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WS Packaging Group, Inc. Internship Program

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WS Packaging Group, Inc. Internship Program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WS Packaging Group, Inc. Internship Program. Summer 2013. Mark Barthold Internship Report Out. Operations/Algoma, WI Summer 2013. Introduction. Originally from Ham Lake, Minnesota Graduated from Blaine High School College – University of Wisconsin Stout

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Presentation Transcript

Mark Barthold

Internship Report Out

Operations/Algoma, WI

Summer 2013



  • Originally from Ham Lake, Minnesota
    • Graduated from Blaine High School
  • College – University of Wisconsin Stout
    • Entering last 2 semesters with graduation in May. 2014
    • Completed degree in B.S. Business Management
    • Pursuing a degree in Packaging
    • Member of the IoPP (Institution of Packaging Professionals)
  • Past Work Experience – DIAGEO. (May. 13- Dec. 13)

Packaging Intern Technology Team

    • Three sight qualification on Smirnoff Ice to role out lightweight crowns
    • Liquid Nitrogen dosing PET Smirnoff cocktail bottles
    • Caption Morgan label transition process
    • Bottle integrity gauge development for all internal glass bottles

Project Responsibilities

Intern Projects:

-Reduce setup time MA-9 Longford

-Reduce physical setup time Comco 5

-Install Gannicott table Comco 1

-Ink room Kaizen and data collection


Reduce the physical changeover time

• Observe press and prepress to understand the process

• Identify areas on setup that take the longest

• Brainstorm ideas to improve the setup to reduce press downtime

Improve Ink mixing/ matching process

• Develop ink tech standard work

• Identify areas to improve ink FPY

• Collected data to validate purchasing the perfect proofer and including it into the drawdown process


Action Taken to Achieve Results

  • MA-9 Longford setup reduction
  • Determine the best solution to long setups was to change the setup from internal to an external operation
  • Implement dial gauges and quick turn knobs
  • Develop a matrix\'s to reference when performing setup
  • Implement change and enforce standard work process
  • Setup reduction from 45min to 5min,savings of 40min per setup internal
  • Labor savings of $7,800 annually (40min x .58 x 340 of jobs a year)
  • Potential press revenue $122,300 annually(40min/60 x $540 press rate per hr x 340)

Improvements and Outcomes

Standard Work




Action Taken to Achieve Results

Comco 5 Physical Setup Reduction

  • Determine best solution was to implement new pre-stage tables that eliminate added walking time.
  • Designed new bench formatting, new pre-stage tower and determine proper placement
  • Setup reduction from 170min to 120min savings of 50min per setup
  • Labor saving of $11,774 annually (50min x $.58min x 406 setups a year)
  • Potential press revenue $152,250 annually(50min/60 x $450 x 406 setups a year)

Action Taken to Achieve Results

Comco1 Gannicott Table Installation

  • Best solution to improve fpm on Birchwood was to install Ganniott feeder table.
  • Allowing the tailor more room to assemble and package the sheeted target.
  • Increased press speed from 185fpm to 250fpm, a 35% increase
  • Potential press revenue of 586,000 (9,285,572gfpy / 4,085 hr in a year x 35% x 410 press rate per hr)
  • Potential Birchwood sales increase of 1,405,000 (4,016,446 sales per year x 35%)

Action Taken to Achieve Results

Ink Room Perfect Proofer Labor Saving

  • Worked on Kaizen team to create standard work and determine ink room focus points.
  • Worked with Oliver to double the drawdown capability of the Perfect Proofer in the ink room.
  • Total Labor Savings of $65,358
  • Mark- Labor Savings of $32,679
  • Oliver- Labor Savings of $32,679

Key Learnings – Job Related

  • How to use and implement lean manufacturing tools efficiently through SMED events, time observation studies, spaghetti diagrams, 6s events and Kaizens.
  • A process is easier to implement and sustain if it is simplified and not over complicated.
  • Drive deadlines and hold people accountable to deadlines promised.
  • Drastically increased team working skills and problem solving techniques.
  • Have a plan of attack before starting a process because if you don’t you will end up wasting time and resources.
  • Time management is very important and goes hand-in-hand with keeping organized.

My Expectations and Experience

What I was looking for in the internship:

-To expand my background on the printing industry and develop a background in lean manufacturing.

What I got from the internship:

-A complete understanding of the flexography process and a in-depth experience in lean manufacturing, through Kaizen, SMED events, time observation studies, spaghetti diagrams and 6s events.