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Metropolitan Council. Environmental Services. Info Item : Waste Discharge Rules. Presented to the Environment Committee September 14, 2010. Keith Buttleman, Asst . General Manager, Environmental Quality Assurance. Leo Hermes, Manager , Industrial Waste, Environmental Quality Assurance.

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Metropolitan Council

Environmental Services

Info Item:

Waste Discharge Rules

Presented to the Environment CommitteeSeptember 14, 2010

Keith Buttleman, Asst. General Manager, Environmental Quality Assurance

Leo Hermes, Manager, Industrial Waste, Environmental Quality Assurance

A Clean Water Agency

National pretreatment program
National Pretreatment Program

  • Clean Water Act; 40 CFR Part 403

  • Mn Stat 473.504

  • Minnesota delegated state – Minnesota Rules, chapter 7049

  • Metropolitan Council: “Control Authority” for industrial users

  • Council enforces Waste Discharge Rules

  • Program requirements in each plant NPDES Permit; annual MPCA audits

Purpose of the waste discharge rules
Purpose of the Waste Discharge Rules

  • Implement Federal Pretreatment Program

  • Prevent process interference at wastewater treatment plants

  • Minimize pollutant pass-through to receiving waters

  • Avoid residual solids contamination

  • Protect health/safety of treatment plant staff

  • Protect regional wastewater infrastructure

Purpose of the waste discharge rules cont d
Purpose of the Waste Discharge Rules, cont’d

  • Carry out Water Resources Management Policy Plan

  • Maintain federal and state grant/loan eligibility

  • Comply with Clean Water Act

  • Enable plants to meet NPDES/SDS permit requirements

  • Prevent Inflow/Infiltration into MDS

Need for wdr additions and revisions
Need for WDR Additions and Revisions

  • Incorporate New State Pretreatment Rules

  • Incorporate “Customer Community” requirements

  • Revise to reflect current conditions (examples)

Proposed revisions and format change
Proposed Revisions and Format Change

  • Article I – Customer Community Requirements:

    • Connection and withdrawal provisions (some currently in WDR)

    • Requirements related to customer community sewer operations

    • Remittance of municipal wastewater charges

Proposed revisions and format change1
Proposed Revisions and Format Change

  • Article I (cont’d):

    • Customer community requirements related to MDS facilities

    • SAC administration – customer community administration

    • Information and plan submittal

Customer community requirements incorporated in proposal
Customer Community Requirements Incorporated in Proposal

  • Direct connections to the MDS

  • Sewer cleaning and maintenance practices

  • Information and plan submittal

Highlights of other proposed waste discharge rules revisions
Highlights of Other Proposed Waste Discharge Rules Revisions

  • Article II - Industrial Discharge Permit:

    • Require information submittal in lieu of permit application

    • Clarification of permit conditions

    • Details added related to MCES monitoring rights and methods

    • Details added for self-monitoring data and report submittal

    • New provisions for electronic data and information submittal

Highlights of other proposed waste discharge rules revisions1
Highlights of Other Proposed Waste Discharge Rules Revisions

  • Article III – Specific Programs and Requirements:

    • Clarification of Pollution Prevention and Best Management Practices

    • Clarification of sections on hauled waste and special discharges

    • Incorporation of industrial user SAC provisions

    • Consolidation of all requirements related to payment of fees and charges by customer communities and industrial users

    • Incorporation of dental clinic discharge requirements

    • Incorporation of entry to MDS facilities – security and safety

Highlights of other proposed waste discharge rules revisions2
Highlights of Other Proposed Waste Discharge Rules Revisions

  • Article IV – MDS Limitations on Discharges:

    • Clarification of procedures for how we apply limits to hauled waste

    • Clarification of requirements for grease interceptors and other separators

    • Requirement to comply with potential regional FOG control program

    • Clarification of requirements regarding prohibited wastes, including clear water discharges and wastes discharged into sewers to avoid off-site solid waste disposal

  • Article V – Enforcement

    • No significant changes proposed

Next steps for wdr revisions
Next Steps for WDR Revisions

  • MC Legal Counsel and MPCA review

  • Adoption for Public Meeting purposes

  • Provide 90 days public notice and conduct public meeting

  • Direct communications with customer communities and industrial permittees

  • Approval by EC and final MC adoption

  • Implementation