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Made by Yang Haiqin. Shuyang Senior Middle School. Welcome to my class!. 全国卷 Ⅱ . 第 16 题 Mary never does any reading in the evening, ________. A. so does John B. John does so C. John doesn’t too D. nor does John. D.

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Shuyang Senior Middle School

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Shuyang senior middle school

Made by Yang Haiqin

Shuyang Senior Middle School

Welcome to my class

Welcome to my class!

Shuyang senior middle school

全国卷Ⅱ .第16 题Mary never does any reading in the evening, ________.A. so does John B. John does soC. John doesn’t too D. nor does John


Shuyang senior middle school

2. 上海卷 .第39 题Never before ___ in greater need of modern public transport than it is today. A. has this city been B. this city has been C. was this city D. this city was


Shuyang senior middle school

3. 天津卷 .第4 题They have a good knowledge of English but little______ they know about German. A. have B. did C. had D. do


Shuyang senior middle school

4. 福建卷 .第32 题Only after my friend came____. A. did the computer repair B. he repaired the computer C. was the computer repaired D. the computer was repaired


Shuyang senior middle school

5. 重庆卷 .第27 题 ________, he talks a lot about his favorite singers after class. A. A quiet students as he may be B. Quiet student as he may be C. Be a quiet student as he may D. Quiet as he may be a student


Shuyang senior middle school

6. 辽宁卷 .第35 题In the dark forests_______, some large enough to hold several English towns. A. stand many lakes B. lie many lakes C. many lakes lie D. many lakes stand


Shuyang senior middle school

7. 广东卷 .第23 题_________, Carolina couldn’t get the door open. A. Might as he try B. As she might try C. She might as try D. Try as she might


Shuyang senior middle school

8. 江苏卷 .第35 题___________ about wild plants that they decided to make a trip to Madagascar for further research.A. So curious the couple was B. So curious were the couple C. How curious the couple were D. The couple was such curious


Revision of inversion

Revision of “Inversion”

Shuyang senior middle school

  • How many types?

全部倒装(Full Inversion)

部分倒装(Partial Inversion)

What is full inversion like

What is full inversion like?



What is partial inversion like

What is partial inversionlike?


When should we use full inversion

When should we usefull inversion?

There be there to be there 1 there a desk and three chairs in the room

There be + 名词(主语)+---There____________________to be---There____________________1.There_____ a desk and three chairs in the room.




Shuyang senior middle school

2.There _____ (流淌着)a river in front of the village.3.There _____ six blind men in the town once upon a time.4. There __________(似乎有)a lot of work to do.5. There _____________ (碰有) a cat in the tree.



seems to be

happened to be

Shuyang senior middle school

B.以副词here, there, now, then



主语是 ?


come/ go/ follow

或be 动词





Shuyang senior middle school


1. Look! Here _______(来了) the


2. Listen! There_____ (go) the bell.

3. Now _______(轮到)your turn.

4.Then ______(出现)a new difficulty.

5. Then__________(接着来了)a

group of students.





Shuyang senior middle school


  • Here we are / are we. This

  • is the new railway station.

  • 2. - “Give me some paper.”

  • -“Here is it / it is”.



Shuyang senior middle school





in, out, up, down, away, off



Shuyang senior middle school

in came Mr. Zhang

1). The door opened and __________________(张老师进


2). Following the roar, (一只老虎从丛林中冲出)______________


out rushed a

tiger from among the bushes

Shuyang senior middle school



1. Away went they / they went.

2. Down it flew / flew it.

3. Out rushed they / they rushed.




Shuyang senior middle school



1) Such____ our wishes for the

future. (is/are)

2) Southwest of the lake_____ a

chemical factory. (is/are)

3) Seated on the ground_____ a

group of young men playing

games. (is/are)



Shuyang senior middle school

  • 强调地点状语而将他们移到句首时:

    1. Around the lake________many tall trees. (stand/stands)

    2.By the window_____________

    an old man. (站着)


was standing

Shuyang senior middle school

When should we use

partial inversion?

Shuyang senior middle school

so am I

  • He is a student, and_______


  • He doesn’t like films; ______


nor do I

结论:以so, neither, nor, 开头,表示前面句子中的某种情况同样适用于另一人或物

Shuyang senior middle school

It’s the same with--- 或

So it is with---

  • 前面句子中若有两种或更多情况时,则用句型:

  • He is a student and lives in school. _______________(我


So it is with me

Shuyang senior middle school


  • They are: never, little, not only, not until, no sooner, hardly, scarcely, seldom, by no means, in no time, in no way, in no case, on no condition and so on.

Translate 1 2

Translate:1.我从未去过北京.2. 他们决不会放弃.

Never have I been to Beijing.

In no way will they give up.

Shuyang senior middle school

1.No sooner _____________ (they / get) home than Mr. Black dropped in. 2.Not until she took off her dark glasses, __________________(I / recognize)she was a famous film star.

had they got

did I recognize

Shuyang senior middle school


can we learn

  • “only +_______________” 开头的句子:

  • Only in this way________________

    (我们才能学好)English well.

