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The first fight of the American Revolution was at the Battle of … . Lexington and Concord. At the beginning of the American Revolution, SC’s population was about 1/3 Patriots, 1/3 Loyalists and 1/3 ______. neutral.

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Lexington and Concord

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  • The first fight

  • of the

  • American Revolution

  • was at the Battle of …

Lexington and Concord

  • At the beginning of the American Revolution, SC’s population was about 1/3 Patriots, 1/3 Loyalists and 1/3 ______


  • A British leader ordered the “massacre” of Virginia militia men at the Waxhaws, some as they tried to surrender

Banastre Tarleton

  • Partisan leader in the Pee Dee area of SC who was known as the “Swamp Fox” for his ability to fight and disappear quickly into the swamps

Francis Marion

  • British leader of loyalist troops at King’s Mountain who said “I will march my army over the mountains, hang your leaders, and lay your country waste with fire and sword.”

Patrick Ferguson

  • Commander of the unfinished fort on Sullivan’s Island defended successfully against British attack

William Moultrie

  • A war where one or both sides try to wear down the enemy with continued, prolonged attacks without a direct engagement of the enemy

War of attrition

  • A victory (like at Eutaw Springs) where the winners have such heavy losses that it is difficult to count it as a victory

Pyrrhic victory

  • Partisan leader known as the “Gamecock” whose house was burned by the British

Thomas Sumter

  • Partisan leader in the up country known as the Wizard Owl, who was also a leader at the Battle of Cowpens

Andrew Pickens

  • Patriot leader who cut and ran after the militia panicked, riding non-stop for Charlotte leaving the Continental Army to be overrun by British forces

Horatio Gates

  • General who commanded the British Army in the South, his troops were defeated at Cowpens and he was forced to surrender at Yorktown.

Lord Cornwallis

  • A person who supported the rebellion against the British was known as

Patriot or Whig

  • Leader of the Continentals after Gates ran at Camden

Nathaniel Greene

  • A tactic effectively used against the British by small groups who would attack quickly then disappear

Guerilla warfare

  • Term used for being released after promising to take no further part in the war


  • A person who did not support the rebellion, who supported the king and who wanted to remain part of Great Britain, was known as

Loyalist or Tory

  • Surrounding an area to cut off movement and supplies to force a surrender


  • Most of SC’s political leaders during the Revolutionary War could be described as…

Wealthy white men,

from the Low Country, patriots

  • The British decide to change their battle plan and concentrate on the south rather than the northern coloniesbecause…

  • More loyalists in the south to aid them

  • More settlers in the _______ Country supported the British at the beginning of the American Revolution

Back Country

(or Up Country)

  • A SC patriot who was hanged by British to make an example of him to would-be traitors

Isaac Haynes

  • Group of fighters who were able to move quickly from place to place due to their riding abilities and knowledge of the land.


  • This early battle was a defeat of the British navy by a small force in an unfinished fort

Battle of Sullivan’s Island

  • The loss of 5000 troops and almost all of SC’s leaders made this a terrible defeat for the Continentals

Charles Town

  • The British defeated the Patriots, who had been weakened by illness, when the militia panicked and ran at the Battle of …

  • Camden

  • Battle where Virginia militia men were massacred, some as they tried to surrender, resulted in many neutralists joining the patriot side


  • At this battle the patriots charged up the hill, firing from behind trees and rocks, defeating the Loyalists

  • (who were shown no mercy)

Battle of King’s Mountain

  • Which battle was called the best planned battle of the revolution - the militia fired then ran, leading the British into a trap?


  • During the Revolutionary War Native Americans sided with the British because…

British promised to return land if GB won war

  • Last major battle in SC: technically a British victory but at heavy losses after the colonials started looting looking for food

Eutaw Springs

  • Which important Battle proved we could defeat the BR, saved CharlesTown, and provided important symbolism for SC (Flag)

Sullivan’s Island

  • After this battle, almost all of SC was controlled by the BR and the BR army was convinced the militia would never stand and fight


  • British began to retreat from the Up Country after which battle?

King’s Mountain

  • British began to retreat from South Carolina northward to Virginiaafter this battle…


  • SC was important to the American Victory because…

Partisan fighters stopped the BR from moving northward.

  • Last major battle of the American Revolution

  • (British were cornered between the Continental Army under the command of Washington and the French fleet)

Battle of Yorktown

  • Name of the document which officially ended the American Revolution

Treaty of Paris

  • What were the causes of the Cherokee War?

Settlers continued to move onto their land; the British encouraged settlers to attack and support British; supplies had stopped from Charleston

  • What were the events of the Cherokee War?

Cherokee attacked frontier settlements;Many Cherokee homes and villages destroyed;Brutal fighting

  • What were the results of the Cherokee War?

Treaty of DeWitt’s Corner;Cherokee lost all land in SC except a small area in nw corner

  • Why is the Revolution sometimes referred to as a civil war?

Patriots fought Loyalists in SC. They were all colonists and inhabitants of the land

  • What did women contribute to the war effort?

Supported the patriots;managed farms and plantations, nursed wounded, served as spies and messengers

  • What did African Americans contribute to the war effort?

Served in some armies;continued to work as slaves;did manual labor such as cook, build, etc;rode with the partisans

  • Why was General Greene confident that no more Patriot prisoners would be executed by the British following the Battle at Eutaw Springs?

He had captured enough British soldiers to be sure that the British did not execute any more colonials.

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