web api a case study and comparison of the amazon and ebay e commerce api s
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Web API:A Case study and comparison of the Amazon and eBay E-Commerce API\'s

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Web API:A Case study and comparison of the Amazon and eBay E-Commerce API's - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Web API:A Case study and comparison of the Amazon and eBay E-Commerce API\'s. Presented by: Pranith P Ramamurthy Spring 2010,CS 6125 [email protected] Prof. Gail Kaiser. Agenda. Introduction:WEB API Amazon ecommerce API Ebay ecommerce API

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Presentation Transcript
web api a case study and comparison of the amazon and ebay e commerce api s
Web API:A Case study and comparison of the Amazon andeBay E-Commerce API\'s

Presented by:

Pranith P Ramamurthy

Spring 2010,CS 6125

[email protected]

Prof. Gail Kaiser

  • Introduction:WEB API
  • Amazon ecommerce API
  • Ebay ecommerce API
  • Comparison of Amazon and eBay ecommerce API\'s
  • Conclusion
introduction whats is an api
Introduction:Whats is an API?
  • Definition: “language and message format used by an application program to communicate with a control program” .
  • In Simple Terms ,It receives your request, and then, based entirely on the information you gave it returns a result.
  • Ex:Google API\'s, Flickr API\'s, Delicious API\'s etc
why do companies actually provide api s
Why do companies actually provide API\'s ?
  • Create an ecosystem of innovation and tap into a wider audience.
  • Once such a freedom is given the applications can be extended in ways that may have been impossible, uneconomical or unimaginable for the original developers to do themselves.
  • The new reality is that open data is a competitive advantage.
why do we need api s
Why do we need API\'s?
  • For example:you need to use maps in your application or a project.
  • Highly impossible task for you to launch satellites into space and provide your own map interface.
  • API\'s come to your rescue. Google Maps or Yahoo Map\'s API provide rich set of data they have collected and use them for your specific purposes.
  • Over 1000 Web Service API-added to directory of API tracking site programmableweb.com and many more are expected.
  • Big market player’s such as Amazon, eBay, Google and others have already released Web API’s.
amazon web api s
Amazon Web API\'s.
  • Amazon Product Advertising API:
  • Opens doors to Amazon\'s databases-Build Web store to sell Amazon items or your own items.
  • As a Developer you get access to large data that Amazon has like:
    • Reviews, seller reviews,as well as most of the functionality.
    • Retrieving product and pricing information
    • Retrieving customer reviews of a product
    • Retrieving product images
    • Performing simple and advanced searches
    • Retrieving wish lists by name, e-mail, and other identifiers.
how product advertising api works
How Product Advertising API works
  • Your application uses the Product Advertising API to supply details regarding items such as description, images, seller and customer reviews.
  • Customers shop on your web site.
  • Customer is ready to purchase the items in their e-commerce shopping cart.
  • your application sends an form to Product Advertising API and Amazon completes the purchase by getting purchase information.
  • Amazon fulfills the order by shipping the items.
e bay web api s
E-Bay Web API\'s
  • eBay is a major contender for Amazon in the e-Commerce space, and its database of on-line sales might well be the largest ever assembled.
  • E-Bay Finding API:
    • The Finding API provides programmatic access to the next generation search capabilities on the eBay platform.
    • Lets you search and browse for items listed on eBay, and provides useful metadata to refine searches and enhance the search experience
how the e bay api works
How the E-Bay API works
  • 1) A user enters "laptop" in your cool application.
  • 2) Your app uses makes a search request for " laptop" using one of the eBay Web Services.
  • 3) The eBay database looks for "laptop".
  • 4) The eBay database sends the response back to you using the API.
  • 5) Your app displays the search results to the user.
comparison of amazon v s ebay web api s
Comparison of Amazon v/s eBay Web API’s
  • Describing Metadata:
    • In comparison to Amazon, eBay’s tagging of Metadata is limited.
    • Amazon as a vendor could pull out more info about the Items dimensions and description.
    • In contrast eBay\'s only real information is the categorization of the item based on prices and the format used to describe it.
Number of Queries made:
    • Amazon doesn’t have any restrictions on the number of queries made except for no more than 1 per sec per IP.
    • Ebay has a limit of 5000 queries per day.
  • REST and SOAP Protocol Support:
    • Both eBay and Amazon e Commerce API’s provide the options of querying the API’s using both REST and SOAP protocols.
    • Though eBay has limited set REST API’s its SOAP and XML API’s are particularly rich.
Registration Process:
    • Ebay\'s has more tedious process,If not confusing.
    • Amazon\'s is rather friendly and could be completed in breeze.
  • Number of Results returned:
    • Amazon returns 10 items per page for every request.
    • Ebay returns 400 items per page.
    • So eBay\'s more Item per page is improvement for people looking for more popular items.
    • Both Amazon and eBay API’s have been extensively documented and they have lots of tutorials for covering all the details about the API.
    • Very important: In making API easy to use and understand.
  • Developer Community interaction:
    • Amazon has done a good job by supporting their API\'s well with lot of Developer Forums and organizing Developer Chats.
    • Ebay on the is trying to have similar developer Forums and Help Desk.
  • Amazon is an impressive performer having created a niche set of functionalities for the developers to use and some very useful developer communities.
  • It also doesn’t have any restrictions on the number of queries that can be made unlike the eBay services.
  • eBay-a major player in eCommerce sector and access to its data might well be worth the pain.
  • Ebay has its share of success to with 60k Users.
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  • [2] Professional Web APIs: Google, eBay, Amazon.Com, MapPoint, FedExby Denise M.Gosnell
  • [3] APIs and Mashups For The Rest Of Us By Gareth Rushgrove- http://www.digital-web.com/articles/apis_and_mashups/.
  • [4] Programmable Web website: http://www.programmableweb.com/api/.
  • [5] Amazon Product Advertising API Developer’s guide: http://docs.amazonwebservices.com/AWSECommerceService/latest/DG/.
  • [6]eBay Finding API official documentation: http://developer.ebay.com/DevZone/finding/Concepts/FindingAPIGuide.html.