developing the NSI

ST&I investment plan based on strategic priorities

S&T White


  • Quality of life

  • Wealth creation





Strategic Overview and key Policy Developments


of DST

Stage of technology development

1 = Early phase

2 = Growth phase

3 = Efficiency phase

Information age

Degree of technological maturity and market saturation



Age of steam












Strategic Overview and key Policy Developments

Emerging areas

(DST Should..)

Sector specific

(DST May…)

Mature areas

(Should not…)

  • Be involved but not be the leader e.g. health, agric, minerals

  • Not be involved, but know what goes on

  • Standard technology-based services

  • E.g. Weather services

  • Take the lead

  • E.g. biotech, nanotech etc.

  • Sector Departments lead

DST responsibility

Strategic Overview and key Policy Developments: 2004/5-2010/11

  • Strategic Management Framework sets specific areas of DST involvement across NSI

DST five principle goals

  • To develop the innovation capacity of the science system and contribute to socio-economic development

  • To develop appropriate human capital for research, development and innovation (RDI)

  • To build world-class RDI infrastructure

  • Position SA as a strategic international RDI partner and destination

  • Develop South Africa’s knowledge-generation capacity

Key deliverables linked to goals

  • Development of strong innovation chains in biotech, nanotech, the H2 economy, space science, ICT and manufacturing;

  • Application of technologies to address poverty and improve the quality of life of South Africans;

  • Development of a healthy and diverse flux of young people seeking and finding careers in science and engineering;

  • Accomplishment of notable successes in turning trends in global science to the national advantage, for example in astronomy and space science.

Some recent outputs…

  • BRICs led to:

    • Establishment of 3 drug discovery companies working on compounds for the potential treatment of HIV and TB (Elevation Biotech, Arvir and iThemba Pharmaceuticals) and BEE clinical organisation (African Clinical Research Organisation)

    • Complete sequencing of genome of a strain of extremely drug resistant TB

  • ICGEB was launched by President Thabo Mbeki on 10 September 2007

  • SARCHI awarded 72 Research Chairs

    – 1/3 of target of 210 chairs

Some recent outputs…

  • Innovation Honours Bursary awarded to 280 students

    • 83% are blacks, 55% women

    • Pilot with R10m, 98% used on core project, 2% on admin

    • 70% students to pursue MSc and PhD studies

  • 125 unemployed SET graduates were deployed to 22 Science Centres

  • Centres of excellence (CoEs) attracted 313 postgraduate students since 2004 and produced publications

Some recent outputs

  • IKS Research Chair (on traditional medicines and health systems) awarded to the University of KwaZulu Natal

  • Launch of SA Earth Observation System Strategy

    • Coordinate earth observation data to assist with planning

  • DST’s continuing participation in EU framework programmes

    • R70m leveraged, 47 projects approved in 07/08

  • Nanotechnology and nanoscience programme

    • 2 innovation centres set up

R&D survey results

  • The 2005/06 R&D survey results indicate:

    • GERD is 0.92% of GDP – on target for 1% by 2008

    • business continues to be the major performer of in-house research (58.3 percent)

    • 57 000 researchers and support staff in the public and private sectors, with about 17 000 FTE researchers.

  • HRD is one the DST’s main focus area, with a concerted effort to increase innovation and engineering skills

    • 1/3 of programme money to HCD ~R200m


Grand challenges

Technology development and innovation

Human capital - Centres of excellence, South African research chairs initiative, professional development programme, etc.

Cross- cutting enablers

Farmer to pharma

Human & social science

Climate change


Space science

Knowledge infrastructure – Science councils, state-owned enterprises, global projects

Ten year innovation plan

  • Investment plan based on strategic priorities

Medium term initiatives

  • Establish and operationalise TIA

  • Establish and operationalise the Space Agency

  • Implement innovation plan

    • Grand challenge implementation plans

    • Human capital development strategy

    • International engagement strategy

    • Technology transfer strategy

  • IPR bill

Performance indicators…

Performance indicators

Selected output targets

Selected output targets

Selected output targets

Financial resources

Growth in financial resources

2008/09 per programme distr (R’000)

2008/09 Economic classification (R’000)

Human Resources

Public Entities and Agencies Reporting to DST

  • Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)

  • National Research Foundation (NRF)

  • Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC)

  • Africa institute of South Africa (AISA)

  • Tshumisano

  • South African National Energy Research

  • Academy of Science of South Africa


  • Medium term outputs driven by

    • National R&D strategy

    • Ten year innovation plan

  • Performance satisfactory

  • Steady growth in resources

  • Establishment of innovation instruments

  • Continued focus on HCD and innovation skills

  • Public entities aligned to implement innovation plan

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