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Know Your Fish. Life Science- Chesapeake Bay STEM Challenge. What do we know about fish?. What do you know about fish body parts? Do the body parts effect the way the fish swims? Do the body parts effect where the fish lives?. Part of a fish…. Speed of a fish….

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Know Your Fish

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Know Your Fish

Life Science- Chesapeake Bay

STEM Challenge

What do we know about fish?

  • What do you know about fish body parts?

  • Do the body parts effect the way the fish swims?

  • Do the body parts effect where the fish lives?

Part of a fish…

Speed of a fish…

  • The shape of a fish’s body and fins determines its speed and maneuverability

  • The more streamlined shapes are faster and are most suited for fish that swim constantly

  • The slower shapes are more suited to short bursts of speed, sharp turns, and quick stops.

Speed of fish…

Food for fish…

  • Fish are designed to feed at different levels of the water and to eat different types of food.

  • Superior Mouth

  • Terminal Mouth

  • Inferior Mouth

Fishy jaws…

Middle of the water

Top of the water

Bottom of the water

Colors and Markings…

  • Colors and markings allow fish to blend with their surroundings

  • Brown and green help blend into grasses and rocks

  • A light colored belly helps fish on the top of the water blend into the sunlight from fish below them.

Colors and Markings…

Know Your Fish…

  • What is the name of your fish?

  • Where does your fish live?

  • Where does your fish live in the water (top, middle, bottom)?

  • What does your fish eat?

  • Where does your fish finds its food?

  • How does your fish protect itself?

  • What is the speed of your fish?

  • Why does your fish have certain colors and markings?

  • Each team will create a fish

  • Choose a caudal fin

  • Choose a dorsal fin

  • Choose a pectoral fin

  • Choose a mouth

  • Choose body shape

  • Choose colors and markings

  • Group Jobs

    • Head

    • Hands

    • Heart

    • Mouth

What kind of fish live in the Monocacy River?

  • Sunfish

  • Bass

  • Trout

  • Greenside Darter

  • Common Carp

  • 26 species

What fish live in the Chesapeake Bay?

  • Menhaden

  • Sturgeon

  • Anchovy

  • Catfish

  • Croaker

  • Hogchoker

  • 350 species

Cool STEM Job…

  • Carlos de la Rosa

  • Aquatic Biologist

  • As a kid, Carlos hunted for creepy, crawly creatures in the waters of his native Venezuela. He is now an aquatic biologist, studying insects in the waters of the Kissimmee River in Florida. Carlos' research will help restore the health of this river and make a safe home for his beloved bugs.

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