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MeraCareerGuide.com is Online Career Counseling Website where one can chat Career and talk to Counselors, Career Guide and experts. It is only website which provides Personalized Career Counseling to Students from age group 13-25 years.

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What should I choose?? Whom to ask??

Unavailability of mentor at home situation and thus taking up of careers based on herd instinct and random selection process.

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Why didn't I plan my career and took decisions accordingly??

  • No Career decision and No career planning activity

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I should have done self analysis and career exploration !!

  • Students do not match their skills, abilities and interests with courses/career opted .

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  • Mera Career Guide is a career-focused strategy - An one-stop for educational search i.e. career counseling and educational planning that helps students to better prepare to succeed and supports workforce preparation, economic development and educational reform.


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What do I want to be when ..??

What do I want to be when ..??

What do I want to be when ..??

What do I want to be when ..??

What do I want to be when ..??

With Mera Career Guide the question is replaced by ..........


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What are my special talents & skills ??

What do I love to do ??

What are my interests ??

What type of work role appeals to me ??

Why educational and career choices for me ??