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Philosophy Essay Workshop. A Philosophical Journey. Objective. SWBAT to revise and strengthen their writing through a writing workshop to enhance the validity and effectiveness of their use of source material to support their philosophy on different topics. . Labeling.

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Philosophy essay workshop

Philosophy Essay Workshop

A Philosophical Journey


  • SWBAT to revise and strengthen their writing through a writing workshop to enhance the validity and effectiveness of their use of source material to support their philosophy on different topics.


  • Make a key at the top of the person’s paper using your highlighters

  • Sample:

    • Green=Statement

    • Pink=Proof

    • Yellow=Commentary

  • Label the topic sentence

  • Label the transition at the end

  • Highlight statement, proof, and commentary using your key

Evaluate your claim
Evaluate Your Claim

  • Does it clearly state your position on Free Will (prompt 1) and “How we got here” (prompt 2)? Make notations on what needs to be strengthened.


  • Do you establish that your statement is indeed evident in the reliable source material you used?

  • Do you have direct quotes from the original source(s)? (Idiot’s Guide, Creation Packet)


  • Do you address the WHY of your statement? In addition to what your sources indicated, what has led YOU specifically to accept this as truth? Include explanation, anecdotes, etc.

  • Do you include a specific COMPARISON to your cited philosopher or thinker?

  • Do you include a specific CONTRAST to your cited philosopher or thinker?

Evaluate connections
Evaluate Connections

  • Draw a line between the first quote’s commentary and the claim. Evaluate if you have made this connection in your commentary.

    • If yes, draw a check mark next to the line

    • If no, draw and “x” on the line.

  • Repeat with your second (and third, etc) quote

  • Only draw a check mark if the connection is clear and explicit. I should not need to take a leap of faith to get where you are going.

Peer or self evaluation
Peer OR Self-Evaluation

  • Re-read your paragraph(s) and your reviewers comments

  • If you are reading SOMEONE ELSE’S PAPER, can you tell what he/she believes and why?

  • If you are reading YOUR OWN PAPER, try to pull back and see it with fresh eyes. From an outsider’s point of view, can you tell what he/she believes and why?

Self evaluation

  • Now that you have gone through the workshop, ask yourself, “How well did I do? What can I do better?”

  • Using the rubric, indicate honestly how well written you believe your paragraph was.

  • Next to the score, make notes of what you need to revise in order to strengthen it

  • Turn in your afterlife section with the rubric stapled on top

Homework due monday 04 28
HOMEWORKDue Monday 04/28:

  • Research background on Dante Alighieri

    • Bullet a minimum five facts you find interesting about his life. Include web source/s (may not use Wikipedia).

  • Read Inferno from DanteWorlds.doc

    • Read and take notes on your assigned circle. Include:

      1. Name of circle (Include meanings)

      2. What it represents (who is sent there).

      3. A brief summary on the circle.

      4. Reflection: your opinions/questions/issues on the circle researched.

  • Type and submit to Tii. Bring hardcopy and receipt to class Monday. No credit for handwritten assignment or missing receipt.

Assigned circles
Assigned Circles

Circle 1

Circle 2

Circle 3

Circle 4

Circle 5

Circle 6

Circle 7

Circle 8, part 1 (pgs. 16-19. Stop at sub circles 7-10)

Circle 8, part 2 (pgs. 19-21)