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Food Packaging Supplies

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Food Packaging Supplies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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RH Packaging Ltd - Suppliers of all food packaging products to the industry. Retailer - Take away - Deli - Manufacturing. We stock eco-friendly disposable products and food packaging machines...

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These leak-proof heavy duty card containers are vented to allow steam to escape making them the perfect container for hot soup or grab and go meals such as pasta. These containers are environmentally friendly, the paper is from sustainable sources and can be recycled.




Our deli pots are available in round, rectangular and oval with separate or hinged lid. Excellent clarity and leak resistant deli pots are perfect for a variety of food types including olives, Mediterranean foods, lunch time snacks, sweets and much more.

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Sauce pots

Our sauce pots or portion pots are available in clear, opaque and black from 1oz to 5.5oz all with a clear lid. The perfect container for sauces, dips, chutney and much more.

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Tamper evident containers

Tamper evident containers are 100% leak-proof, microwavable, easy to stack and of course tamper evident preventing unauthorised opening. These containers are high quality and very clear and are just as suitable for cold products as they are for hot filling of liquids such as soup.

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Salad containers

Our salad containers are available in round, rectangular and oval manufactured from recycled material and are leak resistant. These high quality, clear containers will present your product perfectly on the retail shelf or serve over counter.

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Kraft food boxes are eco-friendly and just as suitable for salad and cakes as they are for takeaway food and street food and a lot more besides. The window version allows your product to be seen and all versions are recyclable, compostable and biodegradable.

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Ready meal Trays

Ovenable, microwavable and freezable CPET and foamed CPET trays available in a variety of shapes and sizes with single and multi-compartment versions. Our quality ready meal trays can be sealed on our BARQ tray sealers with our lidding film for the perfect leak-proof pack.

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CPET trays

Our quality CPET trays are temperature resistant from -40 degrees Celsius to + 220 degrees Celsius making them suitable for ready meals or pre-prepared foods from any central kitchen.

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Safe-T-Fresh containers

Clear tamper evident Safe-T-Fresh containers are a new innovations and perfect for a range of products from salads to sweets and pasta to olives.

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PP bags

Heat seal bags manufactured from Polypropylene (OPP) supplied on a wicket, perfect for sealing around croissants, sandwiches, baguettes, cakes and a lot more. These high quality sparkle bags are cost effective and Tamper evident, perfect for all bakeries and delicatessen.

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Crystal salad containers

Our hinged containers are round, square or oval and versatile containers for all cold food including salads, cakes, olives, mezze, sweets and a lot more.

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Artisan bread bags

Our artisan bread bags are ideal for baguettes, loaves, bloomers and cobs. These bags have a gusset to accommodate larger breads, a crystal clear window for excellent product clarity and a wheat design to compliment your breads.

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Bags for serve over meat counters in butchers and farm shops. Great for everything from steaks to legs of lamb. Quality packaging for the butcher.

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Meat paper

Lined papers available in white or brown Kraft can be heat sealed or simply wrapped around your raw or cooked meats. Suitable for all meat from a beef or pork steak to a leg of lamb. Eliminate plastic bags and create a high quality leak-proof pack around your meat with our Kraft or Thermotop quality papers.

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Fish paper

Our Alpamer foil fish paper or Kraft lined papers are suitable for all fish from cod fillets to whole salmon. Heat seal these papers for a leak-proof pack which eliminates any smell and keeps your fish at temperature for 2-3 hours. This pack can then be placed directly into the fridge or freezer.

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Our high opacity wax paper is gas permeable and water resistant making this by far the best paper for wrapping cheese and cooked meats. Simply wrap around your product for a high quality, traditional paper pack for your quality products. Statistics show that when dispensed from a roll you will save 25% of cost compared to using cut sheets as you can make each pack the perfect size for each product.

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Standard and large rotisserie chicken bags can be folded over or heat sealed to provide a leak-proof pack for your hot chicken. A window version is available and we can brand print these bags if required.

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Pizza packaging

Place your chilled pizza on a cardboard disc and seal a perfectly clear film around the pizza to provide a hygienic pack for serve-over or retail sales. Suitable for 7", 9", and 12" pizzas.

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Disposable cups

Triple ripple and double wall disposable coffee cups and tea cups with sip through lids in the standard 4oz, 8oz, 12oz, and 16oz sizes to suit all of your hot drink requirements.

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Disposable glasses for parties, barbeques, camping and outdoor activities. High quality plastic glasses for Martini and aperitif, champagne, wine, whisky and mixers including our tumblers and long glasses making this a set of drinking glasses suitable for all occasions.

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Large selection of food packaging disposables including containers, pots, bags, papers and much more.

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Our cutlery is available in wood or PLA, a compostable plastic. Be kind to your environment with our eco-friendly cutlery!

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Plastic Food containers

Plastic food containers in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials to suit all food packaging requirements.

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Tray sealing machines

Our variable temperature tray sealing machines can be used to seal all tray types. Heat seal a film onto your tray to provide a leak-proof and tamper evident pack. These bench mounted, variable temperature film sealers will seal ten trays per minute and are fully manufactured from stainless steel making them very robust and durable.

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Food Packaging supplies

Many different types of food packaging for food manufacturers, butchers, fishmongers, delicatessen, food stores and fresh food counters.

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The Caterpack 2000 L-sealer is an all-purpose food sealing machine designed to bag food products in a totally sealed film bag for perfect presentation and protection purposes. A super system for packing sandwiches, cakes and morning goods.

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Takeaway tubs and containers

Leak-proof, insulated containers for takeaway foods, chutney pots for sauces, Naan bags etc.

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Catering Disposables

A vast range of catering disposables available in small quantities at cheap prices.

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Paper sealing machines

Our Mistral 350 heat sealer is the standard bearer for heat sealing fish, meat and cheese papers. This compact heat sealer will seal all laminated papers including our own Alpamer, Kraft and Thermotop qualities.

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