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Celebrating success
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Celebrating Success. Preparing for Customer Service Week By: Robin Rea. Agenda. Motivating Support & Desktop Analysts Recognition and Rewards What About Budget? Customer Service Week. Motivating Support & Desktop Analysts. Some Accepted Theories Taylors Scientific Management

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Celebrating Success

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Celebrating success

Celebrating Success

Preparing for Customer Service Week

By: Robin Rea

Celebrating success


  • Motivating Support & Desktop Analysts

  • Recognition and Rewards

  • What About Budget?

  • Customer Service Week

Motivating support desktop analysts

Motivating Support & Desktop Analysts

  • Some Accepted Theories

    • Taylors Scientific Management

      • Bosses are smart, employees are lazy and dumb and only motivated by money

    • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

      • People are never satisfied. Just as soon as the need they are currently trying to satisfy is met, they hunger to meet the next higher need

    • Herzberg’s Motivation-Maintenance Theory

      • People motivate themselves to realize Maslow’s higher level needs. Factors like pay, benefits, physical environment and leadership style keep employees on-the-job but are not motivational

    • McGregor’s Theory “Y”

      • People have an innate desire to achieve at Maslow’s higher levels and will do so if managers let them be the best they can be

    • Vroom’s Preference-Expectancy Theory

      • People will work hard for rewards they value if they believe those rewards can be earned by working hard

Maslow s hierarchy of needs

Maslow believed that once basic needs were met, people were free to explore their abilities and work towards improving those skills

While there are many critics of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, it does address some fundamental human needs.

Many motivational theories reference the Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow authored several books. The Original Hierarchy of Needs was fist published in his 1954 book “Motivation and Personality”

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Motivating support desktop analysts1

Motivating Support & Desktop Analysts

  • Motivation in a Nutshell

    • Communication

      • Set the mood when you arrive each day

      • Use simple powerful words like “Thank-you” and “Please”

      • Make sure they know and understand expectations

      • Provide regular and timely feedback

      • Keep them informed of company business

      • Develop a relationship

Motivating support desktop analysts2

Motivating Support & Desktop Analysts

  • Motivation in a Nutshell

    • Resources

      • Adequate environment including chairs, desks, computers, phones

      • Provide opportunities to develop their skills and abilities

    • Respect / Trust

      • Listen to complaints and suggestions

      • Self –management

      • Opportunities for more contribution at higher levels

Recognition and rewards

Recognition and Rewards

  • Benefits of Recognition and Rewards

    • Builds confidence, reinforces correct behaviors, increases employee retention, increases efficiency, improves teamwork

  • Best Practices for a Recognition / Reward Program

    • SMART

      • Sincere

      • Meaningful

      • Adaptable

      • Relevant

      • Timely

    • Measurable

    • Consistent

    • Aligned with organizational goals

Celebrating success

Recognition and Rewards

  • Getting started

    • Consider your audience

    • Determine desired outcome

    • Determine what will be measured

    • Make the recognition / award appropriate

    • If starting a formalized program – make sure it is completely communicated so all participants know how to achieve

    • Evaluate effectiveness

    • HAVE FUN!

Recognition and rewards1

Recognition and Rewards

  • Informal Recognition - Ideas

    • Birthdays

    • Service anniversaries

    • On the spot

    • Peer to peer

    • Customer kudos board

  • Formal Recognition / Award Programs - Ideas

    • Employee of the month

    • Most improved performer

    • Most valued peer

    • Pick the stat

    • Analyst of the Year Program

Recognition and rewards2

Recognition and Rewards

  • Reward Ideas for Every Budget

    • Kind word in person or in staff meeting

    • Thank you card

    • Trophy (purchased or homemade)

    • Wall of Fame (to post customer compliments etc)

    • Time off

    • Parking spot

    • Gift Cards

    • Analyst of the Year Program

Customer service week

Customer Service Week

  • What is Customer Service Week?

    • A national event devoted to recognizing the importance of customer service and honoring the people who support customers.

  • What is the purpose of Customer Service Week?

    • Boost morale, motivation and teamwork

    • Reward frontline analysts

    • Raise company-wide awareness of the importance of customer service

    • Remind customers of your commitment to customer satisfaction

  • Who celebrates Customer Service Week?

    • Thousands of companies across the United States representing leading financial, healthcare, hospitality, etc

Celebrating success

Customer Service Week - planning

  • Start by Answering These Questions

    • Will management support this effort?

    • Can I commit to do this every year?

  • Planning Questions

    • How much time can I devote to planning and executing the event?

      • Can I include others in the planning efforts?

    • Can I take analysts off the phones to participate, and for how long?

    • How much money do I need?

      • How much do I have?

      • How much can I raise?

Celebrating success

Customer Service Week - planning

  • Determine Activities

    • Things to consider

      • How much time will be required for activity and can all analysts participate

      • Do I need to do different activities for different shifts

      • How much does each activity cost (is it set price or a price per participant)

      • What kinds of activities will the team enjoy

      • What is the impact of these activities going to have on my customers (loud activities, less analysts on the phones, etc)

      • How often do I want to have an activity (daily, every-other-day)

Celebrating success

Customer Service Week - planning

  • Activity Ideas

    • Free or Low Cost

      • Pot luck

      • HDI webinars

      • Team member kudos

      • Cube decorating

      • Certificates of Achievement

      • Training provided by others within the company

      • Theme days

      • Customer service videos

      • Honor people outside of the deparment

      • Analyst of The Year Program

Celebrating success

Customer Service Week - planning

  • Activity Ideas – continued

    • Moderate Cost

      • Games with prizes (crossword, sudoku, bingo)

      • Competitions with prizes (cook-offs, art projects, critical thinking games)

      • Chair Float Contest and Parade

      • Daily gift

      • Managers providing service (car wash, serving a meal)

    • High Cost

      • Catered lunches

      • Massage Therapist

      • Individual Awards

      • Banquet

Celebrating success

Customer Service Week - planning

  • Putting plans on paper

    • Schedule of events – don’t forget to share with the analysts and people helping to execute

    • Cost / expense tracking

    • Fund Raising

      • Vendors, Customers, Co-Workers

        • Vendor / Customer Flyer and Letter Sample

Celebrating success

Customer Service Week - planning

  • Putting Plans on Paper – continued

    • Track the contributions (so you can officially thank sponsors)

    • Evaluate the Event

Celebrating success

Customer Service Week - Execution




Celebrating success


Celebrating success


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    • http://www.csweek.com

    • http://www.customerservicemanager.com/customer-service-week.htm

    • http://thinks.com

  • Promotional / Gifts / Decorations

    • http://www.orientaltrading.com/

    • http://www.baudville.com/

    • http://www.personalcreations.com

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