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F.O.O.D. Food Originating from Our Distributer. Do you hate eating Cafeteria Food? Do you hate waiting in long lines? Does lunch time bore you to tears? I have a solution for you!!!!!!. It’s called F.O.O.D. What is F.O.O.D?. Food Originating from Our Distributer

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f o o d


Food Originating from Our Distributer


Do you hate eating Cafeteria Food?

Do you hate waiting in long lines?

Does lunch time bore you to tears?

I have a solution for you!!!!!!

It’s called F.O.O.D.


What is F.O.O.D?

  • Food Originating from Our Distributer
  • Electronic menu built into every cafeteria seat
  • Tubing system on the ceiling
  • Solve problems of long lines

What is the purposeof F.O.O.D.?

The purpose of F.O.O.D. is to provide a faster, easier, and more efficient way to order your food and receive it.

who will benefit from f o o d
Who will benefit from F.O.O.D.?
  • Kids who buy school lunch will benefit from this invention, as well as the cafeteria staff.
  • The kids will get their food faster and it’ll be much easier. They won’t have to wait in long lines and will not be cut.
  • The staff doesn’t have to deal with kids, and they don’t have to do the work of helping the kids order, it will all be done electronically.
how does it work
How does it work?
  • When you enter the cafeteria, you will sit down, and on the table will be an electronic touch screen built into the table.
  • You pick you choices for lunch, sides, etc. and press ENTER.
  • You will need to type in your lunch account number.
  • Then there will be a screen that shows how much it will cost, and how much money you have left. If you are okay with the price then click DONE.

Within a minute, your lunch will arrive, through a tube that is built into the ceiling.

  • When you have finished, you may press the “Retrieve” button on your menu, and your meal will be taken away by the shoots.
  • If you are a packer, just press the same button when you are done.
  • If you are out of lunch money, it’ll automatically call your parents to let them know.
  • You’ll never forget your money again
why is this an improvement
Why is this an improvement?
  • It is much easier, more fun, much faster, and much more efficient than the current system.
  • Kids won’t have to wait in long lines and their food is delivered in a cool way.
  • Kids and staff members of schools alike will be wishing we had come up with this idea years ago!
  • They will be very glad that this improvement was made.
a whole new cafeteria
A Whole new Cafeteria!
  • The cafeteria will completely change as a result of this invention.
  • Electronic menu screens will be built into the tables, and a tubing system will be created on the ceiling.
  • The whole system of cafeteria lunches will change for the better.
  • It will be faster, easier, more efficient…


thank you for watching our presentation
Thank you for watching our presentation

F.O.O.D. only costs the small price of $999.99 and you must be 18 years or older to order.

Call 1-800-our-food to order

Plus a limited time offer you can’t refuse: Call now and we’ll throw in a used umbrella.