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WGEA Work Plan 2005-2007

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WGEA Work Plan 2005-2007 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WGEA Work Plan 2005-2007. Presented to the 3 rd Meeting of the EUROSAI Working Group Sofia, Bulgaria November 4, 2004 John Reed, OAG, Canada. Overview of Previous Accomplishments 1992-2005. 10 Years of History

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WGEA Work Plan 2005-2007

Presented to the 3rd Meeting

of the EUROSAI Working Group

Sofia, Bulgaria

November 4, 2004

John Reed, OAG, Canada

overview of previous accomplishments 1992 2005
Overview of Previous Accomplishments1992-2005
  • 10 Years of History
  • Regional Working Group on Environmental Auditing (RWGEA) in six of the seven INTOSAI regions.
  • Guidance papers or studies on environmental auditing (SD, Regulatory, Water, Waste)
overview of previous accomplishments 1992 2005 continued
Overview of Previous Accomplishments1992-2005 (continued)
  • Training course on environmental auditing, and applying this pilot course in two INTOSAI regions.
  • Conducting four surveys of the INTOSAI community on the topic of environmental auditing.
overview of previous accomplishments continued
Overview of Previous Accomplishments (continued)
  • Strengthening networks between SAIs
  • Increasing the number of environmental audits undertaken by SAIs since the WGEA was established.
  • Developing WGEA Web site(s)
  • Publishing a WGEA newsletter - Greenlines
work plan 2005 07
Work Plan 2005-07
  • Fits with newly approved INTOSAI Strategic Plan
  • Core values
  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Mandate
  • Strategic goals
  • Activities
strategic goal 1 expand the environmental auditing tools available to sais
Strategic Goal # 1Expand the environmental auditing tools available to SAIs
  • Prepare and publish a WGEA paper on auditing biodiversity (Brazil/Canada)
  • Prepare and publish a WGEA report “Summary of Environmental and Sustainable Development Audits” (Canada).
  • Identify and propose means to keep the water (Netherlands) and waste (Norway) themes actively supported and current.
  • Prepare and publish a WGEA report capturing lessons learned and sharing experiences in conducting audits on sustainable development (UK)
strategic goal 2 expand training and information exchange
Strategic Goal # 2Expand training and information exchange
  • Encourage and support the adaptation and use of the training course in two additional INTOSAI regions.
  • Explore other possibilities of capacity-building activities.
  • Hold an information exchange workshop/seminar at the 2005, 2006, and 2007 WGEA Assembly meetings
  • Give more visibility, through the Web site, to SAIs’ fellowship programs and other types of co-operation between SAIs that have components on environmental auditing.
strategic goal 3 c oncurrent joint and co ordinated audits
Strategic Goal #3Concurrent, joint, and co-ordinated audits
  • The WGEA Steering Committee is to prepare a long-term plan for how concurrent, joint, or co-ordinated audits could take place.
  • Prepare and publish a WGEA report capturing lessons learned and experiences in
    • Planning and conducting, concurrent, joint, and co-ordinated audits (Netherlands).
    • Reporting the findings from concurrent, joint, and co-ordinated audits (Poland).
strategic goal 4 strengthen communication
Strategic Goal # 4Strengthen Communication
  • Implement the WGEA Communication Plan 2005-07 (US)
  • Prepare and distribute 5th WGEA Survey
  • Publish the Greenlines newsletter twice yearly, including a new section with articles proposed by SAIs
  • Improve Web site
  • Explore the use of information technology for distributing and exchanging information on environmental auditing
  • Chair of the WGEA to visit two RWGEAs, including the ASOSAI RWGEA
  • Explore, with CAROSAI, the possibility of creating a RWGEA
strategic goal 5 increase co operation with external organizations
Strategic Goal # 5Increase co-operation with external organizations
  • Meet with World Bank and other selected international organizations. Communicate results of these meetings with the WGEA members and INTOSAI Governing Board.
  • Invite representative(s) of international organizations specialized in the environment to the annual WGEA Assembly meeting and workshop.
  • Maintain liaison with and promote opportunities for collaboration with UN agencies, including the UN Commission for Sustainable Development (CSD) and the UNEP.
strategic goal 6 explore external funding
Strategic Goal # 6Explore external funding
  • Prepare business case for a WGEA funding mechanism, including the rules to maintain the WGEA independence.
  • Identify, contact, and meet with potential donors to determine funding opportunities and constraints.
work plan action implementation
Work Plan Action Implementation
  • Project Leaders preparing “Work Plans”
    • Objectives, scope, timelines, products
  • April 2005 – 4th Steering Committee – Prague
  • October 2005 – 10th WGEA – Moscow
  • Annual Review and adjustment
  • A strong institution gets stronger
  • Strive for global harmony
  • Leadership within Europe is key