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Bienvenue au CERN. International Workshop on African Research & Education Networking September 25-27 2005 ITU, UNU and CERN. Recherche. Technologie. Enseignement. Collaboration. CERN collaborates with the Universities of the world, virtual neighbourhood through ICT. 732. 722. 4231 MS.

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Bienvenue au CERN

International Workshop onAfrican Research & Education NetworkingSeptember 25-27 2005






AFRICA-REN - Hans F Hoffmann/CERN

CERN collaborates with the Universities of the world, virtual neighbourhood through ICT



4231 MS




1932 NMS



CERN: 20 Member States; 2400 staff+500 fellows, paid associates; collaborates with 250 institutes in MS: 4500 scientists; 210 institutes in NMS: 2000 scientists; annual turnover: > 1000 people

AFRICA-REN - Hans F Hoffmann/CERN

Notre vue de l univers
Notre Vue de l’Univers virtual




AFRICA-REN - Hans F Hoffmann/CERN

Cern s accelerators
CERN’s accelerators virtual

AFRICA-REN - Hans F Hoffmann/CERN

Le Problème virtual

LHC: 109 collisions/sec

1/1012 pouvoir de sélection

AFRICA-REN - Hans F Hoffmann/CERN

Cern s collaborative experiments made by the scientists of the world cern contribution 20

Balloon virtual

(30 Km)

CD stack with

1 year LHC data!

(~ 20 Km)


(15 Km)

Mt. Blanc

(4.8 Km)

CERN’s “collaborative” experiments“made by the scientists of the world”CERN contribution ~20%

But: 1 Petabyte/s inflow of


AFRICA-REN - Hans F Hoffmann/CERN

Computing at CERN: virtual cheap commodity

High Throughput Computing






data cache

CPU servers

Disk servers

Tape silos and servers

AFRICA-REN - Hans F Hoffmann/CERN

Global virtual Computing Centre today virtual


30 sites

3200 cpus

25 Universities

4 National Labs

2800 CPUs


150 Grid sites

~12,000 CPUs

~10 PetaBytes

AFRICA-REN - Hans F Hoffmann/CERN

Competent people
Competent People virtual

Tim Berners Lee

Learning by doing real “state of the art” science and academic trainingAlmost40% of the Nobel Prices in Physics of the past 50 years

AFRICA-REN - Hans F Hoffmann/CERN

( virtual )


Education, Training and Knowledge are Keys to Development

ICT are the means of storage and access, make us virtual neighbours and enableclose collaborations of distant partners

AFRICA-REN - Hans F Hoffmann/CERN

Towards a web of culture and science

Towards a Web of virtual Culture and Science

Universal availability of a comprehensive source of human knowledge and cultural heritage from the academia of the world

“Open Access” to Results of publicly funded Science gains global Momentum

Knowledge is a Common Good

AFRICA-REN - Hans F Hoffmann/CERN

virtual Consideranda”

  • Abdus Salam, Nobel Price Physics, Pakistan: “in the final analysis, creation, mastery and utilization of modern science and technology is basically what distinguishes the South from the North. On science and technology depend the standards of living of a nation”.

  • Calestous Juma, Millennium project Task Force Science, Technology: “It is inconceivable that the eight Millennium Development Goals can be achieved by 2015 without a focused science, technology and innovation policy”

AFRICA-REN - Hans F Hoffmann/CERN

Objectives virtual

  • To enable African Universities

  • to become full partners of science and education in the world and

  • to form collaborations of their own

    • with the objectives and experience of the countries of Africa and, more generally, the countries of the South,

    • with the participation, help and engagement of the developed world’s universities

AFRICA-REN - Hans F Hoffmann/CERN

Technical objectives
Technical Objectives virtual

  • To formulate the concrete and practical steps to generate National Research and Education Networks with land-based (fibre optics) technology in your countries

  • To connect them regionally and globally.

  • This needs to include a detailed description of how the efforts are to be shared

    • in your countries,

    • with our neighbours,

    • all over Africa and

    • with your global partners.

AFRICA-REN - Hans F Hoffmann/CERN

Au cern et autour le monde les scientifiques en r seaux
Au CERN…et autour le Monde les Scientifiques en Réseaux virtual

nous tous cherchons des réponses aux questions sur l’Univers….

nous repoussons les frontières de la technologie

nous formons les scientifiques, les innovatrices/innovateurs, expert-e-s, enseignant-e-s et actrices/acteurs créatifs de demain

nous rapprochons les nations à travers la science en réseau avec l’aide des TIC

AFRICA-REN - Hans F Hoffmann/CERN