  • Only after the war was over,

    ________________(他才能)go to school.


  • Only teachers _____________ to enter

    this reading room. (allow)

was heable to

are allowed

Shuyang senior middle school

did he speak

  • So loudly ___________that we

    all heard him clearly. (he/speak)

  • Such a lovely boy ________that

    we all like him. (he/be)

is he

结论:在 “so/such…that…”句型




Shuyang senior middle school

与“ many”相关的哪个词组位于句首要用部分倒装?

many a time


Many a time did he fail in

the driving test.

Shuyang senior middle school

  • 在 if 的虚拟条件句中的部分倒装:

  • 谓语中助动词为:were, had,

  • should时,可把 if 省略,把助

  • 动词were, had, should 提到

  • 主语前构成部分倒装

Shuyang senior middle school

Were I you

  • If I were you, I wouldn’t do that.

    =_______________, I wouldn’t do that.

  • If it should rain tomorrow, he wouldn’t go to Beijing.

  • =_______________ tomorrow, I


  • If I had had enough money that day, I would have bought the book.

  • =____________enough money---,I----

Should it rain

Had I had

Shuyang senior middle school

  • 在as 引导的让步状语从句中?


Shuyang senior middle school

Child as he is

Poor as he was

  • ______________________, he knows much. (尽管他是个孩子)

  • __________________________, he managed to send his children to school.(尽管他穷)

  • ________________________________________, they had

    no chance of winning. (fight/bravely)

    ______________,he can’t finish the work on time.(他可以试试)

Bravely as they fought

Try as he may




  • I like sports and ____ my brother.

    A. so does

    B. so is

    C. so can

    D. so likes

Shuyang senior middle school

  • If Helen doesn’t go to the

    cinema ,_____________.

    A. I don’t either

    B. so don’t I

    C. nor do I

    D. neither shall I


Shuyang senior middle school

  • — John won first prize in the contest.

    — ____.

    A. So he did

    B. So did he

    C. So he did too

    D. So did he, too


Shuyang senior middle school

  • — Did you enjoy that trip?

    — I’m afraid not. And ____.

    A. my brother doesn’t either

    B. my classmates don’t too

    C. neither do my classmates

    D. neither did my classmates


Shuyang senior middle school


  • After that we never saw her again, nor ___ from her.

    A. did we hear

    B. we heard

    C. had we heard

    D. we have heard

Shuyang senior middle school

  • — Do you know Jim quarrelled with his brother?

    — I don’t know, ____.

    A. nor don’t I care

    B. nor do I care

    C. I don’t care neither

    D. I don’t care also


Shuyang senior middle school

  • — David has made great progress recently.

    — ____, and ____.

    A. So he has; so you have

    B. So he has; so have you

    C. So has he; so have you

    D. So has he; so you have


Shuyang senior middle school


  • ____ for the free tickets, I would not have gone to the films so often.

    A. If it is not

    B. Were it not

    C. Had it not been

    D. If they were not

Shuyang senior middle school


  • So ____ that no fish can live in it.

    A. the lake is shallow

    B. shallow the lake is

    C. shallow is the lake

    D. is the lake shallow

Shuyang senior middle school


  • No sooner had he finished his talk ____ he was surrounded by the workers.

    A. as B. then

    C. than D. when

Shuyang senior middle school


  • Not until I began to work ____ how much time I had wasted.

    A. didn’t I realize

    B. did I realize

    C. I didn’t realize

    D. I realize

Shuyang senior middle school


  • Not only ____ polluted but ____ crowded.

    A. was the city; were the streets

    B. the city was; were the streets

    C. was the city; the streets were

    D. the city was; the streets were

Shuyang senior middle school


  • Little ____ about his own safety, though he was in great danger himself.

    A. does he care

    B. did he care

    C. he cares

    D. he cared

Shuyang senior middle school


  • Only in this way ____ progress in your English.

    A. you make

    B. can you make

    C. you be able to make

    D. will you able to make

Shuyang senior middle school


  • I finally got the job I dreamed about. Never in my life ____ so happy.

    A. did I feel

    B. I felt

    C. I had felt

    D. had I felt

Shuyang senior middle school


  • On the wall ____ two large portraits.

    A. are hanged

    B. hang

    C. hangs

    D. hanged

Shuyang senior middle school


  • ____ can you expect to get a pay rise.

    A. With hard work

    B. Although work hard

    C. Only with hard work

    D. Now that he works hard

Shuyang senior middle school


  • Next door to ours ____, who is no less than 90.

    A. lives a senior man

    B. that lives a senior man

    C. does a senior man live

    D. where lives a senior man

Shuyang senior middle school


  • Under the tall tree ____ four people, playing cards.

    A. stood

    B. sat

    C. ran

    D. looked

Shuyang senior middle school


  • Only when your identity has been checked, ____.

    A. you are allowed in

    B. you will be allowed in

    C. will you allow in

    D. will you be allowed in

Shuyang senior middle school


. It is on the desk that______your


A. lay B.lays C.lies D. lie

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