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Doe hss review of lbnl
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DOE-HSS Review of LBNL. Science Divisions 10/23/08. Office of Independent Oversight (Direct Report to the Deputy Chief for Operations, Office of Health, Safety and Security) Mission

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DOE-HSS Review of LBNL

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Doe hss review of lbnl

DOE-HSS Review of LBNL

Science Divisions


Doe hss review of lbnl

Office of Independent Oversight(Direct Report to the Deputy Chief for Operations, Office of Health, Safety and Security)


The Office of Independent Oversight provides an independent assessment of the effectiveness of policies and programs in safeguards and security; cyber security; emergency management oversight; environment, safety and health (ES&H); and other critical functions of immediate interest to the Secretary, the Deputy Secretary, the Administrator of the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), the Under Secretary for Energy, and the Under Secretary for Science. The office is independent of the DOE offices that develop and implement policy and programs and can therefore objectively observe Departmental operations, providing unbiased information to senior DOE managers using a systematic oversight process that emphasizes performance and performance testing.

Doe hss review of lbnl

Overall Inspection Goal

  • Evaluate the Performance of ES&H and Emergency Management Systems in Protecting Workers, the Public, and the Environment:

    • Sampling of Work Activities

    • Feedback and Improvement Processes

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Doe hss review of lbnl

ES&H Inspection Topics

  • Integration of Safety into Work Planning and Execution at the Activity Level

  • Feedback and Improvement Processes

  • Select Focus Areas

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Doe hss review of lbnl

ES&H Focus Areas

  • Status of Implementation of DOE P/O 226.1

  • Workplace Monitoring

  • Management of EMS Significant Impacts

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Review schedule

Review Schedule

What to expect 1 2

What to Expect 1/2

  • 8-10 people from HSS January 25 - February 5

    • BSO/LBNL personnel will also participate

  • Measure us to what we say we’re doing

  • Do the people doing the work know:

    • What work they are authorized to do?

    • What the hazards are?

    • How to work safely?

  • Lab visits, work observation, on-the-spot interviews of staff at all levels

  • Some review of institutional programs/previous assessments/CATS/Division self-assessments

  • Corrective actions from the review

What to expect 2 2

What to expect 2/2

  • This is an ISM review of the Lab

  • This is a marathon, not a sprint

  • Anyone at the Lab may be interviewed

  • Everyone must be prepared – this is not just for senior management, EH&S, and Safety Coordinators

  • HSS will talk to people and not just inspect things

How to prepare your staff

How to prepare your staff

Everyone (employees, students, faculty, and guests) must practice and be prepared to answer the following types of questions:

How do you know you are working safely?

Where do you get information on working safely?

How do you communicate with your Supervisor/Work Lead? If you are a Supervisor/Work Lead, how do you communicate with your staff?

If something changes or is different, what do you do?



  • HSS Video: Go Here to view: This video can be played in full screen mode by clicking the full screen button the video controller while it's playing.ISM (Five Core Functions) Go Here to view:

Some new concepts

Some new concepts

  • Room signage/Room Coordinator

  • PPE in Chemical and Bio Labs and shops

  • Quick-fix in CATS

  • Training for Divisions (early Nov) with McCallum/Turner

  • “red-team” reviews

Consequences of the review

Consequences of the Review

  • Resources for preparation, the review & follow-up

  • If we do well

    • Next visit will be 2-3 years off

    • Continuing contract extensions

    • Reduced anxiety and concern at BSO

  • If we don’t do well

    • Increased oversight, costs, formality, etc., etc.

  • What is “well’?

    • We have an effective ISM system in place

    • We understand our weaknesses and vulnerabilities and are working to close those gaps

    • There may be unevenness in implementation, but we are doing what we say we’re doing

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