Ilias n5 the gw antenna network
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ILIAS/N5: The GW antenna network PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ILIAS/N5: The GW antenna network. Raffaele Flaminio EGO and LAPP/CNRS. Summary History GWA Objectives & Contents - Management - Budget - Goals of this meeting. GW net: Some history. Several attempt to get funds from the EU in the 90’s failed In 2002 EU launched FP6

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ILIAS/N5: The GW antenna network

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Ilias n5 the gw antenna network

ILIAS/N5:The GW antenna network

Raffaele Flaminio


  • Summary

  • History

  • GWA Objectives & Contents

  • - Management

  • - Budget

  • - Goals of this meeting

Gw net some history

GW net: Some history

  • Several attempt to get funds from the EU in the 90’s failed

  • In 2002 EU launched FP6

  • ApPEC launched a coordinated action in the European astroparticle physics community to prepare a proposal for an I3 called ILIAS (Integrated Large Infrastructures for Astroparticle Science) to be submitted to the EU

  • Long process started

    • proposal preparation: 9/2002 – 3/2003- proposal submission: March 2003- partly approved in August 2003 (GW contents approved)- negotiations: fall 2003/spring 2004- projects start: April 1st 2004

  • GWA Budget: 550 kEuros / ~ 200 scientists ….. Why do it ?

    • A) GW experimental community enters the EU world

    • B) Do some coordinated work all together

Gw net main objectives

GW net: Main objectives

  • Increase the level of European coordination in the field

  • Enhance the performance of existing detectors

  • Prepare the future of this discipline in Europe

  • Provide a link between the various experimental projects and theoretical groups

  • Encourage the researchers mobility

  • Open existing facilities to more people from more countries

  • Help the structuring an European GW research community

  • Ease the collaboration with related field such as Gamma-ray and Neutrino astronomy

  • Develop coordinated collaborations with non-European communities (USA, Japan, Australia)

Gw net proposed activities

GW net: Proposed activities

  • Develop the exchange of information among teams on items such as:

  • Commissioning and operation of existing detectors

  • Joint operation and data analysis

  • R&D for detectors upgrade and future projects

  • Three working groups proposed :

  • WG1: Detectors commissioning and characterization

  • WG2: Joint operation of detectors and network data analysis

  • WG3: An European strategy for future detectors

  • Beside working group activities:

  • Have bi-annual meetings involving the responsibles of the main projects and research poles

  • Organize an annual general meeting

Gw net objectives and deliverables

GW net: Objectives and Deliverables

  • WG1 “Commissioning and operation of existing detectors”

  • - Speed-up the VIRGO/GEO commissioning by means of a deeper collaboration

  • - Provide inputs for establishing priorities in the short term improvement of existing detectors

  • - Common characterization methodologies

  • - Regular reports describing and comparing detectors performances

  • WG2 “Joint operation of detectors and network data analysis”

  • Support joint observations among GW detectors and with gamma, neutrino and optical telescopes

  • Support the development of a network data analysis pipeline

  • - Data analysis pipeline to perform joint analysis of data produced by a network of GW detectors

  • First astrophysical results deduced from joint observations

  • WG3 “An European strategy for future detectors”

  • Determine objectives attainable trough short-term improvements

  • Draft a plan for an European network of GW detectors at the 2010 horizon

  • - Short term plan after 18 months

  • Long term plan: ‘White book’ defining the GW community strategic objectives over 10 years period

Gw net management structure

GW net: Management structure

  • Each working group typically consists of at least 10 experts

  • One chairperson and co-chairperson per working group (task leaders)

  • One executive board

    • ensuring the coordination of the whole network formed by representative from main GW projects + working group conveners (~ 10 persons)

  • One institution in charge of the budget administration (EGO)

Executive board

Executive board

  • Set-up at the beginning of the project:

    • * ILIAS-GWA coordinator: K. Danzmann (AEI Hannover)

    • * Virgo representatives: R.Flaminio (CNRS LAPP), M.Punturo (INFN Perugia)

    • * GEO representatives: B.Willke (AEI Hannover), S.Rowan (University of Glasgow)

    • * Resonant antennas representatives: M.Cerdonio (INFN Padova), E.Coccia (INFN Roma)

    • * LISA representative: S.Vitale (University of Trento)

    • * Invited members:

      • o EGO director: F.Menzinger

      • o JRA3 Representative: G.Cagnoli (University of Glasgow)

      • o Leaders of the three working groups (see below)

      • o N6 Representative: ?

  • Problem: attempts to establish a contact with the theoretical network have failed so far.

  • Main outcome of the first EB meeting (Cascina, May 11th, 2004):

    • - working group members and chairmen (two/group) established

    • - call for the annual general meeting in November (attached to the Virgo week in Orsay)

    • - discussion on priorities (WG1)

    • - decision to allow members of WG1 to access technical data of the all the antenna

    • - good news: British and German groups asking support to participate to the upgrade of Virgo

Working groups composition

Working groups composition

Financial situation

Financial situation

Goals of this meeting

Goals of this meeting

  • Main goal: review working groups activity

    • - problems ?

    • - how to improve ?

    • - need to reinforce the working groups ?

  • Discuss mid-term report preparation

  • Discuss the dissemination of on-going activities: web site(s)

  • Next general meeting

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