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Nitric Oxide, Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Laser Induced Fluorescence Imaging PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CO 2. Temperature [K]. Absorption cross section [10 -19 cm 2 ]. NO. Wavelength [nm]. Nitric Oxide, Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Laser Induced Fluorescence Imaging. Laser Diagnostics Laboratory for Energy & Environment Research.

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Nitric Oxide, Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Laser Induced Fluorescence Imaging

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Nitric oxide oxygen and carbon dioxide laser induced fluorescence imaging


Temperature [K]


cross section

[10-19 cm2]


Wavelength [nm]

Nitric Oxide, Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Laser Induced Fluorescence Imaging

Laser Diagnostics Laboratory for Energy & Environment Research

Combustion · Advanced Energy Systems · Propulsion · Biofuels · Environment

Upper Elec. State


Rotational Manifold


















Ground Elec. State

Advanced Laser Diagnostics for High Pressure Combustion

Student Intern: David Ruddock

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Tonghun Lee

Laser Diagnostics Laboratory for Energy & Environment Research

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Michigan State University


Laser Diagnostics Laboratory Research Focus

The goal is to develop advanced laser diagnostics for high pressure combustion (1-60 bar). Lasers can provide selective and quantitative probing of chemical and physical parameters (i.e., temperature, species concentration, etc.)

Research: Develop sensitive and robust laser imaging strategies for fundamental and practical detection of chemical species and thermodynamic parameters

Laser Diagnostics Research

Development of 2D laser imaging strategies for novel combustion concepts and thermodynamic parameters

Energy Research

Investigation of alternative energy systems including hydrogen, novel biofuels and energetic nanoparticle additives

Propulsion Systems Research

Laser imaging of advanced propulsion systems (automobile, aero and astronautic propulsion systems)

Environment Research

Emission diagnostics. Real time diagnostics of toxic chemicals and multiphase particulate matter

Planar Laser Induced Fluorescence (PLIF) results

Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF) Imaging

Molecules are excited to higher energy states using narrow bandwidth laser energy. LIF is the subsequent de-excitation to lower energy states resulting in emission of fluorescence photons. LIF can be used to image molecule concentrations and temperature fields with 2D resolution.

2D Temperature Imaging

Simultaneous Multiple Species Imaging

High Pressure Burner

Pressure range (1-60 bar)

Two-line and new multi-line thermometry

in collaboration with Stanford University, CA

Nitric Oxide (NO) Concentration Imaging

Issues with Elevated Pressure…

Simultaneous Imaging of O2 and CO2 using multi-spectral LIF

Collisional Broadening

Excitation lines of molecules are collisionally broadened. Even with narrow bandwidth lasers, multiples lines can be excited. Overall signal is also reduced.

Severe Attenuation of Laser and LIF

Both the probe laser beam and the LIF fluorescence signal can suffer from severe attenuation by molecular absorption. In case of UV light, hot CO2 is a strong absorber.

LIF of Multiple Species

Spectrally resolved detection of the resulting emission indicates that multiple species emit LIF in the same spectral region. Therefore, detection of single species can be altered by interference from alternative signals.

Practical Applications

New multi-spectral Imaging for isolation of NO signal

Application in practical high pressure combustion systems

UV Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Concentration Imaging

  • Design Optimization

  • Combustion Study

  • Pollution Control

Spectrally resolved emission usingUV excitation

Absorption cross sections of CO2

Excitation lines of NO

Novel CO2 sensor using UV excitation/detection

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