The mother and the motherland
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The Mother and the motherland PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Mother and the motherland. English, 9 th Grade , Chapter 6 . Shankara.

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The Mother and the motherland

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The mother and the motherland

The Mother and the motherland

English, 9th Grade , Chapter 6




He was born in Kaladi , a beautiful village on the banks of river Poorna . He lost his father in his early childhood . His mother Aryamba brought him up with all love and care . For poor Aryamba , he was the light of his mother’s eyes and spirit of her life.

The mother and the motherland

  • Shankara was a precocious child.

  • He was incredibly brilliant in his studies , his reasoning was always accurate and his social interactions were of softness and humility.

  • The whole village loved him for his admirable qualities.

The mother and the motherland

  • It was a hot summer day in Kaladi . Aryamba was going to the river Poorna to take a bath . It was her practice to take a holy dip in the river everyday. Aryamba was old and weak and the river was far away from the house.

  • On her way to the river , Aryamba fell down and fainted . Little Shankara ran to her rescue and nursed his mother. He adviced his mother to give up her old practice. But she would not . So Shankara thought of a plan.

  • He carried out his wonderful plan. The course of the river was diverted . Then the Poorna started flowing in front of their house . It became a boon to the whole village.

What did s hankara want to do

What did Shankarawant to do?

  • By the age of 8 Shankara had become a profound scholar and always thought of peace and prosperity for all.

  • He wanted to unite the people of different faiths .

  • He wanted to become a Sanyasi and bring about a spiritual metamorphosis .

  • He wanted to become a reformer and wipe out social evils.

    What did his mother want him to do?

  • Marry and setup a family .Support her in her old age.

  • She said she would let him become a Sanyasi to serve the motherland on one condition that he visit her on her death and perform her final rites.

The mother and the motherland

On becoming a Sanyasi

  • Travelled across the length and breadth of India .

  • Shankara‘s philosophy was “God is Omnipresent and the same lord is called by different names “.

  • Pandits of Kashmir honored him as a teacher Omniscient .

  • Established mutts at the following locations

    • Puri in the East

    • Sringeri in the South

    • Dwaraka in the west

    • Badrinath in the North

  • He wanted to awaken the oneness among the people of our country.

The mother and the motherland


  • One day he learnt about the ill health of his mother .So he rushed home to see his mother.

  • Aryamba was bedridden , and was longing to see her son who had become a great reformer and sage.

  • Shankara told his mother : “ Amma you are great , great as the mother of the universe. I salute you , I serve you. Be in peace. “

  • Aryamba breathed her last and Shankara performed her final rites.He kept his promise to his mother even though it was against tradition.

  • Thus Shankara served both his mother and mother land.

Easy questions

Easy questions

  • Name the river mentioned in the lesson

    • Poorna

  • Who brought up Shankara ?

    • Aryamba

  • Why did Shankara’s mother visit the river daily?

    • To take bath

  • What title did the pandits of Kashmir give Shankara?

    • Omniscient

Who said to whom and when

Who said to Whom and when

  • Aryamba

  • Shankara

  • Shankara wanted to become a sanyasi , and his mother agreed to this on the condition that he perform her final rites

Who said to whom and when1

Who said to Whom and when

  • Shankara

  • Aryamba ,Shankara’s mother

  • When Shankara’s mother is on her death bed

Who said to whom and when2

Who said to Whom and when

  • Teacher

  • Raghunath , a Student

  • Shankara, a Sanyasi performing the final rites of his mother was considered wrong as it was against tradition

Match the following

Match the following

Match the opposites

Match the Opposites

Convert to indirect speech

Convert to indirect speech

  • Shankara said “Mother I will serve you “.

    • Shankara said to his mother that he will serve her

  • Deepti said “Sumukh, I will go to Bangalore tomorrow”.

    • Deepti said to Sumukh that she will go to Bangalore tomorrow

  • Nazeer said “Hari, I like you very much”.

    • Nazeer said to Hari that she likes him very much

  • The teacher said “I will take a special class on Sunday”.

    • The teacher said that he will take a special class on Sunday

  • The captain said , “We will win the match”.

    • The captain said that we will win the match

Convert to passive voice

Convert to passive voice

  • Vibha prepared coffee .

    • Coffee was prepared by Vibha.

  • Krishna cleaned the bicycle.

    • Bicycle was cleaned by Krishna.

  • Ashwatha welcomed the guest.

    • The guest was welecomed by Ashwatha.

  • Sanjaya killed the rat.

    • The rat was killed by Sanjaya.

  • Kishnu opened the gate.

    • The gate was opened by Kishnu.

  • Pratheek is reading a story.

    • A story is being read by Pratheek.

  • Shashwathi is doing homework.

    • Home work is being done by Shaswathi.

  • Megha is watching a film.

    • A film is being watched by Megha.

  • Aishwarya honored the teacher.

    • The teacher was honored by Aishwarya.

  • Vineetha is washing the frock.

    • The frock is being washed by Vineetha.

Fill up with prepositions


Kashi is onthe banks ofriver Ganga. It is a place ofpilgrimage formillions ofIndians. Lord Vishwanatha is the presiding deity ofKashi. People go toKashitovisit the temple ofVishwanatha. They pray forthe blessing of the Lord.

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